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sister ordering thing don't see her this doesn't happen

so. for those who don’t kknow i’m not a big fan, of my sister. well when we were at subway she’d ordered but i hadn’t and i think the guy forgot. and within like 10 secs. my sister’s like ‘she ha...

Confession #7

Nobody knows how afraid I am of myself, how I’m a different version of me sometimes, a version of me I don’t recognize when I’m coping, a version of me I am afraid of because I know she could kil...


posting a photo from 2 weeks a go click on photo. vary new to this site more to come (

Day 4 (Hurty Owie)

  • By J.E.
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  • 2 hours ago
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So I drank a bit after work last night and smoked a mini cigar. But no cigarettes. I did, however, roll a spliff and took a few tokes everytime I craved a cig. Cottonmouth took care of that. I...


“How do I catch a monster?” I’m probably one of the few girls who asks such a question. I’ll definitely startle those who look at me and wonder: “Why do you wish to be a hunter? You’re a girl.” O...

Kesha - Praying (Official Video)

I am digging this song:

Almost done!

We’re counting down the days at school now. There are 8 1/2 days left! The kids know it’s almost done, so they’re all crazy. Still, I look at the ones who are moving up to a new level next year,...

Turtles and catfish and sunburns, oh my

We parents rented a cabin for the weekend out off Lake Livington, so we went out there for the morning and early afternoon to fish. I love fishing. I don’t get to go very often, and was really ex...


“You listen too well” my mothers well worn back-handed compliment, reclining, or maybe melting, kitchen chairs, an upturned glass, heel of her palm pressed against the darkening sky of her cheek...

Questionable Decisions of my Subconscious...

  • By M101
  • |
  • 5 hours ago
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I’ve been debating since I woke up if I was going to post this to find again, or leave it be and forget about it. Either way, after the weekend is over, it’s gonna be awkward at work. I have a r...

To mydronedlife who's now blocked.

Now you sound like an idiot. This is a journal site where people write whatever they want to write. Attention and pity seekers will be here and you’re one of them too. If you don’t think you are,...


1.) If Noah is MCU Thor, Reyes is MCU Stan Lee: keeps showing up for cameos, long after he really shouldn’t be doing that anymore, leaving us all confused, embarrassed and vaguely ill at ease. 2....

Car Camping

Winston’s lying next to me, Sally’s in the front seat we’re not where we set off for, the road was gated and I had too much to carry. We’re near Loch Ness thought it was on banks but we’re by a r...

Sermons and Rants

Today was the service for interning my brother in laws ashes in the small garden plot at Peoples Church, a church where his parents ashes were interned, and where his daughter attended and where ...


I like this flag photograph a lot. It’s an old shot, and one of my really old cranky computers reduced it in size. It was taken by an equally elderly camera, but I’ve enjoyed the unusualness o...