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October 25, 2021

odd trip in Second 1st

I was feeling a bit better by the time Rocky got up. He wanted to go to GameStop to pay off a pre-order.... so we did.... to the reader “Tell her I said hi.” so there ya are :).... Went and got ...

October 25, 2021

weekend thoughts in Second 1st

Weekend went.... okayish.... we are not working export on Sunday afternoon every week till further notice AND OT Mondays till the end of November. They anticipate 300 new storage bins then and su...

We talked about all the things you can read in the last .... amount of entries since the last time we hung out.... just a few hours. Pretty much like 6:30-9:30. She sent me a link to learn to se...

October 21, 2021

feeling productive in Second 1st

Feeling very productive this morning. .... I woke at 10 to 3 and turned on my pulls for MTurk before I even went to the bathroom. Put the laundry in the wash and then did the 3am drop. After that...

October 20, 2021

B-day in Second 1st

It’s my birthday. For at least 5 years early to mid teens I remember waking up at 2:01 to be the first official person to wish me a Happy Birthday. Why not midnight? because I’d not been born yet...

October 19, 2021

beedrill pics in Second 1st

Fairly productive today. After this entry it’s Stardew time..... for a couple hours. Did groceries and made 2 extra stops. 1 was to the Gravel place for pricing for the future project of making ...

Yesterday, did everything I set out to do and some… pictures of the dress in previous entry.... if you haven’t looked and guessed which one has the shapewear go no further and go look. Just a fun...

October 18, 2021

the dress in Second 1st

So, please keep mean comments to yourselves if it’s not constructive.... this is what I’m going to be forced to wear… no choice here. One side of this phot I’m wearing shapewear and the other I’m...

Was announced this weekend that OT would be required for the whole shift (all 7 of us) on the 25th and the following Monday. I’m not looking forward to it… but still hope I can manage. Paid bill...

October 12, 2021

food note in Second 1st

Just a note .... sometimes I find myself strange.... like, I’m fat.... I’ve been big my whole life, I like food.... yet till I moved out of my family home I was poor there was a period between 1...

October 12, 2021

runner conversation in Second 1st

I’d started making myself some cookies.... who makes cookies at 6am… apparently I do.... well followed the recipe to the T and went to make “1 inch balls” and it was sticking .... so I put it in ...

3:12am.... I’ve been up about 30 mins already… no reason … just up.... I don’t have any real plans today, maybe groceries.... I made Rocky some cookies and when I went to make some without chocol...

October 11, 2021

the weekend in Second 1st

I’d called out Friday.... slept till 9 after Rocky left and went to bed at 5:30. Migraine… though I think I just call everything that now.... the dizziness, tiredness, headache. I can’t tell anym...

Yesterday my birthday gift came in (B-Day is the 20th) and Rocky let me have it. I knew what he’d gotten me because he’d ordered it online through WalMart so I got an email confirmation and anoth...

October 06, 2021

booked my flight in Second 1st

I just sent Destiny a text “If you were ever worried that for some reason I wouldn’t make it to your wedding know that I just purchased my ticket” Yesterday I’d gotten an email saying the price h...

October 05, 2021

just a moments joke in Second 1st

So.... I feel like I wanna share this silliness.... Driving back from getting some lunch we were waiting our turn in the Walgreen’s pharmacy drive thru when Ode to my Family came on my huge play...

October 05, 2021

Much deeper than normal in Second 1st

So I’m a bit haunted this morning.... I mean I’m thinking and feeling abnormal things.... or… feeling like I should journal about the abnormal thoughts? .... I had a dream last night…I think I m...

October 04, 2021

Book in Second 1st

[https://www.austinmacauley.com/us/book/love-life-and-heartache] This is a link to Destiny’s book at the publishers website. In case anyone was wondering.

That was something I messaged to Destiny this morning. I’d run over the current things standing in the way of getting my plane ticket for the wedding in response she’d said “you are so organized ...

September 30, 2021

new ear info in Second 1st

I have mixed feelings right now.... and they will stay that way. The place I keep calling the dentist isn’t.... It’s called Sleep apnea & TMJ Solutions.... he very well may be a doctor.... BU...

September 30, 2021

chasing words in Second 1st

I moved all the music over to the SD card.... and it’s not even half full and holds all the songs I wanted.... I think it’s all… I can’t remember if I moved the “working” songs back. 1580!!! shou...

September 30, 2021

sparks of life in Second 1st

I’d gotten an order yesterday morning for some foam blocks. They wouldn’t fit in the largest premade package I had so I had to use the last of the Scotch Flex & Seal that I had. Went to the P...

September 29, 2021

yesterday's today in Second 1st

So 9 ish I went and woke Rocky. Really I just turned the hallway light on opened the bedroom door and said “You said 8 or 9, it’s 9:15.” This is actually the thing that ticks me off most because ...

September 28, 2021

sudden trip, split entry in Second 1st

So, we ended up doing groceries today but Rocky didn’t need to go by the bank so I put it off till tomorrow. I think I’ll go and plan some breakfast around it. I feel like we went everywhere tod...

September 27, 2021

new FB account who dis in Second 1st

Talked to Destiny yesterday at work on lunch because she just couldn’t wait to tell me we were going to do Karaoke with the kids and whoever wants to join before her going out with the girls nigh...

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