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Recent Entries

On the road - Day 2

Unfortunately, the wifi here at the motel in Morrillton, Arkansas, isn’t very reliable. I’ve had nothing but issues ever since we checked in last night - checked and the download speed was about...

Yup - It's Gone!

  • By CC
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  • 1 hour ago
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So for some reason George is ALL OVER Facebook today. He’s posted a load, I go to a certain page and there’s his bloody face right there at the top of the page … oh and then down a wee way too. ...

NoJoMo #21

SOMETHING PAST DOWN- - One of the cool things I have is Cookbooks. My grandma has given me Cookbooks throughout my life. I have also obtained all of her Cookbooks. I will one days pass these on. ...

First day

  • By -A
  • |
  • 3 hours ago
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Hi, my name is A at this moment in my book I was just born. My mother was in jail while my twin sister and i were born so my grandmother and step grandfather picked my up to raise me. From what I...

Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants Review - Gør kunst dekoration til dit hjem den rigtige måde

Alle har deres egen præference i at gøre dekorationer til deres hjem, hvor andre ikke ønsker noget i deres vægge, da de foretrækker enkle og rene koncept. Men lad os se det i øjnene, at tilføje k...

Surveys to avoid reality.

I’m feeling too shitty right now to actually write an entry, but I want to write and sit here and drink this beer and feel like I am connecting to something greater than myself, so I am going to ...

well that was.uncomfortable.

Today was just uncomfortable. We had a house meeting and that was uncomfortable. um. my laundry/hygeine was brought up. yeah the lady was saying ‘it impacts me it impacts Lb it impacts my grandki...

Day 1 of the Rest of My Life

So today was a pretty good day. I woke up tired, but in a good mood, and I was actually productive! I cleaned the kitchen, didn’t overeat, and I actually did workout video. Granted, it was one...

Journal entry 1

2 days with no weed. I need to quit my heads a mess and so is my house. It’s a new regime. It’s hard though at least it feels hard. I’m still hating work. Maybe abstinence from weed will help? 7 ...

Vampire Girl Series:

I finished reading Part 2 last night what a fast entertaining read it was I enjoyed it. This morning I started reading Part 3 Silver Flame and again off to a good start. Digging the series so f...


I was supposed to write here tonight. I didn’t. I’m playing Smite. Sue me.

Such Busy

Today at work was super busy. Plus, we had a lunch and learn, so I didn’t have time to try to catch up on paperwork over the lunch break. I did get some free neutraceuticals to help with anxiety ...

I Didn't Sign On For A Series

  • By T.J.
  • |
  • 11 hours ago
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As the saying goes, some days you’re the bug and some days you’re the windshield…That about sums up today. Well, actually the past seven years to be honest and someone keeps tagging me as the dam...

Monday's Sunset

Just some more pictures over the bay :)

votive candle and what does it say

dulled nerves in my outermost extremities, tendons of tenderness, arms in the black marsh reaching out to me to carry me under or through. i taste the wax, submerge my skin in the bleak oil. it’s...