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I am a- * Mom, * Wife, * Aunt, * Friend, * Bowler, * Gamer,* *Christian, * NightOwl , and * Procrastinator

What should it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul? [Matthew 16:26]

Make the best of all things!

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September 14, 2021

56 years in TIME Flies and other Thoughts

56 years ago I was 7. I remember coming home from School and my Mom being there after being gone for a few days. I knew she had a Baby. She told me he was sleeping. I went and woke him up and ann...

When I was a young child I am told my mother had special medicine.... in the Freezer. As I aged I learned about that Special Medicine As a Teen I enjoyed that Special Medicine too. As an Adult I ...

September 01, 2021

42 years in TIME Flies and other Thoughts

I became a MRS. (We dated for 2 ½ years prior and it was magical) He was a Knight-n-Shining Armor that I stumbled upon He opened my car door, opened the door to a Restaurant, Pulled out my chair ...

It doesn’t seem like yesterday (as I hear some say). It seems like FOREVER ago! And maybe the fact that I have lived in 5 States since. It is like I have had 5 more lifetimes since. August 10th ...

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