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“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”

Philip K. Dick

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January 04, 2023

Caught It in Hello

Yup, I got whatever mom has. Been sucking down ice water and sweet tea like there’s no tomorrow. There is ice cream in the freezer but I need actual food. I’ve been sleeping/resting on and off ...

January 03, 2023

The 18th in Hello

I’m really fucking scared. If I go to jail, I’ll go with my chin high. Peacock fucking hates me and I’m encouraging it. I’m literally at the point I want jail time. I just really need a lot of...

January 03, 2023

Can't Win For Losing in Hello

After taking the meds I got comfy and crashed hard. Woke up a little while ago and the knee isn’t hurting so bad. Yay! But… Now I’ve got a sore throat and a bit of a cough like mom. FML

January 02, 2023

After Care in Hello

The nurse practitioner prescribed me some ‘script grade Naproxen and some steroid patches so we’ll see how that goes. I’m laid up on the couch watching Free Guy. Is it just me or does Ryan Reyn...

January 02, 2023

3 AM And All Is Well in Hello

Not really but whatever. Mom just went and crashed in bed. She’s still sick so bright and early we’re going to the doctor. Her for the cough and me for the swelling. Hopefully they’ll give me p...

December 31, 2022

New Years Eve in Hello

Walking is a bit difficult today. The swelling in my knee keeps shifting from one side to another. It’s very annoying. Mom is sick. I went to go get us some egg drop soup from the takeout plac...

December 29, 2022

Water Ain't Cuttin' It in Hello

Trying to flush out my system by drinking a bunch of water. It should be enough to get the uric acids out of my body but it’s not working. So ya, the gout flare up is still going on. Extreme p...

December 28, 2022

For My Aussie Reader in Hello

December 27, 2022

More Pain in Hello

Knee is still wonky. Woke up today to a gout flare up in my right foot. So I’m pretty much incapacitated for the foreseeable future. This really really sucks! It snowed yesterday (which is prob...

December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas! in Hello

For those stuck with family, this tune is for you.

Tennessee Valley Authority is going about one of it’s emergency protocols and is doing rolling blackouts. I was watching TV but now I’m sitting in the dark typing this up. Huntsville Utilities T...

December 21, 2022

Washed Blanket in Hello

It’s so soft and warm! Mmm After a handful of IBPROFEREN I’ve felt much better than what I wrote in the last entry. It feels like the swelling is coming back above the knee. I hope not, I like...

December 21, 2022

Don't Feel Too Great in Hello

Woke up today with a thirst 1,000 lakes wouldn’t cure. Bit of a headache and soreness all over. Had to stop and actually remember if I drank last night or not. (I didn’t. 20+ days now.) That ...

December 16, 2022

I CAN WALK! in Hello

Sorta… No crutches but still a noticeable stiffness/fluid build up/limp. I did manage to crash yesterday morning after waking myself up. Watched Looney Toons while puffing on the vape. Got ston...

December 15, 2022

Canceled! in Hello

Was sound asleep and rolled over, accidentally bumping the sore knee. Now I’m wide awake. 🤕🤒 It is getting better, just slowly. 2:24 AM, ugh! Every now and then I’ll browse the On-demand menu...

Still laid up, not hurting AS bad and it seems a smidge less swollen. So…guess I’ll keep taking that turmeric. Fifteen Million Plastic Bags By Adrian Mitchell I was walking in a government wareh...

December 11, 2022

Tired Of This Nonsense in Hello

Walking with crutches is more exhausting than an actual work out. Eff this. Yeah, knee still hurts and is still swollen. I got some turmeric supplements last night ‘cause apparently they’re good...

December 09, 2022

Only An Addict Knows in Hello

I once heard a song about it never rains in Southern California I once saw a band play at the farm sober, I hadn’t had a drink Like cleaning gums or hugging bums or doing something that you kno...

December 09, 2022

Ibuprofen Idiosyncrasy in Hello

I popped four ibu’s last night before I fell asleep and woke up to a less swollen knee. I’m just gonna have to take it real easy for now. Met with Russel Crumbley today of the law firm of Crumbl...

December 07, 2022

This Fucking Sucks in Hello

Got the steroid shot Monday. Swelling and pain have come back in my knee. I’m using my crutches to get around now. 😬

December 06, 2022

Back Home in Hello

Spent most of the day in jail. Soon as my booking came through I was out within an hour, prior to the four I had already spent there. Arraignment tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Plead not guilty then off ...

December 06, 2022

Off To Jail in Hello

First lunch Then the bail bondsman Then I’m turning myself in now that I’ve got the money Wish me luck.

December 04, 2022

Back To The Doc in Hello

It’s 12:39 AM My left knee is swollen like a softball. I’ve had a tendonitis flare up before but never this bad. The topical gel the doc recommended isn’t working neither is ibuprofen. I’m gon...

November 30, 2022

Correction On The Accident in Hello

I’m the cause of the accident by running a red light.

November 28, 2022

R.I.C.E. Method in Hello

Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate I didn’t get a shot from the doc but a prescription for an arthritis gel. Luckily they have an over the counter one that was under $10. So, I’m on the couch, le...

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