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The only sin is quitting.

Familly saying.

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Look at the hairlines I’ll be back in a bit. Meanwhile. Look at this.

It’s only 27 seconds… Listen too. Let it run a couple times. It gets better with repetition. https://twitter.com/i/status/1289011112726454272 Is it Whitney? .....my mama said....

…too bad they have to grow up. Oh heck. I was going to give you Mrs. Biden for equal time, but then I found this and it was charming as heck. Note - Dave plays the same number game with both ...

No news tonight. Uncomfortable feeling. I’ll write tomorrow.

Is 750 too many words? I’m sure entries can be written with fewer words. Good ones, insightful ones, ones that comfort both writer and reader. In the long run, it probably doesn’t matter. We...


Four living writers and their books I’ve read and liked Claire Messud - born 1966 The Last Life - 1999 The Emperor’s Children - 2006 The Woman Upstairs - 2013 The Burning Girl - 2017 Lily King - ...

This is the begonia I was rooting on the windowsill by the sink. It wants to bloom so hard. Now it’s in a bigger pot and it’s outside. I was out on the deck this morning for sunrise. Troubl...

Room rater. https://twitter.com/search?q=roomrater&src=typed_query Not sure if you can get there or not but it’s a lot of fun. IMHO. Rater likes exposed brick, plants, lit lamps, and art.

Saturday morning. Waiting for Joana to get up. Pills on her plate. Cereal bowl and spoon, half a banana, a graham cracker. When she gets up I will mix a Carnation Instant Breakfast and pou...

Joana’s tv antenna, the one my brother brought over to go with the tv John bought at Walmart. It provides almost as much Perry Mason as one could want. And my tuna can rain gauge. The tw...

![alt text](http://)

oh and kittens too, but you’ll have to wait for them.

… what should I do with ONE avocado?

.. at least at my grocery store. I bought one yesterday - a small round one, about the size of a large cannonball. I should have known better - watermelons should wait till July? or after my b...


I kid you not. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=tiffany%20Camo%20Wedding%20Ring&qs=n&form=QBIRMH&sp=-1&pq=&sc=0-0&sk=&cvid=5EF2CE581B664EBB992F42B40B97B2B5

5 am on the deck, not quite light enough to see my writing or the pale blue lines. I write by feel. Sky lightening behind the barn and the walnuts. Bands of pale color and cloud above the easte...

… for the daylight to maximize. I’m up early for the new me. It’s a few minutes before 6 am. I’ve been up long enough to write half a page in the blue notebook. To wash a few dishes. To mak...

https://www.prosebox.net/entry/126298/to my commute.

I found this semi-by accident. It was mentioned in a Facebook bookclub that our dear OD friend runs. She has a several lovely FB groups - one for gratitude and one for books. This doesn’t relate...

This came up on my FB today from four years ago. More about what to do with the rest of my life. This is a Mary Oliver poem. I Have Decided I have decided to find myself a home in the mountains, ...

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