Footprints in 2019

  • Jan. 22, 2019, 1:23 a.m.
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The further along I am on this personal journey towards self- understanding, the more I can see the tracks I’ve left behind me as I’ve slowly emerged from the weeds. I see those muddy footprints stretch out behind me, and realize how far I’ve already come. It’s hard to see progress on a daily basis- there aren’t concrete measurements to compare and contrast myself against. When I look in the mirror, I still see “me “staring back . But on some days, I notice there’s been a little shift of the axis- a subtle tilt forward. A new understanding. A resolution of a nagging internal conflict. Acceptance. A desire to look ahead rather than behind. And that encourages me to keep making those footprints towards the New, and away from the entanglement of thick underbrush that for so long has held some sort of dark allure for me.

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