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  • Feb. 20, 2024, 5:41 p.m.
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  1. The horn solo in Neil Young’s “After The Gold Rush” is the most Canadian thing to ever exist, and I mean that in a good way. We Americans would be too afraid of coming off too nostalgic and maudlin to that but Neil COMMITTED. Good on you all, you Timbits.

  2. Engaged in instrument panel divination, car dashboard tarot, the car told me “maintenance required” and damn if the car spirits weren’t dead on.

  3. Thinking is the most irresponsible thing you could ever do, most people would rather you do stuff for them instead of wasting your time coming up with better ideas for the world. Do it anyway.

  4. Eastern European Catholics rocking Confederate flags in a Northern state not realizing that the KKK has them 3rd or 4th on the list is the horrifyingly comic upstate NY reality.

  5. I am not “attracted to accents” guy or anything but there’s something about a woman with a heavy British accent saying “bubbles”.

  6. The platonic ideal for a band name, provided you fall somewhere in either the metal or punk spectra, is of course THE FILTH OF JULY.

  7. Any time a first-aid kit or survival kit with first-aid elements puts a big number of pieces on the box, just accept that 83% of the inflated number are those pinprick band-aids for pimples and shaving cuts. “140 pieces!” Lost in the woods, you don’t have to worry about an acne breakout, at least.

  8. The coal company was fairly unconcerned with the collapse at their facility. “Only miner injuries.”

Squidobarnez February 20, 2024

wordplay makes me smile!


idgaf_whatevs February 20, 2024

Love that band name. I'm not even full Canadian (my dad is/was American) but Neil Young is a fucking legend... or is that Gordon Lightfoot?? I think it was Gordon... eh... nvm. :P Also Timbits are a highly addictive substance. Donut holes make you want the actual donut after... not good!

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