GURPS- another dice game like D&D

by JHkerriokey

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June 17, 2020

Gurps sessions .5 and 1

Running from a battle in the Protected Zone Negelis and I jumped into a portal and we were met on the other side of the portal by 2 strangers in a cavern. We were attacked by 3 spiders. Negelis a...

Book Description

This is some other kind of dice game. Just like D&D but it’s more of a dice system to be applied to the world of your choice. This world is supposedly a lot the like the video game Badlands. Being as I’ve never played that I have to describe it anyway. Mostly desert land with jutting rocks and red water. This is on another planet and our characters and the world around us had been enslaved and eaten by an alien race thrice our size. Something happened though. The aliens just left. Loaded on ships and left us to fend for ourselves in the badlands. How do we survive? The world is chaos.... something like that. This is about my experience as the character I play.