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I write words, I sometimes get to perform them out, sometimes I'm even paid. And I'm trying to get it right, get it right.

with enough repetition, your flaws become your style


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10 hours ago

apr 7 in idea barrages

Don’t say “I haven’t had sex in years”. Say “I’m dry-aging my meat”. It sounds all classy cooking show host. Your sexy French Super Mario Brothers cosplay will be called Brigitte Birdo. May...

1 day ago

apr 6 in idea barrages

Would a marijuana edibles baking competition be called a Cookie Chilloff? By mishandling the response to the Corona virus, leading to the cancellation of the March Madness tournament, Trump’s...

For a stretch of time in the early 20th century, the most effective treatment for advanced syphilis was to intentionally infect with malaria on top of the syphilis. It induced a high-fever that k...

2 days ago

apr 5 in idea barrages

Less misery cults, more mystery cults! I can see the forest, or any given tree, it’s all those imagined distinctions in-between, that are utterly lost on me. Political arguments aren’t Supe...

3 days ago

apr 4 in idea barrages

Build a drum kit entirely out of Gatorade containers and perform as The Electrolyte Orchestra. Your musical about the behind-the-scenes drama behind a cooking show will be called PUREE FOR HO...

4 days ago

apr 3 in idea barrages

So this year, I can say that I’m not going to the Saint Patricks Parade in Utica “because I’m afraid of the Corona virus” instead of stating the truth that I don’t care to freeze and then wade ...

4 days ago

myth-ing, you in poetry

like Snow White if instead her dire step-mother lived with her inside her head hair like half-past-midnight eyes like autumn rain skin like baby powder encapsulates the pain voices r...

4 days ago

gone and forgotten in poetry

how quickly it’ll all roll back the skies will clear drilling wounds fill in beachside villas wash away the mars selfishly carved into her will be pink shiny newness then in no time at all vanish...

5 days ago

apr 2 in idea barrages

The optimal name for a pet armadillo is “Pinecone”. Yeah but what if rock n roll doesn’t love you back? Endeavour at all times to remind the world how goddamned weird everything is. The mor...

6 days ago

equivalent exchange in poetry

Erik Weisz double-named after Houdin burnt like a dervish, watch Harry spin jacket unfurled, brass clasps flick you wonder how he turned the trick but you don’t really wanna know no tri...

6 days ago

apr 1 in idea barrages

If I just called every country act out there “Cody Codyngton” I’d probably be right like 83% of the time. If you legally change your name to “Serious Inquiries” you’re going to get a leg up o...

Some call it “ruins photography” or “ruin tourism” but the most vulgar term is also the most apt: “ruin porn”. Documenting crumbling infrastructures, in best case showcasing our abandoned but mos...

7 days ago

mar 31 in idea barrages

An adventuring party of five bards that operate under the cover of being a boy band called “Fifth Edition”. Passion is wonderful as a starting point but it’s no end to itself. Passion is inco...

7 days ago

life during wartime in poetry

lines, imaginary lines, ancient and meaningless lines, revered and deadly-arbitrary the kind of lines that do divide humanity from itself to make some con-man a few bucks to convince us that ther...

March 28, 2020

mar 30 in idea barrages

Even if you actually thought Woody Allen wasn’t a weapons-grade sex criminal, what a weird hill to die on. He hasn’t had a good idea in years and years, he hasn’t had a new idea in like four de...

March 27, 2020

mar 29 in idea barrages

March 5th? Only 80 days till spring! The rallying cry for waking up before 5 in the am “lets do thos before we talk ourselves out of it!” Order, chaos, law, anarchy, these are all just abst...

March 25, 2020

mar 28 in idea barrages

“How it should be” is a trap laid to stop you from doing anything. The tools you have before you, as they are, what good can you reasonably do with them now? What little improvements can you ma...

March 25, 2020

mar 27 in idea barrages

Some people, if they like formal study, they’re academic. Some people like disease outbreaks, they’re epidemic. But if you like both, you’re pandemic. Your album of Alpine folk covers of Beck...

March 24, 2020

mar 26 in idea barrages

Sadly, the Doctor was never able to fit the Monster with the soft-rock-singing module he’d been constructing for him, the Michael Bolt-On. Are you your body or the blood within? Are you good ...

The buggies in my furs, they sometimes hurt but they’ve been on there so long I can’t help but feel like they’re a part of me. They make me itch sometimes but when Momma goes off to work, I know ...

March 24, 2020

cauterize in poetry

there’s a fever now inside our heads and a fever burns things away we get a choice if we can burn up unrealistic expectations dreams no longer working attachments helping no one we may have a cha...

March 23, 2020

words failing in poetry

the words we use and how we use them manipulate the very world around us but no amount of words no matter how precise could ever define you a conscious mind is a special case a micro realit...

March 23, 2020

precious now in poetry

Who you were is not who you are is not who you will be. You are a process in motion, you have been in flux from the first quickening of your heart to your very last breath. It’s okay, you coul...

March 23, 2020

casting calls in poetry

As much as I want to rail against superstition and magical thinking, in the end, I realize I’m privileged to be able to think of it this way. For so many marginalized people, myth an...

March 23, 2020

i am what i am in poetry

I don’t want to colonize your pain. I don’t want to gentrify your rage. I don’t want to pretend I can sublimate your subjugation into my own experience. I don’t want to lead, don’t want to su...

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