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Recent Entries

About a week

  • By Danj
  • |
  • 57 minutes ago
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No booze for almost a week. Skin clearer. Head on forwards. Capable. Happier. Less tired. Good.


  • By MageB
  • |
  • 57 minutes ago
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We got there too early for our assignments, but after trying to get coffee we got both just in the knick of time. Portfolio Review again. I remembered my pen. Switched to bigger chair. The...

'i'm not a mind reader'. uh ok. but i don't respond well to that. from: nov. 13, 2017.

‘ so. yes this again. see something else i like was that valerie. when we’re in the car sometimes the music’s too loud. and i don’t like that. so i brought it up to her and that’s.right that’s w...

Drivers WTF?

This has been going on for a while ....... what can we do? When I learned to drive years and years ago there were traffic laws to obey and the use of common sense. None of that much applies any m...

keyword "connection" title "world wide woof"

Sniffing is, of course, Dog Internet and that’s why they’re as addicted to it as we are to laptops and cellular, able to get by snuffling along low to the ground when there’s no other options but...


  • By J.E.
  • |
  • 7 hours ago
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I overslept and missed work. No call no show. I hope I’m not fired…


Emma my old friend . I do miss you . But the times could not let me bring you with me. Emma my dear friend. I wish it didn’t have to end. But the second you didn’t believe what I’ve been throu...


7:43pm I’m back from another adventure! I have so many things to say but who knows if I’ll get to them all. Y’all know how I love to procrastinate on these kinds of things. We actually got back T...

3 apps

I’m still angry, but my brain isnt cycling the way it was. I submitted 3 applications: -The director at the law library resource center -Program Coordinator (training and ed) at the UofA -Techn...

And we're off!

Bill and I are headed out in the morning with 4 youth from our church to go on a mission trip. We are going to be a small, but mighty group! We’ll be spending a week in the western part of the st...

San Francisco Convert

Richard has been making frequent trips to visit now that he’s out of school and only has to work weekends at the bar in San Francisco. This means that he’s not just seeing me, he’s also seeing hi...


Basics- Name:: Alice Nic Name, Baby Girl Date of birth: January Place of birth: CO Age: 37 Any siblings?: There are five of us all together. I am the first born. Live with?: My two older daugh...

Can’tcha Say

  • By Duke
  • |
  • 15 hours ago
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I stink of cordite and sweat. My head and shoulders (sounds like a shampoo) are burned. Dumb move, Duke. The Boony hat was right there in the car and the beach bag was in the trunk. I have e...


Today was a first. I actually got kicked out of a store because of my service dog. No, it’s not because she was acting up, causing a scene, or damaging anything. She was just minding her own b...


The children from next door just came round to say they had knocked their ball into our garden. I told them they could come and get it and they said they had a quick look but couldn’t find it. I’...