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November 18, 2018


Dusty (the kitten in the previous entry) Must of been way too sick and I didn’t know. He passed away today. I’m gonna get him cremated and he will be with the eternal kitty. I also fell down stai...

November 12, 2018


So um. When moving my mom today, I did a thing: I dont know the gender yet, it is very loud, and fluffy, and boots gave it kitty kisses and Macaroni just kind of looked at it like what the heck,...

November 07, 2018

good grief. Edited.

Me again. So I was woken up by an angry text from a potetional buyer. It looked like the real estate person cancelled the sale. I thought it was the cash buyer and that is the one we are going w...

The whole concept of “Mineral rights” and my brother for being a cheap jerk. That is all.

November 02, 2018


Well. The people that are probably gonna buy the house Cannot pay until January due to their funding. The real estate person has a bunch of other leads so if anything we can cancel this sale refu...

October 28, 2018

Take two

I am cautiously optimistic this time.

October 25, 2018

Back to square one

I hate real estate. The guy cancelled the sale. I hate everything. Crash.

I am just a big ball of anxiety over this opt out. I dont think there will be an issue, But a month is still far, and i’m running on crumbs in many different ways. I’m probably gonna miss my cab...

October 22, 2018

Its done.

I signed the paperwork today. I really dont like having to wait 30 days But its done. Holy carp. This should of been done in may. Its done though. I’m gonna be stressed until this is finally don...

October 19, 2018


The only buyer wants a 30 day opt out, or maybe worse cancel the entire sale. I cant do this anymore. I am cracking. I seriously am. I have been in tears since i left my friends. Seriously. I can...

October 18, 2018

Update the next.

Had two more lookers today. If anything gonna take the counter offer of 135 on monday. But ITS GONNA BE OVER ON MONDAY OMG. The light is almost there. Wheeeee

October 16, 2018

Welp x2 (edit)

We got an offer… However its for the property alone. 130k (which to be fair, is a really good price, this dude said he missed out on 30 acres for the same price). My mom wants 180k. I fear she i...

October 12, 2018


It is highly looking like I’m getting stood up/ghosted whatever. I will give her a chance to explain and one more try, but yeah. I should of expected this. This is the regulation disappointment t...

I have a coffee date on Friday, first in almost a year. She is cute, kind of nerdy, kind of gamery and she claims to like the packers. All good things. So lets hope it goes well. I think it will.

October 07, 2018


So, What is a good free photo editing program? I am gonna re self teach some basic photography and photo editing stuff. I am gonna try to do some basic portraiture and landscaping photography and...

October 01, 2018

Still here

Macaroni is doing better. We have one more vet trip, but I think we are out of the woods. House still isn’t sold. This sucks. I think my mom is depressed. Heck I know I am. I try to putter, but ...

Good. Macaroni is trending up. That is really good. Bad. I think my mom is having a breakdown over her house not selling. The bills are piling up for her badly. She’s getting really pessimistic. ...

September 02, 2018

Miracle Macaroni.

Hes home, he needs meds like 3 times a day but hes home, he looks good. Hes a miracle baby.

September 01, 2018

Another update

I am glad I gave him another day. He was doing much better today. He was eating, he was standing up, his eyes perked up a few times, he kind of pushed me away when I was giving him cuddles and da...

August 31, 2018

hes worse

He got worse overnight, (They found renal and kidney issues) I’m giving him until tommorow if not… I’m a complete mess, i’m having anxiety attacks, panic attacks, i’m tearing up now. I am so exh...

August 30, 2018

And now its macaroni.

Macaroni has really bad anemia and now hes in the hospital. I’ve been blubbering all day. I’m at a loss. He might have 6 months after a blood transfusion, but he might be okay. I’m gonna make it ...

August 25, 2018

Welp its worse.

Yeah as most people found on facebook, My mom is in the hospital. Breathing issues obvs. But as the doctors were talking they asked if she was stressed. Yeah i know she is, this whole forking hou...

August 22, 2018

I dont know.

No i dont want to talk about it TBH, but i’m screwed. I broke down this morning. No. I’m not ok. Edit: My mom is worse, and I cant really help.

Oh look its me again. Gencon is in 3 weeks. I might have to scrape by but i’m gonna go (TLDR, sale of the house is in limbo, money owed to me is in house money, ill get it but it might be a bit l...

June 12, 2018


In about 8 hours i’m heading out to one of my conventions, origins, and I know ill have a good time (i hope) But the anxiety level is at 100% today for a few reasons. First off my mother, she’s s...

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I’m just a dude from Western Pennsylvania who has finally succumbed to this Prosebox madness

Here are things I like:

Sports in this order:
American football (Die hard Packers fan)
Association football AKA soccer (City til I die)
Hockey (Pittsburgh penguins)

Board games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love most board games (Unless they say “RoboRally or “Galaxy Trucker” on the box or if the description says “Abstract strategy”

Old school video games (Anything below PS2 and defiantly not including modern stuff)

Cats! (i love kitties!!!!)

Knowledge. I’m a nerd, i’m king of the nerds actually.

My life consists of these four things honestly.

My entries in this will usually range on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays
Tuesdays I go and game and the weekends I just don’t feel like doing a writing job.

I’m a wanderer.

So um. Q’APALA!!!!!!!!