And So It Comes in 2019

  • Jan. 19, 2019, 5:40 a.m.
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After an early start in November, this year’s winter has been very mild so far. It’s been a nice change to keep crossing the weeks off the calendar without any significant snow or cold. That ends tomorrow. We’re looking at anywhere from 12-20 inches of snow, followed by frigid temps. The high Monday is supposed to be ZERO, with wind chills up to -25. And this will be the time when I begin to question my sanity, as I do every year about this time. So far this year has been pretty good for me- my seasonal depression hasn’t been bad at all. I had my lull in November and early December like I always do. As soon as it starts to be days on end cloudy and gray, it hits me. I usually perk back up in January when we start to get some blue sky days again- and I have this year as well. But, the relentless cleanup gets to me once we get in a snow cycle. Shovel at home and clean up slop at work- day after day. I’m not sure how many more winters in the Great Northeast I have in me, but this one is about to begin for real.

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