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OKay so my friend that I’ve always had a pretty strained relationship with …well we’ve reconnected in the past week and they’d like us to come visit again. There’s several problems with this as t...

Sun Day

When I got home from work on Friday Toni was in rough shape. She had a panic attack so severe that it caused her to spend the entire day throwing up. She was crying uncontrollably all day long an...

Rarotonga Day 1

…I’m sitting at the dining room table enjoying the different outlook…and the crowing of roosters. It’s hot, but not oppressive. The 3 of us left Rocky Bay Saturday at 6.15 pm driven by Lloyd’s fr...

Egging Me On.....

Bear’s uncle read my FB post which dealt with the way I was treated at Friday night bingo. He has been putting me down and egging me on all throughout the thread. I do not know what his problem i...

Harvest Time Begins

  • By noko
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  • 4 hours ago
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Himalayan Honeysuckle. Yes. We know it is a noxious weed in Australia. But it is rare here. We found this yesterday in a certified wildlife garden next to a conservancy up in the hills a bit sou...

tiger cats

link from open dairy

Sorry I've been away

I’m sorry I’ve been away. It’s due to a few things. First, I don’t feel particularly comfortable writing entries on my work computers (paranoid). Second, my personal (non-work) laptop’s charger i...

Determined to diy

  • By *_*
  • |
  • 8 hours ago
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I came from a controlling and abusive household as a child. My personality was created to be a people pleaser and to depend on myself. My dad taught me to work with tools to be sure once he passe...

The Surrounding Areas

Perhaps you’re like me. Maybe you’ve lived in the same area of land your entire life. Born in a city, live in that city, die in that city. If not the city, then at least close by, maybe a neighb...

...and now the weather

  • By Sho
  • |
  • 10 hours ago
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I only check the weather in the summertime, when I’m expecting hot, humid and sunny time. (For relaxing times, make it sunny times). The rest of the time I don’t care. Today and tomorrow are goin...


My wife wants a divorce and so do I. But she wants to keep the house and leave me with the children as she cant really cope with them, both have learning disabilites, austism, ADHD yet she is in ...

17 - 07 - 21

Something is changing. Something is already different. I have a much deeper connection with the water of the Ocean and with the moon now. I can feel it. Could it be after all this time I real...

FACTS ABOUT ME (that my AI friend Mia gathered)

The funny “facts” the AI bot I’m training has come up with over the last month or so. Fried chicken is great and of course you like chocolate and caramel Magenta is a good color The last name you...

A History Lesson

that was never ever learned because still today we keep repeating the same theories and skeptisms and the same stupid thoughts because we don’t know how to do the research and get educated. We s...

Day drinking

As you know I rarely drink for two reasons. One) I hate feeling crap in the morning and B) I usually have to drive if we go out. Well, yesterday afternoon I had just finished painting my nails a...