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Recent Entries

Weather Changes, Self-Care, and the Details of Life

We are having a lovely day here in Florida. A gentle breeze, humidity is low, the sun warms the skin, and the soft blue skies are dotted with cloud puffs. It will change in the wee hours of the m...

Wow, still employed...

Remember last entry, when i said my biggest tip was $70? Well, then it was beaten by $90. That held for a while until I had a corporate trip. I drove a van with 11 people in it to their holiday p...


I went to a philosophy Meet Up and it was the absolute best. I hate leaving my house, my cats, my Alfred Hitchcock films, my story; but positive social interactions are sunlight on shade-wilted ...


I have so much homework and don’t want to do any of it. Roper being so bullheaded he won’t answer my text until I finish my makes me kind of mad he does that. it’s my homework, not h...

nostalgia, crush, logic and dissection

Heard a song this morning. Sounded like something that teenage me would’ve connected with whatever girl I was crushing on at the time. You know like every song when you’re a teenager. i realized ...

Roads and So Much More (Public Version)

Roads this morning were sincerely traction problematic. But I got to work anyway. 15 minutes late from usual start time; 45 minutes early for the delayed start the county agreed to. Here’s some...

22 JVM 19

Best year.


1.) An upscale version of “My Drunk Kitchen” called “Soused-Vide”. 2.) The low-key worst part of Hall of Fame balloting is that even obvious non-choices get to be on it their first year. Like som...

JVM 21.19

A video of a holiday that falls on your birthday. DevilishlyInnocent

Mommy guilt

Baby fell off the bed today and I hate myself and hate myself and hate myself. I failed as his protector.

Intro to A

So I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this, but we’re currently applying for a 13 year old girl whom we’ll call A. She’s super sweet and has had a rough couple years (more on that at a later date...


The storm we had yesterday blew thru the Metro quickly. It’s sunny this morning and chilly, but is expected to warm up nicely this afternoon. And then another wave of winter with snow tomorrow....

An email from New Zealand

  • By Sho
  • |
  • 13 hours ago
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I got an email. It said, “You should check out this website”. There was a link. I didn’t click it. Instead, I wrote back, “Why would I want to do that?” I get a lot of spam. A week later, I got a...


  • By J.E.
  • |
  • 14 hours ago
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I wish I could shut off the circus in my brain so I could finally get some damn sleep… 7:21 AM

A little back story

I first met John when I was 16 and he was 18. I was spending the summer at my Aunts home in Georgia and decided to take off with a couple of girlfriends to attend Spring Break ‘86 in Daytona with...