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Is it satire, parody, reality? Fucked, if I know.

I Waited Almost 20 Years For Today!

There’s this guy I’ve kinda fancied, mainly been fascinated with for 19 years. He’s one of those people who everyone knows. (He told me his name today, I laughed in his face, as if I didn’t know ...

Notes & Catch Up

SOooooooooooooo… I’m crazy behind on Note Responses and Bookmarks. Just throwing that out because I am going to make a genuine concentrated effort to play some catch up. I’ll try to be good and...

friday is upon us!

rejoice.. and all that holy stuff. its friday. so last night i slept really well honestly for the first time in many nights. i just kind of crashed and let the world swallow me. not thinking abo...


I sometimes fall asleep and find myself there again back to the same quiet streets and my two best friends I miss those peaceful streets but now I’m back here to what’s familiarly chaotic torn be...

Day 3 (Huh, That's Strange)

  • By J.E.
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  • 5 hours ago
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No super nic-fit today, which I find odd… Last time I tried the whole I’m quitting thing by day two I was super jonsein’ for a smoke and ready to naw my own face off. Yes, last night…morning?…a...

music/funeral service/city boy

on wednesday i took off work for my grandmother’s service. she was cremated. all of us grandchildren walked up and put a little holy water on the urn, and put down a flower. cemetery was huge, an...


Just a couple of things before I get started. Because my books are back on Amazon again, most of the books I shared here are private once again. Secondly, I sometimes make entries FO. If you wan...

Pretty Sunrise and Moe's BBQ

I woke up early Thursday and went to the Bay to see the Sun rise. I was able to park the Element and open up the back and shoot right from my tailgate :) Me :) Thursday evening, we went to M...


  • By skyy
  • |
  • 13 hours ago
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from the minute i walked into that room, i saw her. a crowd of faces and most unknown to me but she stood out, she always did. she did not notice me, and it appeared she noticed no one else eithe...


1.) It was the most brutal drum majorette camp in the country, leading some to call those two weeks in July “the Baton Death March”. 2.) Trump is the Cousin Oliver of the American sitcom for godd...

Bargain wedding ring,job applications, work graduation tomorrow

I bought a wedding set today for $21. The stones are cubic zirconia the ring is gold. I bought it really cheap so I won’t feel bad if it tears up. I bought it at Cool Ridge Inc on Marshall Street...

Why's it come as a surprise to think that I was so naive

Ooooh, nothing like some EXTRA emo lyrics today. NIN 4 LYFE. Retreat yesterday was annoying but legit interesting at times. “Teambuilding” AKA drinking happened. Had 2 beers, left at 5, went hom...


women are merely vessels, a continuation of the universe

A Sullen Riot Penetrating Through Her Mind...

I wanted 4-5kg off this week. 3.5kg came off. Gutted. Absolutely fucking gutted. I missed the spot I wanted by 1.5lbs. All for the sake of 5000 calories that I couldn’t cut away. I lost 7.5...