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November 28, 2016


I started listening to Ready player one again.. I have updated my social conclusion that I am now a mix of: Wade Watts James Halliday and still Max Caulifield from Life is strange. Other than ...

November 09, 2016

I am sorry

I am sorry on behalf of white males. I am sorry on behalf of Straight people. I am sorry on Behalf of PA. I am so so so sorry on behalf of Butler FUCKING COUNTY which flipped PA. I am legit scare...

November 06, 2016

Life is strange.

I feel like Max Caulifield.

October 17, 2016

Picture dump

Hello. I’ve been putzing around with my camera, (Canon EOS Rebel VI (i think about the number) So here are some of my better ones i’ve taken: The above pictures I took at a local park. ...

October 03, 2016


So things are going ok, Learning some things about design, taking some (At least I think so) good pictures, Disliking the HTML class like I thought I would (although i don’t think its going to be...

September 07, 2016

So yeah

Hi. I started school last week. I still feel weird. I am kind of afraid of the Web programming class because it will be tricky for me. I have to buy a carp ton of artsy supplies and a DSLR came...

August 21, 2016


Good gravy two entries in a week. This one is more.. I dunno. First off, Poor boots I don’t know if he is constipated, dehydrated, grumpy, antisocial or any mix or all the above. I’ve been giving...

August 13, 2016


So I was going to a friends house for gaming, i hit a puddle, spun out and hit a small hill. I am really shook up, Had to wait 90 minutes for a tow truck. My mom is helping me with the repairs. I...

December 31, 2015


Yeah. The end of the year is going to mark an end of a journey. As of today, i’m no longer going to do my format of 3 a week entries. It just doesn’t seem worthwhile anymore, my life is just too ...

December 30, 2015

Hello people.

These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE: 1) I got some game expansions today. Yay. 2) My kitties are being bad. 3) I Don’t have much to say. 4) I did have a taco today. so here we go..... Yeah. The pas...

December 28, 2015


These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE: 1) My weekend was boring. 2) I watched a bad snuff film that took place in Arizona last night. 3) I had primanti brothers. yummy. 4) I am kind of blah. so here...

December 25, 2015


These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE: 1) I got a lot of fun stuff for kittenmas. 2) However my weekend will probably be lame. 3) Episode 7 = pretty darned good. 4) Thats really about it So here we g...

December 24, 2015

More tomorrow

I am gonna mash a holiday entry and my thoughts about episode 7 (Saw it today) tomorrow. I wanna play some ffxiv and watch some christmas story. Hence the delay. Have a good kittenmas! Chris

December 23, 2015

Good grief i'm exhausted.

These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE. 1) Holy carp i’m beat. 2) I had a decent couple days. 3) I found some awesome looking hot cocoa. 4) 2 more days til Kittenmas, Santa visited and dropped off stu...

December 21, 2015

Mischievous Kitties

These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE: 1) Macaroni was bad but smart.. silly kitty. 2) Weekend was fun. 3) This week is gonna be crazy. 4) I will be seeing star wars this week. so here we go...... y...

These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE: 1) Today was alright. 2) I’m hungry. I think i’m going to eat something soon. 3) My kitties are silly. 4) I’m gonna throw some board game stuff on here. so here...

December 16, 2015


These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE: 1) I’m kind of here. just kind of run down. 2) My head hurts a bit. 3) My kitties are bad. They get cuddles. 4) I found 20 bucks yesterday. woo hoo. so here we ...

December 14, 2015

Answers and weekends

These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE: 1) Answers will be given. 2) I had a good weekend. 3) My kitties are ninja fullbacks 4) I had pizza. I will have pizza. awesome. so here we go...... First off I...

Hello people. My friends are coming over to play games tonight, I have to empty the litter boxes soon. My cable is acting up. This weekend i’m gonna be bowling tomorrow and then Saturday i’m goin...

December 09, 2015


These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE: 1) I am tired. 2) I don’t have much to talk about. 3) Today and yesterday was okay. 4) My darn foot itches. so here we go...... Yeah. Nothing big going on. My f...

December 07, 2015

Uneventful weekend.

These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE: 1) I put up my tree. 2) My kitties already are messing with it. 3) This weekend was bleh. 4) I got groceries. woot. Here we go Hi people. My weekend was fairly...

December 03, 2015

So hai

I don’t have much to talk about. I got kitty food/litter. I got some awesome and yummy KFC: Better than sex. And i’m having it. Um. I’m gonna watch sports and play ffxiv. This weekend. Who know...

These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE: 1) I got a house in FFXIV.. BIGGEST IMPULSE BUY EVER. 2) Today is my mommas birthday! 3) I’m fluffy and clean. 4) Things are okay. so here we go...... Yeah. I k...

November 30, 2015

Run down over the weekend.

These four things I KNOW ARE TRUE: 1) I felt lousy over the weekend. 2) Things are going ok 3) My kitties are being silly. 4) Fridy went well so here we go....... Yeah. You know you are old when ...

I am kind of just here today. I am tired, I didn’t sleep well last night, Mainly because of my bad kitties. Boots likes to purr (Very loudly) when I sleep and when I eject him from the bedroom he...

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I’m just a dude from Western Pennsylvania who has finally succumbed to this Prosebox madness

Here are things I like:

Sports in this order:
American football (Die hard Packers fan)
Association football AKA soccer (City til I die)
Hockey (Pittsburgh penguins)

Board games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love most board games (Unless they say “RoboRally or “Galaxy Trucker” on the box or if the description says “Abstract strategy”

Old school video games (Anything below PS2 and defiantly not including modern stuff)

Cats! (i love kitties!!!!)

Knowledge. I’m a nerd, i’m king of the nerds actually.

My life consists of these four things honestly.

My entries in this will usually range on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays
Tuesdays I go and game and the weekends I just don’t feel like doing a writing job.

I’m a wanderer.

So um. Q’APALA!!!!!!!!