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10 hours ago

Long Needed

Just got back in from a two night stay in a nice cabin in Gatlinburg. I had never been. The vacation/break Peacock and I needed.

3 days ago

Crappity Crap Crap

Busy yesterday. Four-ish hours of sleep last night. Mechanic then mechanic at the dealership today. Almost noon. Haven’t had a chance to rest since I got off this morning. I don’t want to adult t...

4 days ago


No more nonsense going on in town. There were threats of looting at a shopping center then hitting the suburbs. Though some damage did happen at Bridgestreet, the cops got it under control. On...

Now it’s here, too.

May 29, 2020


I don’t know what the fuck is going on…and I don’t like it.

May 27, 2020

In My Robe

On the recliner, wrapped in a blanket with a cat snuggling up. I’m not sore but my knees (especially the right) are letting me know I was on my feet all night. Been binging That 70’s Show with P...

May 25, 2020

15 Weeks (Yesterday)

All in the title. Had a good weekend. Slept Friday night. Cooked out Saturday. Lazed about yesterday. Return to work tonight…ugh…actually really bummed about it.

May 22, 2020

Worn Leather

Busy busy busy last two nights. I’m beat. The workload will suck next week (end of the month) but at least I’ve got a three day weekend.

May 19, 2020

Peanut M&M's

Is my current snack right now. It’s after 1 PM, Peacock is sound asleep in my bed (she’s kinda moved in by now) and I’m a bit stoned munching on candy binging That 70’s Show. I’m thinking some s...

May 18, 2020

My Penis Hurts

Damn I’m horny. Couldn’t get off yesterday and now I’m jonesin’ bad for 7:30 AM to clock out. We’ve teased each other all night and I’m ready to take her at her work station. Little over two ...

May 17, 2020

14 Weeks!

Worked Friday night and she was off. Woke her butt up the same way she got me up at 8 PM when I got in close to 7 by bouncing on the bed yelling wake up. Stayed up till 9:30 PM. Banked, mowed ...

I was outside yesterday, something got in my eye and like a dumbass I rubbed it a bunch. Hence why my eye swelled. Peacock called an optometrist and I cleared all the danger signals and was tol...

When I woke up my eye was still puffy, red and itchy so I called in for the first time since my hospital visit in Feb. Now Peacock is pissed and called me a pussy… sigh Later on… We made up. Po...

May 14, 2020

Survey Goin' Around

Can’t sleep, actual eyeball has a swollen patch from an irritant. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? Closed. Besides the closet monster my cats like to play in there. Do you tak...

Sarge and Toad are complete dicks. Thankfully I have Peacock by my side. I highly recommend the Night On Earth nature show on Netflix. Pretty scenery and an interesting take on nature docs. Tha...

May 12, 2020

Swiss Cheese

I’ve been on the Swiss machines since last week. The stuff I’m running seems simple enough but I do feel mentally drained at the end of the shift. Currently laying in bed. Took some melatonin t...

May 10, 2020

13 Weeks!

Closer to 52 than I was last week. Peacock went to hang with the fam last night meanwhile mom and I are at our family plot putting flowers on graves. It’s turned out to be beautiful today. I rea...

May 09, 2020


So 12 weeks was last sunday, the official count of 90 days was yesterday. Mouth asked me a day beforehand some of my favorite junk food then brought in a literal box of chips and chocolate as a ...

May 03, 2020

Three Months!!!

I’ve made it three months sober!!! I’m still around, just don’t really feel like writing any currently.

April 29, 2020


The lower right side of my back has been absolutely aching tonight. Every time I stand up I have to walk around at a bent angle till I can stand fully erect. Peacock picked on me all night abou...

April 29, 2020

AMA Answers!

No names posted, just Next. Describe where you live. What do you like about it? What do you not like about it? Big town, small city. Plenty of parks, trails, outdoor stuff with just enough urban...

April 26, 2020

11 Weeks Sober

I’ll do the answers for the AMA next entry. Today is one more week down. Things have been decent. Work still is…well…work. Peacock and I are pretty much in a relationship at this point. I’m l...

Seems people are doing these so I guess I’ll get on the bandwagon. Ask away!

She’s asleep next to me in bed. We’re, “unofficial officially.” From here she says things will get messy as time progresses once divorce starts, asked if I wanted to back out. I love this girl as...

April 21, 2020

Hazel Green

Sitting in my car while Peacock is in her dentist office getting some work done. I offered to drive in case she was too foggy. Last week we had a lengthy discussion about us. Feelings were co...

Book Description

I came on my own volition.
I am the man that got away.

Work -
Tonight I clocked in at 4:30 PM and it was suddenly Wednesday when I worked 6:45 AM to 6 PM with only an hour lunch break and on my feet the rest. I was trying to relieve Logan in the back who was frying chicken both for our loose case and boxed hot case so he could go to lunch. Instead I got mixed with a redneck who wanted a Philly steak and cheese. I made his sandwich to order only to be confronted with the elderly gentleman behind him. He, to this shit. o, wanted a Philly. I was annoyed. Angry. Granted chicken side cooking sucks At least you’re away from the customers. I can, “pretend”, like I’m cooking chicken in the back but dick around for ten minutes, which actually rarely happens. You learn to smile and accept this shit. Made him his sandwich, didn’t stop to ask the next customer if he needed help. Instead, went straight to the back and told Logan to take his lunch, I was taking over, box up what just came up out the fryer and we’re good.

It was just one of those days. People wonder why I get stoned before work.



I’m versatile.
Put me in any situation and I come victorious.
Even on the bad days.

So when I go the hardcore bitch mode of my assistant manager on Wednesday after my eleventh hour there. I got irate.

I know she does a job for two.
Her boss/my boss sucks ass.
But fuck....I’m part time.
If you want to bitch and yell about the shit that the full timers didn’t do…bitch to them.
I’ve been working for this slave camp for three and a half years.
I lost my insurance last year due to me being stupid and the store manager catching on. Which is actually a big blessing. I haven’t missed a day in a year.

But I’ve been there for every shift.
Sleep, no sleep?
Fuck it.
Show up for work.
The computer takes over on schedule and now I don’t qualify for our good insurance.
I have to take the government stuff?
I’m a democrat.
Don’t tell me what to do.
I’ll go another year without health insurance.
I want my good Blue Cross Blue Shield Back.
Make my job give me the hours back for insurance.

People close to me say I need to see a therapist.
After A.A. and an almost check in at rehab.
Maybe I do need anti-depressants.

This is a rant with no one I know reading this.
Its liberating.

I welcome ProseBox into my life.