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May 14, 2023

may 15

If Vanilla Ice had made Ice Ice Baby in 2023, it wouldn’t have been “tip to my waitress” it would’ve been “link to my socials”. Look into your heart, young Skywalker, you know it to be true. ...

May 12, 2023

may 13

A shirt with a drawing of a drill on it and the phrase “Ceci n’est pas une perceuse”. Honestly, Chatbots probably can’t make popular comedy worse than popular comedy is doing right now. IF PR...

May 10, 2023

may 11

The problem with wanting to be a tether between others is it means you’re tethered too. If you want to be a spider feeling all the web’s vibrations, it means you’re stuck on the web. It isn’t n...

May 08, 2023

may 9

When I came to realize there are people who use “funny” for radically different ideas, things started to make sense. Some folks call “funny” the feeling they get from having their worldview rei...

May 06, 2023

may 7

The trombone is nature’s slide whistle. What would be fun would be PUBLIC SCHOOL DETECTIVE, a P.I. who solves crimes on the strength of otherwise utterly useless knowledge we’re given in Amer...

May 04, 2023

may 5

All the Robins form a rock band and go on tour. Dracula shows up backstage after their Romanian show to congratulate them on their performance. “Ah, the children of the Knight,” he says, “what ...

May 02, 2023

may 3

You know what would be the beautifully stupidest Marvel - Disney mash-up, though? Spider-Man’s Carnage and Talespin’s Don Karnage. If you try to hide in plain sight by reading THE STRANGER, y...

April 29, 2023

may 1

My brain is singing a parody of “Do You Know The Muffin Man” about a shady muffler repair shop. Used to be, the easiest way to rile up someone into anime was to jokingly call it “japanimation...

April 28, 2023


Sometimes I wanna have a tiny shred of faith in the film industry, that they’ll eventually stop going with the 1st stupid idea that came to mind, but then I see that they turned the “M” in SCRE...

April 26, 2023


Found out there’s a band called “Inhaler”. If they toured with Weezer would they cancel out? Would they annihilate into pure energy? Try to convince someone that the new Tik Tok phrase for bu...

April 24, 2023


If only listening to John Nougat-Mallowmar was physically possible for me, without bleeding from my eyes, ears and a few other places, I could probably whip up a quality parody about My Little ...

April 22, 2023


It’s funny how the British monarchy works now, no longer directly powerful but a useful distraction from the myriad actual problems in the UK. They used to have all the bread, now they’re the d...

April 20, 2023


You won’t be able to put this construction-site simulator video game down, it’s absolutely riveting. If you’re a stripper in northern New York, consider the stage name “Wintry Mix”. For like ...

April 18, 2023

ap 19

Still don’t understand how 83% of youtube power couples are a good-looking-but-socioemotionally-stunted woman & a barely-closeted twink just along for the fame ride/maybe because he wants t...

April 16, 2023

apr 17

A parody of Madonna’s “Erotic” built around the line “Orthotic, Orthotic, Sound Footwear Is Healing Your Body”. LESS CORPORATE LADDER, MORE CORPORATE M.C. ESCHER 4TH-DIMENSIONAL STAIRCASE TO ...

April 14, 2023

apr 15

Kleenex really brings people together. It’s a connective tissue. I just realized that they could’a called 21 JUMP STREET “TALES FROM THE NARC SIDE”. Writing can’t be a bloodletting, because...

April 12, 2023


Nightmares? Oh yeah, they’re terrible. They’re awful but they don’t last. They suck but they pass. Dreams, those are the ones that’ll get you. Dreams stick to your bones, reminding you they are...

April 10, 2023


A junior-fiction mystery novel called ARE YOU THERE, GOD? IT’S ME, MATLOCK. Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis. Time may change me but I can’t trace time. Omnia mutantur, nihil interit...

April 08, 2023


Turning the furnace up to 80? That’s just heatinistic. The next morning, after a night of beer-goggles, that’s when you see the truth through the beer-view mirror. A Linkin Park “One Step C...

April 06, 2023

apr 7

A film about an exclusive equestrian stables outside of Austin called “The Best Little Horse House In Texas”. I hate how people think you mean that Goatse song when you say “Somebody That I U...

April 04, 2023

april 5

A TMBG parody about Barnacle Boy still being a superhero sidekick, even in his sixties, called “Barnacle Man”. January 10th, it’s already Easter in the Stewarts. Poor Thanksgiving and Valenti...

April 02, 2023

apr 3

98% of the people that people say are “on the streets” because of bail reform actually should’ve been in a mental health facility years before crime one, but Reagan dismantled the hospitals to ...

March 31, 2023

april 1

I’m just enough both a butt-end Gen Xer and a nerd about religious history to wanna name something “The Council of Trent Reznor”. Horror themed restaurants are all about the zombiance. A th...

March 28, 2023

mar 29

What we absolutely don’t need is a ventriloquist puppet with a huge posterior going viral on Tiktok with the name “Thicc Dummy”. 3 AM asks as it always does “How much in your life have you sc...

March 26, 2023

mar 27

I feel like the best name for a children’s show teaching English-speaking kids the Spanish language would be “Vitamin Si!” I love when there’s a story about an actor “willing” to go back to a...

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