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Assassination Attempt

  • By Jodi
  • |
  • 26 seconds ago
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Congrats to the brave young man who tried to take out the homophobic, misogynistic criminal who is very likely to be reelected. Knowing how arrogant Trump is, I’m sure this won’t stop him from ho...

I washed my hair.

It takes 3 weeks to form a habit. This is halfway there. After 3 weeks, you’re actively remembering to do something. You’re proud you formed a habit. Maybe a touch of New Habit Energy™. I posi...


So that happened. Edit: If anyone had “My hometown as the catalyst of ultimate political turmoil” on their bingo card, bless me with more Jade pulls or bless me with Some Zhu yuan pulls, or bette...

20 years

This year it’s hitting me really hard. The loss of my grandma. It’s been 20 years next month. She was more a mom to be than a grandma. I miss her. My love’s wife has a brain tumor (what took my ...

July 13 thoughts admonitions, and reflections

Dear Scott Layoff the damn politics. Stop posting about it leave it alone. There’s only one thing you can do about it and that is to vote someday. It is not worth the stress or attention. It’s a ...

Trump shot

I didn’t expect former president Trump to get shot. I was so worried to see his ear bleeding. I didn’t expect that. I haven’t been keeping up with the election but this made him interesting. Than...

Place yer bets!

I’ve got one month’s gross pay on “publicity stunt.” ETA And to every milquetoast Democrat out there saying that “political violence is un-American!” (Alt text: Bernie Sanders, “I am once again ...


  • By J.E.
  • |
  • 11 hours ago
  • |
  • 9

Just great… The powder keg just exploded. Buckle up America, the ride has started.

trump shot?

wow did trump really get shot in his ear! too many crazy people

Flakebook Marketplace

is a joke, but I’m trying to help a client out so I’m putting these links here. https://www.face...

Movie Review: 1981’s “Arthur”

So, I decided to start a “watching ’80s movies for the first time ever” activity that would last over several weekends. This first week was the film, “Arthur” starring the late, great Dudley Moo...

In the Life Log - Day 118

Today was a great day. I slept about 7 hours and did not have any instances of weird dreams, waves of sadness, and panic attacks. My body was a bit sore, however, which I attribute to training le...

Lisa Emery: An In-depth Look at a Versatile Acting Icon

Lisa Emery, born on January 29, 1952, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, exhibited a passion for the arts from an early age. Initially drawn to painting, her artistic journey significantly turned when ...

Dilemma: I'm the Bad Guy

  • By TL
  • |
  • 23 hours ago
  • |
  • 0

Wake up in the morning feeling like P diddy I’m groggy, I just want to get to my coffee. That’s the vibe in the morning. The coffee is programmed to be ready for me when I wake up. On my way to i...


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