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Recent Entries

First Meet

Out Biggest Little had her first swim meet today. There was a fair bit of apprehension on her part for the past couple of weeks. Suddenly, the blocks felt ‘too high’ and ‘scary’ to dive from a...


Oh to be a young man with nothing better to do than to argue with me on facebook. He’s already hurled all the insulting words he can think of my way. And to think that this started with me stick...


Gosh, I don’t know how many times I keep trying to write in this thing. I just finished the last paper I had due for the semester last night between throw-up events. This is the second time in a ...


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This is late morning today. Today! It was supposed to thaw yesterday. I still couldn’t make it to my own personal grocery store though I did make it to a store and got fruit and eggs and tortill...

December 10, 2016

The richness in this day was when I walked the children’s bike trail that runs behind my house, and saw the city’s water processing plant office and the back of a church with a huge yard where a ...

Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge

I can’t believe that I hadn’t heard this song before watching Rick and Morty. Especially considering that the tone and subject matter is right up my alley. I enjoyed watching Rick and Morty and ...


1.) If you’re a rodeo clown and you don’t call yourself “Silly The Kid”, you aren’t worth a damn. 2.) Whenever I see Entenmann’s Donuts, I imagine the trucks being driven by giant tree creatures....

Should have gone to the Maldives.

The last Christmas I spent in Jindabyne with my family,nwas the last one I will ever spend with my family altogether. I realised that it was my Christmas too. Why do I drive all this way to see ...


My application for RPL was denied. Reason being the courses I did were over 10 years ago. They were 19 years ago so I knew I was pushing it… On Thursday I was contacted by a lady from a recruitm...

I was correct.

Continuing with the Updike. Paused enough yesterday to note: 32 degrees here, 71 degrees there, at 2:42pm. And about the same today. And I was correct in my word choice awhile back. On Southpark...

More grief

Grief is quite possibly the hardest emotion to understand, if you ask me. I have moments where I feel okay with things, where my faith gives me the knowledge that Gram is better off where she is....

Progress I guess

So our conversation last week was I’m sure just the first of many that we’ll have about how to make our relationship work. We didn’t come to any major new agreements and things are still weird b...


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I’ve got a chicken curry bubbling along nicely in the slow-cooker. Meals all planned for the week. I was at the supermarket at 6.30am - I absolutely loath supermarket shopping, so going when no...

Way Late DePhoMo Catch-Up #2

I’ll probably get more days done tomorrow, since I don’t work until 6 p.m. (and I’m done at the co-op, officially! No more 4:30 a.m. weekend wake-ups!), but for today, just one pic. It’s an older...