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I write words, I sometimes get to perform them out, sometimes I'm even paid. And I'm trying to get it right, get it right.

with enough repetition, your flaws become your style


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April 28, 2020

apr 29 in idea barrages

90 Day Fiancee but for Americans trying to marry into a country with a sane health care system. “Say Yes to NHS” we’ll call it. No, the BEST name for a death-metal band would be “Gein Day”. ...

April 26, 2020

apr 28 in idea barrages

David Icke is a washed-up soccer player who makes a living coating his virulent antisemitism with a thin coat of theories about shapeshifting lizard aliens. If he says it, there is your proof i...

April 26, 2020

the logic of a dream in poetry

we are given metaphor and story because the truth is too complex too layered and too seemingly paradoxical for a mind to grasp we’re given narratives and cycles to comprehend subconsciousl...

April 25, 2020

apr 27 in idea barrages

Drafted into the war between MacDonaldland and the Burger Kingdom, so desperate that civilian officials were up for the draft as well, he took up the rank of Major McCheese. I mean, I’m sure ...

April 25, 2020

requiem for the strident in poetry

render unto Caesar’s section his cereals and his salads the material is immaterial it’s only love that’s valid possessions are obsessions you’re owned by what you own compassio...

it’s a pretty ugly world we’re in but it’s not quite ugly enough there’s this thin veneer of beauty there’s a thinner veneer of tough that make us pretend we’re perfect lie worse when the go...

April 25, 2020

apr 26 in idea barrages

A parody of Tool’s “Sober” about eating soba noodles? Quarantine pick-up lines: “would you like to shelter-on-face?” LESS DIRECT MESSAGES, MORE DUNGEON MASTERS! As if we’re not suffering ...

April 24, 2020

apr 25 in misc. flash fiction

If you’re both into cheesy weepies but still hook up afterwards, instead of “Netflix and chill” you can be “Beaches and cream”. I wish that summoning medical equipment was as easy as yelling ...

April 22, 2020

my twenties in poetry

she could shift from the steel gray of a thunderhead cloud to the bluish-white of a lightning strike in one half of an instant and so could her eyes and it thrilled me and it powered us a...

April 22, 2020

apr 24 in idea barrages

The emotional rollercoaster that’s the uncertainty of life in time of plague, man, I intellectually expected it but really-real ready for it, I was not. Everything, the fear, the little goods y...

Dear Mr. Hemmingway, May we call you Ernest? Look, Ernest, we appreciate the work you’ve put in here but we’re going to have to pass on this manuscript as it currently exists. Your spare journali...

April 22, 2020

our trespasses in poetry

forgive us, gods and goddesses our performative woes and our too-fervent merriments our half-mad experiments our wine and song in hopes of drowning out the rhythm of our fears and our ...

April 21, 2020

apr 23 in idea barrages

Give yourself credit just for making it through a day, these days. A redneck warlock who lives in a weird hut by the swamp called Bubba Yaga. In L.A. you avoid contact with people by traffi...

April 21, 2020

it's a long way to apiary in poetry

nerdy birds have the prettiest feathers warmed against the biting winter trundle insulated by their charming fact bundles immune to the world’s shifting weathers so very fevered by the dr...

April 20, 2020

apr 22 in idea barrages

Nah, a “My Sharona” riff about Corona virus, that’s easy level parody, that’s Local Morning Zoo level. Get you a man who sings “Covid Covid Covid Covid Chameleon” to himself in the shower. If...

April 20, 2020

apr 21 in idea barrages

A single man walks up to the stage, steps behind the mic, says nothing, there is an awkward pause. Finally, he yells “SKA-VENGERS… SKA-SSEMBLE!” and twenty horn player appear behind him out of ...

April 19, 2020

apr 20 in idea barrages

Television shows, even web shows, that are recorded in chunks and stripped daily or weekly are so weird right now. It’s like there’s this… delayed world behind us that hasn’t shut down yet that...

April 18, 2020

I'll never get to know in poetry

within the swirl of her complexities she embodies the Hegelian Dialectic of Disney cartoon musical features sugar-sweet Snow White as thesis the wond’rous and terrible queen her equa...

April 18, 2020

apr 19 in idea barrages

I wonder if anyone ever said “I know, we’ll start a bar with a brass band every night and we’ll call it Horn Pub!” and then they had their heart broken when it was explained it would be forever...

April 16, 2020

apr 18 in idea barrages

The destruction and mess in the wake of a big arts projects is called “the craftermath”. No, the nerdiest Ben Folds parody possible would be of “Jackson Cannery” and be about a lich’s phylact...

April 15, 2020

apr 17 in idea barrages

The proper nickname for Bud Light is “Blight”. Store Brand Sugared Corn Flakes! Theeeeeeeeeey’re ADEQUATE! Isn’t cocaine tightly compressed to pass as a Christmas decoration really just blo...

The dinosaurs didn’t die out, not really, they just became the duck. Evolution doesn’t have a plan, it’s just whatever happens next and whoever has the genetic luck to accidentally survive. Our c...

April 15, 2020

apr 16 in idea barrages

A giant sea-hawk that attacks and devours terrible pop-country acts called The Grand Ole Osprey. The dog in Garfield was only nicknamed “Odie”. His real name is “Olive Drab” a nod to his exte...

April 14, 2020

apr 15 in idea barrages

If you had to create an erotic short story about the Sovereign Citizen movement, like, as a commission, I hope you at least give it the title LEGAL FRICTION. You know what would really cheer ...

April 13, 2020

apr 14 in idea barrages

If what’s best is currently impossible but you continue to plow all your energy into pursuing what’s best to the exclusion of all else, you are wasting your gift of life and making things worse...

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