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I write words, I sometimes get to perform them out, sometimes I'm even paid. And I'm trying to get it right, get it right.

with enough repetition, your flaws become your style


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The problem with time-travel is not that it’s impossible. It’s certainly difficult, sure, but far from impossible. Throughout your entire history so far, a few dozen human beings have managed it ...

February 14, 2023

feb 15 in idea barrages

Why call it “analingus” when you could call it “taint and sip”? And America can stop pretending to care about soccer for another four years. I would want to say “Work to be kind but have fu...

February 12, 2023

feb 13 in idea barrages

In North Dakota, Super Mario Brothers 2 was originally called Okie-Dokie Panic. The greatest name for a punk rock band is, of course, JON ARBUCKLE’S FAT PUSSY. A parody of Paul Simon’s Koda...

fill me up with wor(l)ds with meanings and perspectives make me multitudes

February 10, 2023

feb 11 in idea barrages

My capacity for guilt is bottomless. I just felt guilty for not having heard of a celebrity who passed away. I saw people being moved by his work (I am not versed in recent pop/rap/R&B) and...

“Life has a way of hollowing you out, if you’re not careful,” he intoned to a packed auditorium, faces rapt in honest attention, “you needn’t be a scarecrow for that to happen to you too.” Since ...

February 08, 2023

feb 9 in idea barrages

All I know is that my Winnie-the-Pooh / Little Shop of Horrors mash-up is going to include the song “Suddenly Eeyore”. Tubi or not Tubi? Not Tubi. Definitely not Tubi. Okay, okay, I get the...

February 06, 2023

feb 7 in idea barrages

A parody of Ray Stevens’ “Guitarzan” about the near-infinite human rights abuses that had to occur to make the Qatar World Cup a possibility. On those reality shows about plural marriage, it’...

February 04, 2023

feb 5 in idea barrages

All this talk about DIE HARD being a Christmas movie, but if you wanna talk about the arrival of a savior who is misunderstood, murdered and resurrected, then the real Christmas movie is THE DA...

if I’m sent to Hell but only for a little while I hope these negative-windchill Adirondack freeze-out disaster days will at least count as time served toward my sentence

February 02, 2023

feb 3 in idea barrages

Note to myself I found in my pocket: “I’m on this Earth to do two things: Help people and drink coffee. And currently I’m all outta people.” I still can’t believe that they called it “Basic I...

I worry I’m nothing but a totem-pole of affectations, standing atop each other, in a trench-coat. Human-shaped at distance, but the closer you get, the more obvious it is I’m just an exaggeration...

January 31, 2023

f 1 in idea barrages

I think FULL-FAT HIGH-MOISTURE MOZZARELLA is a great name for a band. I just don’t know why the adult film industry doesn’t call their end-of-year awards show “The Peepholes’ Choice Awards”. ...

January 29, 2023

jan 30 in idea barrages

How about, like, steam-punk but for the age of media on magnetic tape? Tape-punk? Total early-VHS aesthetic. I think that’d be my throwback aesthetic. Any time a BBQ aficionado refers to them...

January 27, 2023

jan 28 in idea barrages

THE SCRYING OF LOT 49 is a lot less complicated than THE CRYING OF LOT 49. She goes to a psychic who looks into a crystal ball and says “it’s a stamp collection”. Easy peasy. With Twitter on ...

January 25, 2023

jan 26 in idea barrages

Why say “STD” when you could say “affection infection”? A parody of the Ben Folds Five’s “Jackson Cannery” about battling a lich. “that vampire’s chasing me but I got his phylactery, whoa-oa,...

January 23, 2023

jan 24 in idea barrages

An all you can eat dumpling buffets invariably lead to wonton destruction. I don’t know what the “cyberchunk” aesthetic would look like but I think I’d like to invent it. I feel like if Har...

January 21, 2023

liminal tea in poetry

i am the leaves that crunch beneath my feet or at least I was or at least I will be i came from the earth below the leafy crunch and i’ll be going back someday i came from the gray sky a...

January 21, 2023

achilles, in his tent in poetry

patience is a virtue indecision is a vice to always know the difference wouldn’t it be nice

January 21, 2023

jan 22 in poetry

Will Garvey is a celebrated private detective but he’s really a front man for his super-intelligent talking cat Biscuits, who really solves all the crimes. They are BISCUITS AND GARVEY. If yo...

self-pity like whiskey for a dry-drunk if I allow myself one shot it won’t just be one shot like potato chips which I shouldn’t have either I can’t eat just one once I ...

January 19, 2023

jan 20 in idea barrages

Kicking it out to a wing for a risky three instead of going for an easy lay-up is known as the Dunk-Cost Fallacy. The glummest member of a Ren Faire troupe is called the “Theeyore”. If you ...

January 17, 2023

jan 18 in idea barrages

The downfall of the organization for recovering bra-and-jock-strap fetishists was sewn by the fact they allowed them to call it a “support group”. Why say “rest stop hooker” when you can say ...

January 15, 2023

ja 16 in idea barrages

Ollie the dog wouldn’t eat anything today until the dinner scraps came. He knows what’s up. He’s wily. He wanted the good stuff and he planned. I respect that weird fuzzy little lump so much. ...

January 13, 2023

ja 14 in idea barrages

The most ridiculous thing about Elon Musk is that he really thinks he looks like a rebel fighting for his right to party, when he looks a lot more like a frat boy on dad’s yacht trying to frees...

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