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  • March 11, 2024, 5:02 p.m.
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  1. Oomp, there it was. Oomp, there it was.

  2. The idea you can “win” life as it were a sport or a game is a lie they tell you to divide you, to make you war over scraps while pigs on high feast, to sell you toothpaste. All life shares the same inevitable fail-state: death. There is no “win”. There’s only learning & loving as long as you can.

  3. Crying’s just the dance we do for sorrow instead of joy.

  4. A Steely Dan parody - “Get along, get along Tim Chalamet, get along Tim Chalamet!”

  5. “She’s so good at crew, she’s a regular Rowin’ Atkinson!”

  6. Masonic the Hedgehog! A conspiracy to go fast!

  7. A horror movie about a haunted house out west haunted by a lady gun-slinger called THE CALAMITYVILLE HORROR.

  8. “Effluent” and “affluent” are nearly the same word and, I assure you, this language is wiser than even its years, it knows no coincidence in matters like these. It is telling you something.

SambucaBunny March 11, 2024

You are hilarious 😂

Squidobarnez March 14, 2024

ditto to the albatross, I always get a giggle outta you.


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