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One month already?!

The baby is a month old (well now a month and a few days). We survived the 1st month. This sleep schedule sucks, though. We are working up to getting him to sleep 4 hours between feedings, but it...

future promises

  • By Sho
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  • 1 hour ago
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I don’t know what’s going to happen when I sit down to write these things. Whatever thoughts and ideas that are whispering and lurking sometimes reveal themselves, like a slow summer dawn sky, th...


I never get enough. Anyone else lack sleep? Haha. A vacation for me would be sleeping in till I damn well please 😂


  • By VICK
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  • 3 hours ago
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To say that I overestimated what was inside of you, your character, is an understatement. Oh, you’re not to blame. Many times you told me you weren’t-good. That you weren’t-kind. That you had ...

today was a day..

woke up in a less than great head space, only to end up on busses with no ac (i also admit that sounds so first world problemish…but when it’s hot af outside and people insist on crowding into yo...

Check list check in

Check list of THANGS Animals 1. Pare down rabbits, Have 40, need under 10 to travel. Cue heartbreak Currently at 20!! 2. Vet check for both dogs Low cost vet clinic will do rabies shots and v...

Foto de abdul fares.jpg – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Imagem numa resolução maior ‎(480 × 1 280 píxeis, tamanho: 54 kB, tipo MIME: image/jpeg) Abrir no Visualizador MultimédiaConfiguração Clique para ver a imagem original no Commons Esta imagem pr...

still alive

well, not dead just no internet for a long time. but life is still the same kinda

The end

We survived the day. Jay took everything much better than we did. I think he was a little relieved. The last couple months haven’t been easy on any of us, it seems. Thomas and I have both been cr...

Stuff 'n things

I don’t do titles. School starts in 45 days. Today’s song: Abra Moore - “Trip on Love” Had the big crack in my front tooth repaired. Tongue feels much better. I had been grinding it into the h...

july 23

1.) We will open up a shop that sells you specific insults to snap back at your naysayers and we will call it DETRACTOR SUPPLY. 2.) Why did we call it a “flat top” when we could be calling it “cu...

Tonight I am struggling.

Tonight I am struggling with every thought about every thing. Why does life have to be this way? How can everything be so good, and then suddenly it’s gone. One night you are home with your famil...


Laying flat on the bed with her arms tied to her thighs, she felt the cool air from the AC blow across her naked skin. With the blindfold tightly covering her eyes she could only guess at the sou...


Hey friends. How are we all today. So back in June, my podiatrist referred me to physical therapy for my ankle to get it strong, etc. Well by the time they called me to schedule, I was running...

Dear God..

Please God, help him. I can see that it is getting worse. I am miserable, but so afraid to get out. Give someone the strength to make this situation better. It’s not getting any better. I cant k...