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Darwin (the pic entry)

I just went to type in ‘OpenDiary’ in the address bar. Old habits die hard, hey? I posted all the annoying individual touristy photos on facebook, but have just put them into Grids for here, you...

That what we become

It’s such a strange thing. That criss-cross between the worlds where you step from an insane fury, fear driven working day of 8am to 3am, paralysed to your chair with anxiety gripping your throat...

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things with dono are going; it’s pretty frequent now that we hang out. last night was like the “what are we..?” talk and it makes me nervous to have that discussion. we were both like… “WHAT IF W...

2016 DePhoMo 07

Had these clear square beads.

You Never Left

You can’t be gone. This isn’t denial. This is truth. How can you be gone when I still hear your laugh in my memories so clearly as if you were in the same room? Your blood, stories, lessons, and...

Made it to florida

Left maine at 830am Wednesday the 30th. Arrived at my cabin at 841am Thursday. We made great time traveling this year. Florida will be my home for the next 4 months. I love it here. This year I ...

Oh, Blessed Search...

After leaving a completely decorative and non-functional search box on the site since the redesign, much to the chagrin of many users, I have finally fixed and ported over the user search. There...


  • By Isha
  • |
  • 8 hours ago
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He was unquestionably a man, and I was a girl who was used to dealing with boys. I can use one word to describe him physically, and you will not believe me, but it is still the easiest way: Fabi...

My Swollen Uterus

Yeah, I knew something besides “just perimenopause” was going on. I really dont understand why people, doctors dismiss symptoms like I was having just bC of my age. My doctor did a sono bC duri...

Nothing Bad Ever Happens At Christmas (warning not a nice entry)

Ok fuck you tv show called This Is Us. I think I am showing great restraint not blarring this all over facebook or not texting or yelling this to Myke. I had the feeling of impending doom for t...

Winter Warlock

  • By Duke
  • |
  • 9 hours ago
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Well, looks like the Winter Warlock has finished sharpening his spurs. I got about an inch of snow. Up in ‘Salems Lot they got about three inches. I did the predictive thing of whether I needed ...


1.) Our age is defined by struggle against those who’d fake up systems of thought to justify cruelty & selfishness in an interconnected world. No one should go hungry sick or uneducated, we’v...


  • By dm3
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  • 10 hours ago
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December 6, 1016

After more than a6 weeks of drought, rain fell today, slowly and with starts and stops. I walked around in a drizzle in my side garden this afternoon as if I were a general inspecting my troops....