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TikTok Drives Me

both insane and not. UGH lol. So, today’s episode of idiocy on there is that the Vax is giving people AIDS. Now the roundabout way they came about this is that it’s giving people autoimmune dis...

Los 5 principales beneficios del seguro de vida

El seguro de vida a menudo se pasa por alto, pero debe ser parte de su plan financiero. El seguro de vida puede ser esencial para proteger financieramente a su familia en caso de una tragedia, p...

This Entry Will Not Self-Destruct.

So, I was entering my local consumable goods emporium when I saw yet another “CDC suggests facemasks” at the entrance. I was just at the gym, where almost nobody wears a mask. Sure, a select fe...


I still cannot connect to the people, places and things that I felt a connection with just a month ago. My body expressed illness over Christmas and I was completely out of commission for about t...

My superpower? Immunity to COVID.

Last Friday, my dad tested positive. My mom stayed away from him as much as possible, but they live together. Saturday, I was riding in the car with Mom. I went to my sisters house to babysit my...

Part 8 Nesara Gesara is active, the commercial republic, democrats love Trump's vaccine

Part 8 Nesara Gesara is active, the commercial republic, democrats love Trump’s vaccine [video] Here is the video that shows that Nesara Gesara has been activated

Love in the time of Covid

Washington Post The pandemic has not been kind to many couples. Lockdowns have added strains to relationships, leading to a spike in divorces when they were lifted. Differences in opinion over va...

Saturday 01/22/22

Good Morning World I have been up and out of bed since 6 a.m. Right now the sun is shining. It is currently 18 degrees. It is supposed to get around 25 for a high. We did get a light dusting of s...

Free count calorie apps for weightloss

  • By *_*
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  • 6 hours ago
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I am trying to use my fitness pal to count my calories I eat but it trying to make me pay. Any free apps?

Ladies, Stay Away From A Particular Site!

Be warned! Earlier this morning I tried to join I filled in a few details and they said they’d send me a conformation/registration email link, which they did. I clocked onto i...

Ungrateful Asshole

Imagine the woman you love taking 100% care of you, being by your side pre and post amputation, taking time off of work, tending to your medications, appointments, and making sure that you’re com...


It’s an off day and as per off day ritual, I sat up the coffee pot for mom and I. It’s set for two, then I turn it on, get my share, then it’s off again. That way, all Mom has to do is turn it o...

Excuse Me, Mr. Monk?

  • By J.E.
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  • 8 hours ago
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6:12 AM Trying to get my sleeping on track last night I dozed off before ten. Woke up after midnight. Been awake since. Been flipping channels, eating chicken and dumpling left overs, watchin...

Chance of a lifetime

It’s not that big a deal to most people probably, but I just wanted to document it here. Just got back from a lovely few days in Northern Ireland with Rob and Stefany. I sailed back to Cairnryan ...