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I write words, I sometimes get to perform them out, sometimes I'm even paid. And I'm trying to get it right, get it right.

with enough repetition, your flaws become your style


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March 08, 2019

mar8 in idea barrages

1.) The mumbled line in Paul McCartney’s song “Hands Across The Water” that goes “the butter wouldn’t melt so I put it in the pie” is a lot funnier if you imagine he’s saying “she’s little in the...

March 07, 2019

A.I. (After Irony) in poetry

the sincerity that can only come from driving straight through irony once letting it burn all away and then coming back to sincerity but wiser returning to honesty full-circle this is what fi...

March 07, 2019

learning to flinch in poetry

sometimes it isn’t the punch or the impact of their fist it is in your gut reaction it is your instinctive set of reflexes that it evoked that’s what really matters maybe they’re not trying t...

March 07, 2019

no one thing in poetry

when you finally accept that we’re all just mostly water you’ll be able to accept how truly changeable we all are we are none of us just one thing we freeze and we steam we sublimate, it hap...

March 07, 2019

long may you run in poetry

may you long outlive your dreams may you be survived by your legacy may a better humanity outlive us all ourselves our dreams our legacies all of it may it all go on long long long beyond us w...

March 07, 2019

turning corners in poetry

the grocery store your parents took you to as a little kid no longer exists all the money in the world could not bring you back there even for a second it irrevocably no longer exists here I...

March 06, 2019

mar7 in idea barrages

1.) When you accept we’re all just mostly water, you’ll finally be able to accept how changeable we all are, we are none of us just one thing, we freeze, we steam, we sublimate, it happens. 2.) I...

March 05, 2019

mar6 in idea barrages

1.) Your mash-up of ALL STAR and LOSE YOURSELF will involve the line “Somebody once told me, don’t puke mom’s macaroni”. 2.) No one will take your claims of having synthesized a new element serio...

March 05, 2019

lines in the hand in poetry

the mystics and statistics the gods and all the odds there may be magic out there but there are a lot more frauds sometimes it’s a profundity or sometimes just profanity sometimes...

March 04, 2019

mar5 in idea barrages

1.) I feel like if we can just hold onto this civilization long enough to get around to Sacha Baron Cohen starring in a Tony Shalhoub bio-pic, that will be the needed thing to pull us all back to...

When I was a child, the building next door to us was hit by a tornado. Not next-door my home, thank Whoever, but next-door to the Cannonball Twin where I was watching “A League of Their Own” with...

March 03, 2019

mar4 in idea barrages

1.) The colloquial greeting Down Under “mate” has its origins in the local popularity of the male name “Mathan”, of course in honour of one of it’s founding fathers Sir Mathan Austrail. 2.) Today...

March 02, 2019

march3 in idea barrages

1.) Mystics and statistics, gods and the odds, there may be magic out there but there’s a lot more frauds. 2.) I guess I’m the one human on the middle-ground that agrees that PETA was cartoonishl...

March 02, 2019

mar2 in idea barrages

1.) Is a controlling polygamist a possessive plural? 2.) I only divulge my breadmaking skills on a knead-to-know basis. 3.) If someone drops a tree on your house and you don’t immediately yell “...

February 28, 2019

mar1 in idea barrages

1.) The trick, I guess, is to guide people toward being better to each other without having your message corrupted by the power structure built to disseminate it. Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, whoever...

February 28, 2019

blame me in poetry

I’m sorry for all the times in summer that I said I would prefer the winter I was wrong and this is all my fault blame me totally and I’ll deserve it I did this, I doomed us all to th...

February 27, 2019

feb28 in idea barrages

1.) We specifically got a heavy metal hinged lidded kitchen trash can so this dog wouldn’t be able to get in the trash anymore. Damn thing pulled the little bit of bag hanging out of the can unti...

February 26, 2019

feb27 in idea barrages

1.) Your Dylan parody about Back To The Future will be called “All Along The Clocktower”. 2.) I feel like tennis would be twice as popular if they changed the name to “Grunty Swatto”. 3.) Would ...

February 25, 2019

feb26 in idea barrages

1.) A whiskey flask but inside that whiskey flask, a tiny Bible but inside that tiny Bible, a tiny bottle of a hallucinogen so rare and potent that mainstream science doesn’t even have a word for...

February 24, 2019

feb25 in idea barrages

1.) Took a nap and had a nightmare about falling into a world of infinite synthesis of thesis and antithesis, infinite remix, deconstruction and reconstruction on an endless loop, watching realit...

February 23, 2019

feb24 in idea barrages

1.) Clearly we need a corporate merger so that there can be a “Bed Bath Body Works And Beyond”. 2.) Every time you think that the main guys for the New England Patriots couldn’t be worse venial s...

February 22, 2019

feb23 in idea barrages

1.) The opposite of “Mother Superior” is “Nun The Less”. 2.) Jim Morrison was an avid fan of Tupperware parties and would often sell from Door-to-Door. 3.) Why did they call the clothing line “C...

“You can’t spell ‘arboreal’ without ‘bore’, you know,” her wife gently teased. “You can’t spell it without ‘real’ either,” she teased right back. There was a little bit of truth in her joking of ...

February 21, 2019

the price of progress in poetry

not so very long ago when you thought distant strangers could hear your thoughts they locked you away now when not enough distant strangers hear our every single little thought it drives u...

February 21, 2019

peekaboo in poetry

when you’re just a little kid you realize object permanence that just because things leave from inside your line of sight it doesn’t mean they are gone probably playing peek-a-boo w...

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