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  • By MageB
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  • 59 minutes ago
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Left to Right: 2008, George, Dr. Jim, and Jim O’D. I almost hung up the phone. There was a tentative voice asking for Mage or George…they only do that when they are selling things. Afte...

Kitchen renovations

With two ikea trips (panic attacks from T cut the first short so I went back once R got in from work) and advice from a friend (it often takes the eyes of someone who hasn’t been using the room f...

the trash thing.

this is from earlier today: ‘vague on purpose. um. anyway. So apparently. When I was at my mom’s the lady went into my closet and took something out. [i won’t put what. but by the title of this e...

Today's Lesson:

The Hawaiian language: The 5 vowels a,e,i,o and u as well as the 7 consonants h,k,l,m,n,p, and w make up the entire Hawaiian alphabet… In the Hawaiian language a consonant is always followed by a...


I’ve attempted to write about my past to explain how I’ve got to my current situation. I joined this site to get my secrets off my chest and maybe receive some non biased advice. I found I don’t...

Kisses forever

I wish I could kiss your lips again. And forever. I’d never let go. Knowing what I know now.


So Matt came over last night and he found this ball gag I ordered for myself online (its pink and super cute) but i legit had not used it yet, so when he asked me if i id used it with anyone I co...

More Dark but with Crocus!

  • By noko
  • |
  • 4 hours ago
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This was yesterday in the rain at Kes and Most Honorable’s place about an hour south of here. I took this just outside their backdoor standing in a dry patch under an overhang but this is the vi...

Last 5ish years of my life

In December of 2013 I finally gave up on that guy I was writing about I was writing about on OD. Tore me up but I did. I learned to forgive otherwise I never would have been able to move on and b...


Well, that was soooo strange yesterday afternoon. It was about half past two and I was just minding my own business when suddenly I heard a rattling noise - which were the blinds in the kitchen ...

Ufortunate brain dump

This is just the top.... mom called last night to tell me my Aunt Wendy was sent home from the hospital with hospice. She been in this time for 17 (13 in ICU) days and they said “enough”. The doc...

Victory to be had

My glasses are falling apart on my nose. The tape has worn thin again and broken because I’ve been lax in replacing it. I find annoyance in the slightest thought of retaping them because waking u...

We rise to fail

Left yesterday afternoon. Drove to DC, which is about 7 hours for us. Slept like a log. Got up. Visited Natural History Museum. Metro’d to Kennedy Center. Saw Chess. Had the chance to speak to a...

past belief

don’t let nobody else in the world make you old no one else’s stern words or opinions no one’s jobs or expectations of you nobody’s laws ideas or mythologies either none of these things can ...

Favorite Fantasy

I think it’s time that I finally got to the breathless part of this bedroom. I haven’t been putting it off, I just felt like a little bit of a backstory on me was necessary in order to understand...