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Be Still

Things are scary & infuriating right now to say the least, & I know this entry won’t be for everyone. That’s okay. I wish everyone the very best on their own journey. My take on it though...

prompt: plot, title: the lede

Plot, to my tastes, is a necessary evil as best. Structure required to hold the damn thing together, bones to hang the meat from, but I can’t say I ever enjoyed a story solely for the plot. I’ve ...

june 25 2022

up at 8. 30 am .   on iTunes.  9.38 am to   10 30 am online.     10 30 am to   12 15 pm to get free lunch food today was pasta.   100pm to   2.25  pm reading.    2.25  pm to   3.30 pm    10.10 pm...


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On reflex I stood up for the national anthem at the soccer game tonight, took off my hat and then my son’s, but I’m not sure I will do it again. … Early fall, 2017. They told us there was no hear...

Long week

We didnt even gamble while in Vegas haha. The convention was busy. But not worth the extra 400 dollars we paid for ( my ticket) The one cool thing we did was go to one of the best ( or so they cl...


It’s been a few days as usual. Honestly, Dashing has kept me pretty busy. I’m working as hard as I can to get this money back to right..... I haven’t heard back about the appeal.... Surgery is ...


And now i have covid. Cant make this stuff up. When it rains, it sure fuckin pours. 😐

George Carlin Pro Life Reaction

George was old when he died but he died too young. A brilliant man and comedian.


It has been a basically good Saturday. Sister is coming up for a visit, one day soon. Bear has been acting like he has found some type of distraction. I do not know how long I will put up with it...

Failures and huge setbacks in life bring awareness of the strength that comes from weakness

I came across this interesting passage recently, and had to save it it because I knew immediately I wanted to write about the flood of thoughts it produced: While straightening up a few bottles a...

I don't even have a uterus and I'm pissed off.

I don’t understand anyone that can be happy about the forced-birth decision. I can’t wrap my mind around it. Why do people want to force women to give birth, unless they hate women? Unless the...

Seriously? Is this who we are now?

I said I wasn’t going to give my opinion about Roe Vs. Wade, and I’m still not. However, I will say, this entire ordeal has left me shocked at the behavior of a MAJORITY of humans across the worl...

I dissent

I knew it was coming, ever since the opinion was leaked, but it still knocked the wind out of me when the news broke yesterday. I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but instead I felt th...

Help with schizoeffective

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My mom is schizoeffective. Due to her condition mom can no longer live alone. Mom has in inspection coming up on the house before she goes to court to decide wether I will be her caregiver or not...


Did not realize it had been a month since my last entry. It’s like a I do really well for a while, and then the next thing I know, I am spending all morning catching up on the 3 of you that I fo...