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so i got a new phone.

right so as put. i got a new phone. via my mentor [my mom’s gonna reimburse her so.]. So when we were getting, the new phone. We thought there might be a problem. see what happened was the phone ...

Reminding Me

7:06pm New things to report…hmmm…let’s see: Well, it’s only been a few days so maybe there isn’t all that much to report today. ha. I just finished my big test about 20 minutes ago. We’ve been at...


1.) Carmel Police, arrest this man, he prefers nougat, he wants it pretzel-filled, he wants some sea salt on it… this is what you get, this is what you get, this is what you get and it’s packed w...

same as ever

I can’t sleep. I can’t keep doing this. I’m tired of everything.

Fuck Imgur

That picture I posted in my last entry? The one of my mother holding the cat we just had to put down? Fucking Imgur trolls (1) asked who the “fat bitch” in the pic was and (2) downvoted it. The d...


So like many here, I was a long time Open Diary user. Periodically I like to type that address in just for funsies, hoping one day it may again exist. I urge all of you to go to https://www.op...


I am such a fucking asshole. I wasn’t always. But now.... Selfish asshole . Yep. Oh…! P. S. I don’t give a fuck to explain this to you.


When your dad asks why you’re not going to the gym. And is confused when you tell him he’s being rude.

My cat has anxiety

I think Molly needs to be medicated. She’s a two year old British shorthair and she is ADORABLE but also COMPLETELY STUPID. She is terrified of everything. She just went from fast asleep to ‘high...

What I need

After just mentioning here the other day about a real drought in my dating life, I went out with Ron last night. Here’s the Ron backstory: We were invited to a cookout with some friends for July...

Good Bye Glasses

Good Afternoon, I did a entry earlier this morning and that was to help me start a new Chapter about myself. I went to get my eyes checked and I good news that I can finally wear contacts. I use...


Still obsessed with cycling and marijuana. One of the unforeseen benefits is that I spend a lot less time on anti-social media. No offense, I love you guys (that’s all inclusive, a salient point ...


So I didn’t respond to Alex, and he finally texted me today asking how I’m doing. So it works, guys lol just leave the dude alone and make him come to you. Too easy. I’m talking to this guy named...

Dinners 9/24-9/30

Sunday (Yesterday) Homemade Pizza and Garlic Knots Monday Chili (Will freeze some of the leftovers) Tuesday BBQ Meatballs with Pasta and Green beans w/ onions (These are the freezer meatballs I m...

Rabbits Don’t Live in Hats

  • By noko
  • |
  • 13 hours ago
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You would need to zoom in pretty close here to see the gray brownish blobs to the far right in this shot I took yesterday are gorgeous Sandhill cranes. Kes wanted to go back to Sauvie Island whe...