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I am not doing okay today. I massively hurt my foot (giant tear through multiple epidermal layers) I am filled with a severe apathy in connection with my job I feel incredibly isolated and dista...

Great day

I went to Universal, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, and Disney Springs today. So yeah, I am worn out…lol


Fuck, man. This damn year. RIP RBG. You were a goddamn queen. TxT


I was going to write something almost witty and possibly funny here about trying to quell the Drama Llama with “not tonight, I have a headache,” but… I found out that Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. Ju...


Bingo was fun. There were six people in attendance, including the bingo caller. I won nine times. Wow! It must have been my lucky night. One elderly tenant brought a homemade raisin pie. Another ...

Ok Boomer

It’s funny, this morning, before my coffee, I made a shady comment about boomers being slightly out of touch with current culture. Then I realized how out of touch I am in my own way. I had a rud...

I'm in a mood.

Not a bad one. Edgy maybe. My life feels full right now. I have things to say and I think I might be able to sit still long enough to say at least some of them. Thank you for reading ab...


  • By Sho
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  • 11 hours ago
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I’ve got my intermittent fasting, my books and youtube live streams of distant harbours and airports, of train tracks, and reservoirs, but it’s the books especially books, holy smokes, the public...

Oh, hello wedding planning!

You guys… being engaged IS fun. I love planning stuff though. I mean, wasn’t that obvious when I spent 6+ months planning the twins’ first birthday party. I got engaged on Sunday. I received my...

Chugga Chugga Chugga Buggy

  • By J.E.
  • |
  • 12 hours ago
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My right foot’s arthritis is acting up hardcore. Swelling, putting off heat. Pain. Walked four miles this morning with Peacock. Worth it. The weather was fantastic for a long walk.

Why I write here.

Very, very few people in my “real” life know about this journal. Like… 2 people. I’ve shared the link with others but there has been no follow-up, so I have no idea if they read or not (I’m guess...

Working hard

Why do I bust my butt to try and get things done and it goes unnoticed? All that is noticed is the things I didn’t get to?

Fun Friday Weekend Tarot Reading for Friday, Sept 18, 2020

Welcome to fun Friday! I decided to draw a tarot card for the energy of the weekend as well as self care oracle cards to navigate the weekend. This weekend’s card is the Queen of Swords. This i...

That Which Fuels You

… Kills you? Haha, that’s kind of where I was going, but to be honest I don’t ever really know where I’m going. If you’ve read anything I’ve posted you’ve probably figured that out by now. But re...

Why I must write

I recently had an opportunity to think hard about why I write. Simply answered, it’s because I always have liked to write, and for years I wrote for a living when I was a newspaper reporter and...