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you were cool

empires rise and fall the sins of great queens and kings forgotten except for mistranslated versions of their names but the graffito on a bathroom wall preserved by a volcano or a cuneifor...

Perpetual Chaos

The house is a bombsite. I sold some furniture today. I have hella more to go because now we have decided not to keep most of it. The movers are coming tomorrow morning to load everything we want...


I’ve always wanted to do diary entries since I was little, but due to the lack of privacy in my household, I was afraid someone would find out about my innermost thoughts. Up until recently, I fo...

Trying to understand.

The other day i had short laugh after I quit my job. I was thinking of all the negative sht that has been thrown at me lately. I thought about previous years, what i was doing in the months of De...

That moment when..

You believe you have a decent self-esteem but as soon as you question why anyone else would love you and your inner conscience is silent. I can leave the house with my head held high and complet...

JaVidMo Day 16

16. A video under 10 minutes discribing your hobbies. Gilraent DevilishlyInnocent

Naked ambition

Dating is not easy. At all. After matching with several people during the speed dating escapades – and having no clue what name matched with whatever hazy image I had in my brain, I agreed to a d...

I need a topic to write about.

Throw me some topics. I need something to write about and I am not sure where to start. I don’t care what the topic is. Give me ideas.

A different perspective.

I probably could’ve returned to poolside this afternoon, but nah. I went to mail a letter and went by the pool and it looked kind of crowded. Maybe another day. There’ll be plenty. Snow. Cold. Ic...

um. wow. so relieved i could cry. i got very, very lucky.

so for those who don’t know I fell on Mon. on my back.........yeah. The good news is. it’s minor. [thank god.]. I got very, very lucky. i’m humbled and relieved and tired and scared. everything w...

I hate these dreams

Took a nap earlier, fell into a deep sleep… I’m in some Depratment of Motor vehicles office and not feeling great. As soon as I go up to the desk to state my business, I feel like I’m blacking ...

Nothing changes if nothing changes..

I cant even stress the ways my life has completely changed time and time again. I needed a place to release my thoughts, feelings, memories ect.. so here it is.

30-Day Song Challenge (Day 17)

A song you’d sing a duet with someone on karaoke night. Elton John - Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (with Kiki Dee)

Bitter and Angry: Party of One

I’m going to put this out there and be real for a minute: I’ve been real bitter lately. Real bitter. For those who read me, you know that my dating/online dating life has been a disaster. I just ...

Irwin Consulting Services Review - How to ensure a safe mountain climbing this winter

This holiday season, many people are taking advantage of the cold weather to do some extreme activities like mountain climbing. But with this kind of activity, you are very much required to gathe...