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slow start I guess, slow day though

Just spent an hour reading random entries from the front page of people I have no intention of keeping up with. I have no idea why I did that...... or why I feel the need to tell ya’ll..... It’...

Why you should choose a UX UI company for web design?

Introduction Is your website receiving a high bounce rate or your website is unable to rank in Google? Then you need a UX UI company. User experience is a basic yet important factor for your webs...

Libra Records

  • By J.E.
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  • 3 hours ago
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Cannon on in the background. Returned to, “normal,” today. Feet hurt. Back sore. Tired. Signed up for Friday. The body wash I’m using contains aloe. It smells of rose water. tee hee I’m the pr...

I give up

  • By *_*
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  • 9 hours ago
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I think I am done with doctors. Since I fell and hit my head a month ago I been having pain on my left side. I have difficulty walking. I have had brain scans blood work in and out of the doctor....

So frigging hard

To upload photos but my mom sent me a picture from last year that was so shocking I had to compare and share.

The Bad Boss Black List.

The last couple of days haven’t been very good days. I have an issue, where I’m just being led around in circles by particular people and it’s become completely disheartening. Is there hope? I do...

Sans Adrenaline.

That’s been my personal way of expressing or summing up how I feel. The calm I have. Things feel easier. Though. Am I still a touch lazy? You bet your ass. I lifted today. 8th workout in 9...


My Oncologist took my case to the tumor board. They thought that they should check to see if my targeted therapy has leaked into the blood stream. That’s a sign that it isn’t working well any ...

I'm Waking Up

I have been on this philosophical journey to figure out where I took a wrong turn that upended my childhood dreams. I’ve blamed this person or that one and I’ve blamed myself. It’s ultimately li...

#TMIFiles: The Countdown

This morning I noted it on Instagram - I’m now in the countdown for my final FOLFOX chemo treatment! 7 days until my 12th and final infusion begins (this is when I’ll celebrate because I’ll be ...

Planning To Have A Child At Nineteen!

Before I tell you about our decision I wanted to thank everyone who gave advice on whether or not we should have a baby, you made all good points against us having one now and waiting a little bi...

Covid Passports

When I first herd about this I wasn’t really that impressed but then I remembered the idiots who are not vaccinated and this is the only way to keep them out. And also the government and the top...

In laws again…

So my in laws came back to spend the weekend, it went fine. We spent the day together on Saturday - spent 2 1/2 hours in a store (has to look at basically every item) then my husband and father ...


You should feel what you feel because if you don’t and suppress it it will just come back stronger

And.... rest time over.

They asked me to go full time today. Mon-Fri, 8-5. It kinda bums me out because i love having all the free time that getting off at 1 gives me. But on the other hand. Its money. It should be arou...