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May 04, 2022

unapproved in Second 1st

Well.... I got bad news this morning that will lead to a bunch more stress.... yeah!. I was not approved for FLMA this time as of the 13th of April I am no longer have a position saved for me at ...

April 29, 2022

One more day down. in Second 1st

Yesterday went well for the most part. I decided to go with Rocky to the plasma place. I asked if they’d had any cancellations that morning and if they could check my veins again. Unfortunately, ...

April 28, 2022

*sigh* in Second 1st

So, currently, we are in a bit of a situation. We wouldn’t be it there wasn’t the pressure of the wedding coming up, but alas we are. The house note is due in 3 days and there isn’t even $100 in ...

April 20, 2022

Lady in waiting in Second 1st

After talking with Destiny this morning I realize that maybe I’ve left things out. I had 4 things to talk to her about this morning..... and can’t remember if they were even mentioned in here yet...

April 18, 2022

Amazon FBA box #1 in Second 1st

I’ll be sending out my first Amazon FBA shipment today. Though it’s taken longer time wise than I would have liked I know it will be faster over time.... and with better tools. The thing about be...

April 14, 2022

the updates in Second 1st

I feel like I have yet to recover from staying up later to watch the play :(. Monday, William messaged me asking to meet up at Game Terminal in Nashville for food, drinks and catch up. It was a ...

April 07, 2022

Fun Home-homophobia in Second 1st

It was a great show last night. Sammy met us at the door and sat us before going off with some friends. He checked on us twice before the show started (once just to make sure I could hear okay). ...

April 05, 2022

here ya go in Second 1st

So, it’s been a minute, cause that’s just how I do. Destiny’s FB account was hacked and I got asked for $150. I was able to send her money but I sent it along preestablished routes. She called me...

April 01, 2022

scammy scam in Second 1st

I just spent a half hour talking to some guy who called..... and am now fighting super spins from stressing out. Claimed he was with CBP (U.S. Customs and Border control). That my information was...

March 22, 2022

testing day in Second 1st

It has been a big day. Rocky went to bed with me and we were both asleep at around 8ish. I woke at 12:30 and moved to the chair, and struggled… moved to the guest room and struggled.... but nappe...

March 18, 2022

crochet stuff in Second 1st

I’m done with the coffee cozies. I’m moving on now.... for now… honestly, hopefully it becomes an issue and I have to make more. I’m listing them this morning. I’m asking $7 for the plain ones an...

So, tag 2 of 3 down. .... Then we got some lunch and went to Bargain Hunt. We bought a couple large plastic pots and a couple cheap wire trellis for tomatoes. Why not? Why not give it a shot. We...

March 15, 2022

As much as I hate DST in Second 1st

I’m thankful for it this year. Why? because it ruined Rocky’s plans yesterday lol. We have 3 vehicles and for 3 months in a row the tags need to be renewed. Yesterday, Rocky didn’t get up till 1p...

March 14, 2022

games for the future in Second 1st

Feeling pretty good about what I accomplished this weekend even though I only finished about half the living room. I apparently guessed right as to which game consoles Rocky plays compared to whi...

Rocky had decided that we weren’t going to grab anything to eat till we got to Nashville Wednesday. I practically begged to get a small chai tea from Dutch Bros on the way out. Glad I did because...

March 09, 2022

not Christmas in Second 1st

Rocky went around singing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” yesterday. Asked him about it once..... Monday when he got up I told him I’d applied for credit cards at Lowe’s and Home De...

OMG..... so… .... this morning I sent out tow messages. I did it way earlier than I expected those people to be awake. That way they wouldn’t respond right away or think “know I saw” their respon...

March 04, 2022

First world problems in Second 1st

This entry is going to be a bit or a rant just so you are aware. Yesterday, though it turned out okay was a bit cluster fucked. I woke at my usual way to early and did the 3am stuff then turned ...

Had a terrible day both Friday and Sunday. Still managed to clean the kitchen, finish coffee coozie # 4 (aside from the button) and the diamond painting I’ve had as a WIP for more than a year. W...

I finally got a response from the doctor .... she’d asked about “formal vestibular testing” as if I’m supposed to know what tests she was referring to. me to her the 18th: I’m not sure what any ...

February 24, 2022

dreaming of laundry :( in Second 1st

What I remember of the dream I had: I was living with a couple of guys (at least 2), one being my brother and the other some long haired hottie that I was rather interested in (could have been a ...

February 22, 2022

cauterization and cozies in Second 1st

Rocky had called out Friday. He’d spent most of Thursday asleep and paid for it, though he has no idea why, Friday with a huge migraine. Rocky is not prone to them so after getting ready for work...

February 17, 2022

Active morning thoughts in Second 1st

So, taxes are done. We will be getting $4,948 back, together. We couldn’t claim the A/C unit because then we’d have to file together. Filing as married together means Rocky’s payments for his stu...

February 16, 2022

New nouns in Second 1st

So, it’s tax time. Plan is to go do them this morning. I’m weird about new nouns (people, places and things) so we are getting up early to go to the same tax lady we’ve gone to the whole time I’v...

February 15, 2022

The shed has landed in Second 1st

They parked in the dead end street, luckily it took maybe all of 30 mins to unload, set up and do paperwork. We did have a curious neighbor who came by to chat about his shed, and costs. Basicall...

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