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September 15, 2020

Trouble with In-Laws *Again*

Ok here we are again… So to sum up the past events - my sister in law has been being annoying, rude and disrespectful (acting like my husbands girlfriend, being possessive of him, being rude to m...

So here is some backstory.... My future sister in law lives 3 hours away ( where my fiance came from) and she comes to visit on occasion. She is pretty upset that my fiance moved here to live ins...

June 16, 2020

The In-Laws

Another struggle here.... So my dads parents passed away and my dad inherited the house - its 50+ years old so needs some good TLC! He is letting us rent it for free and pay for all the remodelin...

June 03, 2020

Being Respectful

Ok, More advice needed.... I am 21 and a female and my Fiance is 20, I still live with my parents and I have always been very respectful to them (always avoiding fights and confrontation)- and my...

June 01, 2020

Wedding planning

Any advice please! i have always dreamed of having a wedding and planning it but now my mom has taken over and it’s miserable… So my mother is super controlling, I am trying to plan my wedding - ...

March 05, 2020


I am really struggling at this point. I got engaged! You would think that would be the happiest time of your life – it’s not, not for me anyway. My mom is a control freak and nosy, me and my fian...

February 03, 2020


Adulting is stressful… everyone has their own opinions that they think you want to hear. You want to get married? Everyone has an opinion about that: why you shouldn’t marry that specific person,...

December 12, 2019


If you have not read my entry about my sister you might read it, it will make this one make more sense. This is about my parents, they are so strict on me, they hardly ever let me and my boyfrien...

December 03, 2019

My Kid Sister

Ok, this one is a lot, sorry it is scattered: My sister is 14 and I am 20. My parents let her do whatever she wants while i have to stick to their strict rules.For example: House work - I have a ...

November 13, 2019

Toxic Friendships

Have you ever had a toxic friend? You probably wont know how to answer this unless they aren’t your friend anymore. I had one, but didn’t realize it, she was a great friend! She would come visit ...

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