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Recent Entries

Leaving a trace (revisited)

(Note: Here is an entry from November 1, 2006 that I posted at Open Diary. I have re-read it twice now, and also the very thoughtful notes and comments, and I think I have finally decided what...


I’m thisclose to having a nervous breakdown like the one that landed me in the hospital. Did I ever tell that story? It wasn’t pretty. There were cops involved and I got to wear handcuffs to the ...


I’ve been transported back in time something familiar yet also bizarre the same old Twilight Zone with the same old Culture of Silence Oh, what a pain Here we go again The same old policy ...

3 Self-Discovery Prompts | Part 1

I will be doing 3 simple prompts that will help me learn more about myself. I encourage you to also fill this out in your own journal. You only get out of this, what you put into it. I am going t...

Carrots on the Range Rover

As you may already know, the Overseers have taken SJ (Sanchez Junior) from us at 14:26 on February 12, 2018 (21:26 UTC). I was sure that the bad witch next door had poisoned him but according to...

Cigarettes And Late Nights

  • By J.E.
  • |
  • 4 hours ago
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Ugh. My mind is dancing tonight. Was reading annnd the mind started to drift. Got out of bed and turned the tv on. Archer. I could use the laugh. Guy has been drinking daily for a while. Su...

pinpoint trigger

4:39pm I have an entry half-way started/finished detailing the events of the other day, but I think I’ll leave that alone and talk about other things today. My follow up at the doc was this morni...

Until The Day We Die

Your voice is a weapon In case to fend for your life The music is a lesson Hear it, plan to survive

Well Fuck

X might lose his job, because he’s been getting a ride to work while he fixes the truck and my father who he works with is that ride and has been offered a job far from here for six months. So ye...


i want to scream i want to cry i want to yell i want to cuss someone out i want to hit things i want to punch someone’s face in i want to smash a window i want to kick a door down i want to brea...

I was right...(And reply to a comment)

  • By M101
  • |
  • 7 hours ago
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I made an entry in “Dreams” a few days ago after another BL dream. I made some comment about how she’d be stuck in my head, and I was unfortunately right. I can’t escape her since. It’s not the a...

February 22nd 2018

Sometime during the ride, I had dozed off. I didn’t realize I was asleep until I was being woken up. “Get up, hurry!” Tom says shaking me. “What is it?!” I ask sitting up quickly. “Look at all t...

2/22/18- 8:48PM

  • By Song
  • |
  • 8 hours ago
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I have a sudden crushing desire to watch Step Up 2: The Streets. This happens sometimes.

There's a man

That I love. I dare say he knows it. Maybe not to the extent that I feel it, but I love him and he knows it. We are within a few weeks of our 1st anniversary. It’s crazy how a few weeks turne...


1.) Claudia Tenney is an almost impossibly horrible human being and if you’re planning to waste your vote on a third party candidate instead of voting for the Democratic candidate because you req...