NoJoMo 2015

by J.E.

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November 11, 2015


Done, couldn’t care less now. Heart isn’t in it anymore like it was at the beginning.

November 08, 2015

NoJoMo 7 & 8

Didn’t get a chance to write yesterday. Yesterday afternoon I met up with some of the guys I went to school with for lunch. We ate good and caught up on how things have been with everyone. Stoo...

November 05, 2015

NoJoMo 5

I’ve been ridiculously stressed today . Seems like every hour I was getting back on to the ‘net to job hunt. I’m going batty. Spent yesterday and some of today crying on and off. I really hate ...

November 04, 2015

NoJoMo 4

Was sent home from the temp job, too many people not enough work. Nice to see I wasted my gas.

November 03, 2015

NoJoMo 3

Another day another dollar. I’m actually about to head to bed early because I am so freakin’ tired tonight. But wanted to stop by here and at least jot something down. So, something. Nite nite...

November 02, 2015

NoJoMo 2

I’m tired of seeing the term, “Life hacks.” IT’S NOT A FUCKING HACK! IT IS A TIP OR A TRICK! Unless you can plug yourself into a computer and actually reprogram your DNA there is no such thing...

November 01, 2015

NoJoMo 1

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Halloween party last night. Everyone was a stranger except the core group I was with but that never stops me. Eventually got into a few conversations w...

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