Snow-Weary Ramble in 2019

  • Jan. 21, 2019, 1:59 a.m.
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Shoveled for more than 5 hrs today- snowblower wouldn’t stay running, so we had to do everything by hand. I’m definitely gonna be sore tomorrow. Current Temp is -1.3. Real feel is probably closer to -15. As soon as I got out this morning and started attacking the first scraper bank, a bundled up woman walked past me and commented how beautiful everything looked. I resisted the urge to hand her my shovel and have her get back to me in a few hours and tell me how beautiful everything was then. And then the snowmobiles started whizzing by. Nothing says redneck quite like the village elders allowing snowmobilers to ride thru the middle of town on their way to and from gas and the local trail. It’s nice and relaxing on a Sunday afternoon to come in from the cold and listen to what seems to be a swarm of juiced up mosquitoes droning by endlessly past your front windows. But it’s “good for the economy”, so what the hell right? (Can you tell I HATE winter?)

I realized today that “By Golly” may be the most annoying phrase to my ears- especially coming from Troy Aikman. And apparently I have a new 9 yr old Messenger friend. My co-worker’s granddaughter has decided to randomly chat me up on her new Christmas phone. Alivia with an A. UH- livia. Which is unique. I have become quite the ladies’ man- hahahaha.

And I’m pretty sure my lower back will be seized up tomorrow when I try to get out of bed....

Last updated January 21, 2019

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