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November 22, 2021

Journal prompt thingie 22

Hello again peoplerino. I’m in a waiting pattern waiting for 4pm and the great ps5 apocalypse lol and i’m eating Broccoli and cheese soup (its okay, its from a dry mix which all the other dry mix...

Hi folks, I’m really tired, I got home at 130 and I went to bed at 230 lol. I’m gonna veg on the chair with my iPad and redzone and eat food soon i’m just blah, and there was no good breakfast op...

November 20, 2021

Journal entry thingie 20

I know i won’t be around later to do the journal thingie at a decent time so its after midnight so technically I’m doing the 20th prompt of this journal thingie and Its a double feature: 20th Wha...

November 19, 2021

Journal entry 19 thingie

AUDIBLE. I dont care for either prompt so im gonna talk video games. My favorite series of video games is the Mass effect series. Its a great series, with great lore 6 books (and only 6 no dec...

November 18, 2021

Journal thingie 18

Hi friends, friendettes, and friendbys. More journal fun stuff today. Todays promptarino: What is an opinion you have that a majority of people would find upsetting. Welp. Ive never been a huge ...

November 17, 2021

Journal entry thingie 17

Hi friends, friendettes and friendenbys Here is todays prompt dilly do: Which three foods best describe your personality? First food is obviously tacos cause I love tacos, and they are almost a u...

November 16, 2021

Journal thingie 16

My plans for december? FFXIV Endwalker comes out on the 3rd and I plan on playing copious amounts of that that weekend and for most of the month. My moms birthday is on the 2nd (alongside not 1 b...

November 15, 2021

Journal entry 15 thingie

DOUBLE PROMPT TIME: I like both prompts so i’ll do both of them. First one: What are/is your biggest phobia(s) My biggest phobia used to be death, and while its still up there its not my biggest ...

November 14, 2021

Journal thingie 14.

I dont like either prompt so AUDIBLE. I’m gonna talk pro football since it is Sunday. Some of these things I’ve talked about before but I love pro football (and to a much much much lesser extent ...

November 13, 2021

Journal thingie 13

Hi again prosecute with another journal thingie. This prompt is: What book/movie do you recommend to others and why? For books, I enjoy Armada by Ernest Cline, it is basically a modern twist on t...

November 12, 2021

Journal entry thingie 12

Fun Friday - What are some of your favorite ways to have fun? Oh I think anyone who knows me knows these answers, which ive talked about in troves. Fun! Board games. Love me my board games (Talk...

November 11, 2021

Journal entry thingie 11

Thirsty Thursday - What are your favorite non-alcoholic drinks? Ive kind of mentioned this before but I am a fan of carbonated cola products (Also known AND ONLY KNOWN AS POP) I like Coca-cola, M...

November 10, 2021

Journal entry thingie 10

I didnt like either prompt thingie today so i’m gonna call in a Audible and talk about board games. I’m just gonna post a few of them and talk about them: First one is Millennium blades: This ga...

November 09, 2021

Journal entry 9 thingie

DOUBLE DIP CAUSE I LIKE BOTH PROMPTS (Which will make up for tomorrow cause i’m not gonna be using any of those prompts) First one deals with Tacos! Do I like tacos? Heck yes I like tacos. They a...

November 08, 2021

Journal entry thingie day 8

Social) Media Monday - Do you have a favorite social media that you use? I am so glad there are two prompts, some I really didnt care for, I dont mind this one. I use facebook all the time. I kno...

November 07, 2021

Journal entry 7 thingie

Everyone’s addicted to something in some shape or form. What are things you can’t go without? Well I don’t drink booze, I dont smoke tobacco (very rarely i’ll smoke pot if its available but TBH I...

November 06, 2021

Journal Entry thingie the 6th

Hi goobers, gooberettes and gooberenbys. Here is the 6th day of these. Talk about your habits - the good and the bad. My good habits is I am Chronically early. like sometimes 20-30 minutes early....

November 05, 2021

Journal thingie 5

List five (5) interesting facts about yourself. Oh wow. As i’m not super interesting this is a hard one. My first one is, I do own stock in the Packers organization (LOVE BOAT SZN) While in theor...

November 04, 2021

Journal thingie the 4th

I thought there was another set of prompts floating around and i’m glad I saw them, too bad I potatoed and didnt see it yesterday I liked that prompt better, but THIS ONE IS SO FUNNY AND KIND OF ...

November 03, 2021

Journal thingie the 3rd

First off everyone that pointed me in the right direction thanks. Y’all get cookies. 3rd What do you consider betrayal and how do you handle it? Honestly, i am very stubborn, very unforgiving whe...

November 02, 2021

Journal thingie 2

(Seriously where are a list of prompts? I haven’t seen any and I just saw this from a random person on here, which i’ll probably just do if I can’t find any) This’ll probably be quick because Its...

So Day 1 (Where are the prompts? I’ve looked on the interbutt and cant find them) Introduce yourself (Only reason i know this one is from the various pages on prosebutt) I’m Chris (Aka Ekhdal) 42...

October 31, 2021

November Currents

Current Annoyance: My mother. She is back to somewhat normal now but earlier this week, she basically shut herself in, didnt give a reason or anything, I guess she was having a bad couple days bu...

October 04, 2021

Internet imploded.

My trip was decent. Everyone was masked so I am gonna be safe. Couple things did happen though that were weird. First, I took a bath on thursday night, and the hotel has a metal soap dish holder...

September 27, 2021

October currents early

Current Annoyance: Honestly, I really need to control my negative emotions over packers games, I thought I was getting better but the game against the niners really got me. (holy carp that ending...

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I’m just a dude from Western Pennsylvania who has finally succumbed to this Prosebox madness

Here are things I like:

Sports in this order:
American football (Die hard Packers fan)
Association football AKA soccer (City til I die)
Hockey (Pittsburgh penguins)

Board games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love most board games (Unless they say “RoboRally or “Galaxy Trucker” on the box or if the description says “Abstract strategy”

Old school video games (Anything below PS2 and defiantly not including modern stuff)

Cats! (i love kitties!!!!)

Knowledge. I’m a nerd, i’m king of the nerds actually.

My life consists of these four things honestly.

My entries in this will usually range on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays
Tuesdays I go and game and the weekends I just don’t feel like doing a writing job.

I’m a wanderer.

So um. Q’APALA!!!!!!!!