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I write words, I sometimes get to perform them out, sometimes I'm even paid. And I'm trying to get it right, get it right.

with enough repetition, your flaws become your style


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2 hours ago

s26 in idea barrages

1.) Carmel Police, arrest this man, he prefers nougat, he wants it pretzel-filled, he wants some sea salt on it… this is what you get, this is what you get, this is what you get and it’s packed w...

1 day ago

s25 in idea barrages

1.) Whenever people talk about safe sex I always hear Marge Simpson saying “Lisa Needs Braces!” & Lenny saying “Dental Dam!” over & over again. 2.) My pitch for a funeral home sitcom is j...

2 days ago

s24 in idea barrages

1.) It’s ALMOST like Putin’s fake president will do anything to insult a woman or black man of power & accomplishment. 2.) “Political correctness is killing comedy!” Or… maybe if you can’t be...

1.) Jockeys often win races using stall tactics. 2.) singing “It was called America Dad… about as funny as gettin’ punched in the face… woo-ooo…“ 3.) The jackoffs in the pick-up flying a Confeder...

3 days ago

s22 in idea barrages

1.) Would a zombie that’s yawning all the time be a necroleptic? 2.) 14 lines of “gotta go fast, gotta go fast” would be Sonnet The Hedgehog. 3.) If you do an internet show about cattle farming a...

4 days ago

s21 in idea barrages

1.) The idea that if we just sat down and made friends with Nazi Germany, they’d’ve stopped, is as ridiculous as staying that with the KKK. 2.) I respect gluten-phobes for going against the grain...

6 days ago

s20 in idea barrages

1.) Go around with paint and make all the garage sales RAGE SALES. 2.) Have people sing “rabies face, he’s got the cutest little rabies face” then eat an Alka Seltzer and run into the crowd screa...

7 days ago

s19 in idea barrages

1.) I believe you that you’re into wind power but you’re probably not its biggest fan. 2.) A working-class gyro is something to eat. A working-class gyro is something to eat. 3.) Everytime I see ...

September 17, 2017

fifteen minutes and counting in poetry

twice doth the blade fall ‘pon your head once naming you “sir” twice leaving you dead once pulling you up twice cutting the thread once for a fanbase and twice to displace once t...

September 17, 2017

s18 in idea barrages

1.) Better over the hill than under it. 2.) Nobody’s going for my pitch on a crochet shop/hair salon called “Hookers And Blow”. 3.) There was a huge argument over how to light the scene but event...

little Dalek, that is one long and handsome plunger little Dalek, don’t think you dare to climb up stairs ex-ter-min-ate, ex-ter-min-ate they all say… in shrill tones little Dalek, spreadi...

September 16, 2017

s17 in idea barrages

1.) I just want a killer ape to go loose at a tech expo and some developer screaming “You wanted a killer APP?” as he’s clawed to death. 2.) A Star Wars parody of “Chantilly Lace” about Antilles,...

September 16, 2017

to the tune of RAGDOLL in song parodies

fat dog, made a little doodie not good, some stuck to his booty well fine, guess that we’ll be wiping up his back-door, man this time pissing in the clover lifts leg, nearly falling over f...

September 15, 2017

s16 in idea barrages

1.) Physician, heal thyself. Surgeon, suit yourself. 2.) We’re all shape-shifters. It’s just that we don’t have any control over it and it takes months and years to do. 3.) If you think it is fre...

September 15, 2017

broken chairs in poetry

the end is coming but you’ll just adjust to whatever horrors or wonders happen to come next you’ll be someone else then but you’ll survive, I guess might be trains or bombs may rain or thin...

September 15, 2017

s15 in idea barrages

1.) Okay but I can totally multitask. I’ll light a candle AND curse the darkness at the same time. It’s like a two-fer. 2.) Scratchin’ a good kittums named Felix is the best fidget toy of all. 3....

September 14, 2017

the plan keeps coming up again in poetry

maybe I’ll just start dipping my balls in nutmeg come the beginning of September declare myself Pumpkin Spice stand in front of the Starbucks let the ladies in the Uggs swarm me til I can’...

the fact that Alanis Morrisette did time on “You Can’t Do That On Television” and the fact that “You Oughta Know” was mostly written about her relationship with Dave Coulier from “Full House...

September 14, 2017

nobody knows in poetry

if only we could let go of this spurious notion that anyone has any idea what the hell they’re doing we could make this life pretty nice together we think if someone has money, they mu...

September 14, 2017

hope, at the edges in poetry

hope is a fundamentally liminal endeavor lust and greed and desire are all about wanting stuff that you can see coveting stuff you can touch but not hold grasping for stuff you can tast...

September 14, 2017

temporary apotheosis in poetry

Sometimes, the ego dissolves and you realize how arbitrary your youness is. How little difference there is between you and anyone else. How your consciousness is a drop in the ocean of mind lik...

September 14, 2017

folk festival in poetry

children running in the field like those little toy cars that smash into walls then bounce back in some randomized trajectory children running in the field like late-night moths their guidan...

September 13, 2017

s14 in idea barrages

1.) Your metal album all about incoherent conspiracy theories will be called “Erich Von Dokken”. 2.) Fan-fiction where the original four-armed evil Grimace takes over and rules McDonaldland with ...

September 13, 2017

s13 in idea barrages

1.) The dog is burying bones that they may be found by future barkyologists. 2.) If Willy Wonka had owned a soup factory, we could’a called it “Who Wants To Be A Bouillon Heir?” 3.) Oh, so they c...

September 11, 2017

s12 in idea barrages

1.) Make America Eat Again. 2.) I’VE GOT TWO TICKETS TO PARADISE, PACK YOUR BAGS WITH CHICKEN ICE. 3.) There is a Deep State but it’s not what you think. It is an army of two million Deep Roy clo...

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