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Recent Entries

Trip talk and pictures

I came into work to a pile of folders/notes/to do’s on desk so I’m going to try to make this short (although according to Shawn my desk wasn’t “that bad” and only a few post its. He’s annoying me...

Magnolia Gardens


We did an Amazon order yesterday, most of which arrived the same day. When Tom decided all my walking was inspiring him, he decided to get some pedals for $60 that he could use at his desk. He re...


Backstabbers are such cowards They spread lies but they can’t harm this already broken heart and I’ve got no more tears left to cry Say it to my face but I’ll just ignore you I’m no longer fazed ...

The Wheel In The Sky Keeps On Turning

Drew and I have this new bit we do where we have personified the Universe as a vindictive, 70s-esque hippie. So whenever something isn’t going right or one of us is having a bad day, we’ll do the...

RAD: Dapper M.

Name: Dapper M. - a VERY smartly dressed attorney Introduction Platform: [I’m adding this section because I’m meeting people in all kinds of ways now!] We met via a woman who works at the tempo...


It was the usual crowded Comic Con, but we loved it. Zoe joined us this last day, and she was a wonderfully poised, delightful 13 year old. She knew all the costumes, and she was quite unafra...

Today was a scary day

Oh fuck, today scared me. I haven’t had a mentally scarring day like this in some time, and I’m thankful. I’m currently writing this at the gym on the cycle. I did my warm-up on the row as usua...

Pretty Sunrise to start the week

Monday’s pretty sunrise :) that's not even a thing then. actually i was wrong. still email. but put the subject as. in 2017. got it. feb. 4, 2017

‘ so in my last entry i put um ‘ and at some point i was going to talk to her about her texting me and not emailing. ‘. well actually i was wrong. yes i was going to talk to her valerie about the...

Why I Separate Americans from Trumpists

I have friends who are passionate conservatives. They believe in fiscal responsibility, are social conservatives, and believe guns should be more readily available than medicine. But they are s...

25+ weeks

I feel like I should update this thing since i’m over half way through my pregnancy and I only have one entry. But.. things are busy and this baby 2 ha. I don’t have anything prepared for this ki...

Things to do every day

  • By Danj
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  • 3 hours ago
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Eat well Exercise Write every day Meditate Tell someone I love them


so.. i went to bed early last night. nobody was really around to talk. i felt lonely. i felt really lonely. i still do. i have those times where i feel extremely lonely. but it’ll pass. so i slep...

Paying the Piper

Better start checking the couch cushions for change.