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  • Feb. 29, 2024, 9:21 a.m.
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  1. Self exploration is not decadence, it is the natural state of being alive. The fact that it hasn’t been beneficial to the ruling classes in recent societies doesn’t make it decadence. It is in the marrow of our bones.

  2. Life is a series of lessons in learning to let go. You can learn them or not, life doesn’t care, the lessons are all just there.

  3. “But where WOULD you fuck Optimus Prime?” “In the Semi colon, duh.”

  4. Why say “they stole my stove” when you can say “I’m de-ranged”?

  5. Why say “picking out a bikini” when you could say “summery judgement”?

  6. Parole officers use crime-lapse photography.

  7. The weirdest movie-restaurant tie-in would’ve, of course, been Pizza Hut and PAN PIZZA’S LABYRINTH.

  8. “Why do all the worst garage sales have the most signs?” he asked himself idly, not realizing that within the heart of that answer was 83% of the things terrible about being human.

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