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February 10, 2019

Pruning in 2019

I spent several hours this weekend organizing and shedding all unnecessary possessions and paperwork. It’s been awhile, and as always, it comes as a surprise how much extraneous SHIT one person ...

February 06, 2019

Row, Row, Row Your Boat in 2019

.....with the current rather than against it. It makes for a much less exhausting journey.

February 04, 2019

Either/Or in 2019

Either I break out of the logjam I’m in, or the malaise and inertia is going to do me in. I’m at the point where either I go forward, or I start sliding backwards. The winter thaw we’re experienc...

January 28, 2019

Dust Bowl in 2019

We’re in the heart of winter now- another storm coming in a few hours, followed by below-zero temps. This is when I go into survival mode. My days consist of outside clean-up at home, and then in...

January 24, 2019

Clarity in 2019

Time for the next phase. I think I purged out the last of the bitterness and disappointment today. Sometimes you gotta wallow in it to get it out of your system. And then after the wallowing come...

January 22, 2019

Insurgency in 2019

It took awhile, but winter has definitely settled in- and I friggin’ HATE it. Now comes the battle I always wage with myself until Spring arrives. This isn’t the seasonal depression stuff I typi...

January 21, 2019

Footprints in 2019

The further along I am on this personal journey towards self- understanding, the more I can see the tracks I’ve left behind me as I’ve slowly emerged from the weeds. I see those muddy footprint...

January 20, 2019

Snow-Weary Ramble in 2019

Shoveled for more than 5 hrs today- snowblower wouldn’t stay running, so we had to do everything by hand. I’m definitely gonna be sore tomorrow. Current Temp is -1.3. Real feel is probably closer...

January 18, 2019

And So It Comes in 2019

After an early start in November, this year’s winter has been very mild so far. It’s been a nice change to keep crossing the weeks off the calendar without any significant snow or cold. That ends...

January 16, 2019

Eyes Forward in 2019

Perry is borrowing my car- and some money-tomorrow. Dropped the car off down there tonite. It’s unreal the situation he got himself in with Cat. I feel bad for him as far as the Parkinson’s goes...

January 13, 2019

Jiffy Pop in 2019

My dreams have been interesting lately. In last night’s, I was a member of some army and up on a platform barefoot- some sort of scaffolding. Unpopped popcorn kernels began raining down on me, a...

January 11, 2019

Regular Joe in 2019

I’ve really underestimated how far taking healthy craps goes towards ones sense of well-being and a positive state of mind. Something as simple as that. I’ve been battling bathroom issues for a...

January 10, 2019

Truth in 2019

The older I get, the more interested I am in “Truth.” Obviously, we are living in an alternative-facts world politically these days- but Im talking more about “Truth” on a personal level. Who AM...

January 09, 2019

Paging Dr. Whitford in 2019

So, what do you think it means when you dream that your doctor is Bradley Whitford, and he is preparing you to lie in a coffin for 10 minutes so they can “measure you properly”? I’m usually pret...

Why have I never read The Handmaid’s Tale? I’ve been on a bit of a reading kick again lately- Warlight, There There, Between The World and Me, Underground Railroad- all fine, fine books and ver...

January 07, 2019

MIrror- Man in 2019

I’m getting better at winning the battle with myself. The man in the mirror is always my biggest adversary. My mirror-man insists on dwelling in negativity and wants nothing more than to talk me ...

January 06, 2019

Turning the Ship Around in 2019

Change is hard. The malaise runs deep inside me. It’s going to take a LOT to change my mental habits and outlook enough to make some positive improvements in my life. The ditch I’ve been in for ...

January 05, 2019

Vegetation in 2019

Today was a hibernate/recovery day- slept for almost 12 hrs and then did nothing but watch football. A necessary day though- I feel better tonite. I’m still gonna have this cold for awhile, but ...

January 04, 2019

Patience in 2019

One of the things I really need to work on in this New Year is patience with other people. The older I get, the less tolerance I have for ignorance and stupidity. It appears to me that basic comm...

January 03, 2019

Plugging Away in 2019

The New Year’s cold continues- I’m not quite as caught in the vise grips of sinus pressure that I was earlier in the day. I’m hoping a good night’s sleep gets me turning in the right direction wi...

January 02, 2019

Packed In Cotton in 2019

I hate head colds- it always feels like the rest of the world is reaching me on a not quite tuned in frequency. I feel like I’m packed in cotton and in a glass-encased enclosure. I’m interacting ...

January 01, 2019

Starting Again in 2019

I’m greeting the New Year with a cold- first serious cold I’ve had in about 3 years. I knew I’d get it- every time Shey gets sick, so do I. It’s been that way since she was a baby, and after spen...

November 05, 2018

Election Eve in Musings

I’m anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s midterm elections with bated breath. I know the polls look good for a Democratic takeover of the House, but how wrong were the polls two years ago? God help us a...

November 04, 2018

Sinusy in Musings

One of the joys of living here in the Mohawk Valley of upstate New York is the ever-present knowledge that my sinuses are alive and well. While taking a first-aid class long ago, my Red Cross ins...

I’m a classic over-thinker. BIG TIME. I had a dream the other night I was playing poker and I had so many cards in my hands that it was impossible to make any rational decisions on how to play my...

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