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It was a great breakfast. Good conversation too. We are getting together next weekend to do it again.

the cat

  • By Sho
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  • 4 hours ago
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Rained overnight, which is nice, cooled things down, just 15C at 10:30 and I’m on the front porch in my gym shorts and socks, a red t-shirt that’s fading to pink, a yeti full of hot coffee and my...

Go Figure

  • By J.E.
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  • 5 hours ago
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8:30 AM. Discharged. Detox under medical supervision? In a hospital? Haw! I’m pissed…

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Temari #8

This one is for my handmade and trade partner for June. She said she likes purple. I really, really, like how this one turned out. In fact, I will likely be doing more of this pattern in the f...

Chapter 4

Lunchtime came fast the following day because of how busy the store was. “Sundays are always a circus,” Morgan told Tia when she first arrived. “So I can’t let you and Courtney take breaks or go ...

Cranky Pants

I am once again in Facebook jail. This time for seven days, I am unable to comment or post. My crime is hate speech which now includes challenging the COVID-19 hoax. Of course, we know through Dr...

Meth lab..?

Just a quick one as I’m frantically working in college stuff; I have an assessment due on Wednesday. But I just had to share an experience I just had… I just had someone wanting a nail appointmen...

Day Three - Part One

It’s already afternoon. And my mind is not in its best state. But i believe i can do something to make today useful and make my future self thank me. Today, i will to work atleast three hours and...


Really have to be a thing of the past. Waking up even before it really daylight is just wrong and it makes for a very long day so then you need a nap. if I could wake up at a decent hour like 8:0...

Memory of a Dream

Had a dream a few years ago I can barely remember. A couple, maybe around the same time. There is something about the way I am feeling now that hearkens back to the way I felt in those dreams. I ...


It’s Sunday night, and I’m back. It was a whirlwind weekend where I drove all the way up to MN and returned with the cat and H in tow. This will be their first official night in the new house. An...

ranty ranty

I’m fucking irritated that I just folded what equates to three baskets of a stranger’s fucking laundry. Oh, and they’re washing clothes again. Because apparently being caught out in the same tu...


So the new apartment is all set for the move. It’s in an area we like, it has everything we want. But it’s a bit more expensive than we wanted to go…but time was tight and we had to get there and...

Exfiance harasses me at gas station

  • By *_*
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  • 1 day ago
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In my late teen early 20s I dated a highly abusive man who tried to brainwash me Alan. If I didn’t obey he would tie me up, beat me or would threaten to murder me for not being a good sub. He kep...