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14 hours ago

Big PP Energy

Got a new TV set. Upgraded to a LG 55”. Ohhh man is it marvelous.

1 day ago


I was throwing down on Jedi Fallen Order when my tv blanked out. I could still hear the sound effects, but no image. Checked all the cords, everything is fine yet still nothing. Bah!

2 days ago

National Lampoons

Everyone remembers the movies. Chevy Chase wants to entertain his kids that requires a road trip. The song Holiday Road starts playing. That song isn’t about a vacation. It’s about being ti...

Stuffed my face with chicken and mac and cheese when I got in from work. Got a real shit sleep yesterday. Almost four hours. Didn’t fall asleep till after ten AM. I was dragging ass a bit to...

5 days ago

Did You Know...

That people with type O blood are at lesser risk for cardiovascular disease than the other types? Don’t ask, I was driving around the other day lost in my blur of thoughts. I started thinking of...

SSDD My lower back hurts like Hell. Did a lot of bending down tonight at work. The heating pad and chapter I read only gets me so far. Took three muscle relaxers, just waiting for them to kick...

October 17, 2021

Hot Showers For Everyone!

Woke up cold to the bone this morning. A piping hot shower took care of that. I have to stop sitting with my legs crossed for hours at a time. My right knee hurts a bit from sitting that way ...

October 17, 2021

Brief Stint

For a brief stint I worked at Chik-Fil-A. Not sure if I wrote about it. I was amongst the epitome of privileged children. I am an adult working amongst the rich offspring of Southside Huntsvill...

And now it’s my new obsession. The fact she buys my favorite snack of white cheddar popcorn tickles my tummy.

October 14, 2021

Joys Of Not Facebooking

Treated mom out to lunch and while paying ran into an old friend. I was blown away because when I saw her last, a decade ago, she was in bad shape. Clean now, in a nursing program and working a...

October 13, 2021

Screw Yesterday

Got stuck in the back washing parts of dirt and grime. That involved standing the whole time, unloading one pallet to put parts into a basket and drop them into a chemical bath for ten minutes, ...

October 10, 2021

3rd Shift Target

The band The Misfits is kind of a joke amongst my old friends. To me they’re my favorite. Anyways, working at Target one night I started singing the opening lines to their most popular song Last...

October 07, 2021

Phunk Seoul Brutha

Oh crap does my left wrist hurt. Machined end…uh…panel…something or other but had to use the whirlybird to debur every single one. Supposedly it’s a hot job they need tomorrow. I worked up a d...

October 06, 2021

Old Leather

I’m worn out. Running the cradle channels isn’t bad but repetitive. Load part, machine, blow of excess coolant/chips and unload, take the 90 and thoroughly sand edges down. Between the combina...

October 05, 2021

Crunchy Indian Classic

Andrew Zimmern is on in the background. Since getting the second shot Friday I’ve been so lethargic. Slept most of the weekend away. It was nice but I felt ill both Saturday and Sunday. I work...

October 01, 2021

Stiffy (heh heh eh heh heh)

My hands hurt after two days of running the…uh…whatever the Hell they’re called. I’m enjoying a smoke and laying on the heating pad directly on my lower back. I’m definitely going to be stiff ...

September 29, 2021

Game Over, Man!

Game over! When I go back in from break I will have to do the steel beams I complained about last entry. They are very cumbersome and once in place I have to drag a drill press down the length o...

September 28, 2021

Tomorrow Is Going To Suck...

The big steel beams that were on the loading dock have been welded. Meaning now they need the holes drilled in them. Very heavy and exhausting.

September 27, 2021


If you fall asleep in my house you’re more thank likely to wake up with a cat sleeping on you. That is all. I deleted the last two entries. I have some serious thinking to do. Right now thoug...

7:13 AM. Boy, am I glad I’m off today. What’s that? Why? ‘Cause like the fucker (fucker fucker) I am I drank last night. I got bored. I didn’t want to read, draw, work on a puzzle or project, jus...

September 18, 2021

She's Just Playing Hard To Get

Ended up calling the work messenger at three something in the morning saying I wont be in. Pretext, we literally only have ONE job running and NO material to run anything else with. That’s not ...

September 18, 2021

That Was Awesome

Crockpot pot roast tonight. Took a hoagie roll and toasted it for 10 minutes at 375. Twas delicious with the roast.

September 16, 2021

Libra Records

Cannon on in the background. Returned to, “normal,” today. Feet hurt. Back sore. Tired. Signed up for Friday. The body wash I’m using contains aloe. It smells of rose water. tee hee I’m the pr...

September 15, 2021

Patricidal Rebellion

Twisted thoughts impaled upon spikes of confusion If I don’t survive this I’ll kick my own ass…

September 10, 2021

ADHD Moment

The band NOFX have an album titled S&M Airlines complete with a title track. It’s about some unsuspecting guy taking a flight on what amounts to a sex dungeon airline. So, I started thinking...

Book Description

I came on my own volition.
I am the man that got away.

Work -
Tonight I clocked in at 4:30 PM and it was suddenly Wednesday when I worked 6:45 AM to 6 PM with only an hour lunch break and on my feet the rest. I was trying to relieve Logan in the back who was frying chicken both for our loose case and boxed hot case so he could go to lunch. Instead I got mixed with a redneck who wanted a Philly steak and cheese. I made his sandwich to order only to be confronted with the elderly gentleman behind him. He, to this shit. o, wanted a Philly. I was annoyed. Angry. Granted chicken side cooking sucks At least you’re away from the customers. I can, “pretend”, like I’m cooking chicken in the back but dick around for ten minutes, which actually rarely happens. You learn to smile and accept this shit. Made him his sandwich, didn’t stop to ask the next customer if he needed help. Instead, went straight to the back and told Logan to take his lunch, I was taking over, box up what just came up out the fryer and we’re good.

It was just one of those days. People wonder why I get stoned before work.



I’m versatile.
Put me in any situation and I come victorious.
Even on the bad days.

So when I go the hardcore bitch mode of my assistant manager on Wednesday after my eleventh hour there. I got irate.

I know she does a job for two.
Her boss/my boss sucks ass.
But fuck....I’m part time.
If you want to bitch and yell about the shit that the full timers didn’t do…bitch to them.
I’ve been working for this slave camp for three and a half years.
I lost my insurance last year due to me being stupid and the store manager catching on. Which is actually a big blessing. I haven’t missed a day in a year.

But I’ve been there for every shift.
Sleep, no sleep?
Fuck it.
Show up for work.
The computer takes over on schedule and now I don’t qualify for our good insurance.
I have to take the government stuff?
I’m a democrat.
Don’t tell me what to do.
I’ll go another year without health insurance.
I want my good Blue Cross Blue Shield Back.
Make my job give me the hours back for insurance.

People close to me say I need to see a therapist.
After A.A. and an almost check in at rehab.
Maybe I do need anti-depressants.

This is a rant with no one I know reading this.
Its liberating.

I welcome ProseBox into my life.