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  • Feb. 16, 2024, 6:08 p.m.
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  1. Shallow hopefulness isn’t my bag. It seems like it but, rest assured, it’s a hard-earned hopefulness. A grasping pleading hopefulness. Good things are exceedingly difficult to find and harder to hold onto but they’re worth it. I’m not dumb, I’m just hoping like hell.

  2. So much hand-wringing about potential cult film & shows being “lost” by streamers nuking them. How do you think films BECAME cult before the internet? Pirates & enthusiasts putting in the work to circulate the reels & tapes. Maybe having to work for it again will reinvigorate us.

  3. Twitter is overrun with the bots for the Russian fascist dictator claiming America must fight the imaginary Communists within. It’s like 1984 if explained by a heavily-concussed preschooler.

  4. Fascinating to hear the “litter box in the elementary because a kid identifies as a cat” urban legend/hoax got to Britain as well. Kids tell a baldly impossible story to wind up their folks & they believe it cuz everyone needs to be outraged. Miss the days of bubble gum spiders.

  5. To this day, I’m fascinated that there was a popular British television show that had a title that could well pass for a venereal disease slang, Blue Peter.

  6. Other than having very little money, extra weight and enough neuroses to fill a Woody Allen movie back when he was still kind of funny, I’m kind of a catch! I’ve got tons of little blue flags to fly under those three massive red ones!

  7. They weren’t knock-offs of the California Raisins, he claimed, he just had a similar idea at about the same time. He said it was multiple discovery, it was simultaneous invention of an inevitable notion. After all, grape minds think alike.

  8. Could vampires get around the “you have to be invited in” by pretending to be cops executing search warrants? Does opening the door and tacitly allowing them in because of the mundane threat of prosecution “count”, and no, you cannot excuse that pun?

idgaf_whatevs February 17, 2024

I can see that last one happening.

Squidobarnez February 19, 2024

your jokes are the kind I'd feel good telling to my dad. I mean this as a compliment.


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