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victory and balboa

stay down, rocky the fame isn’t worth it stay down, rocky the money isn’t worth it stay down, rocky your pride isn’t worth it it isn’t worth your death nor a life of pain and regret stay down, ro...

the secret algorithms behind the surface levels we’ve mistaken as free will the subtle patterns weaved into the dance of an electron shell the scatter patterns of refracted light the decisions...

October 10, 2021


in the winter, the earth scabs over white blood cells bundled up coating the wounds inflicted from three long seasons of birth and death strife and storms rot and germination the earth...

October 08, 2021


my heart is a space made to push from place to place throbbing and pushing, contrived too scared to live too scared to die too scarred to be sacred too scarred to forgive ...

September 27, 2021

maybe it helps

it helps to remind yourself you’re the one who chose to be here maybe just to learn a lesson maybe to perform some noble deed maybe to fulfill a cosmic lark maybe provide a solid ...

July 29, 2021

station break

the revolution will be advertised they’ll sell bubble gums cards just like in the Gulf Wars not even after the fact as people are dying howling in the streets there...

July 18, 2021

the fix

you break and you put yourself back together and you break and you put yourself back together again you break and you’re never quite the same as the last you reassemble on the fly f...

July 10, 2021

watson's cricks

I think about evolution about how it doesn’t work how most think it works as if it has a point it is trying to get to where it is perfect where you are perfect then it’...

July 08, 2021


imagine imagine imagine imagine not giving a shit about the Oscars imagine no longer pretending to give a fuck about who the rich pretty people vote as their prom queen and king this year o...

turns out that we can’t live forever but there is a next-best possibility the idea we might get to live a life where we see so many wonderful things where we do so very much so very long th...

June 17, 2021

after the end

they tried to break the seals the seals were broken instead they rooted for their raptures but mostly just ended up dead they wanted kings and gods they lost a few close friends...

April 15, 2021

roadside attractions

seven hundred and sixty five miles from here to the fireworks shop those vaguely racist billboards advertise down the ninety-five one thousand six hundred and five from here to the d...

April 15, 2021

a little bit

born an incidental heir to the goddess Eris accidentally dated mostly German and Irish length of life led to leaving me airless superstitious and cowardly and dareless lacking from ...

April 11, 2021

life lessens

life is the longest thing you’ll ever do life’s the shortest thing you’ll ever do life is the easiest thing you’ll ever do life is the hardest thing you’ll ever do life’s the weirdest ...

April 11, 2021

moving violations

love can move faster than the light love can be two places at the same time or three or five love knows its speed and its location simultaneously is unchanged by outside observation ...

April 10, 2021

april showers

the skeletons of long-abandoned above-ground vinyl swimming pools the bodegas and dollar stores where once your childhood pizzerias stood a car-struck possum by the roadside awaiting natu...

April 06, 2021


faith is something for other people not for me and that’s okay I know what I am I know how every time I’ve ever believed in something without a shadow of doubt I’ve become a zealot I ...

March 11, 2021

missed america

oh but that we could just stuff ourselves with the emptiest of calories and drift on off to sleep free of our shared responsibilities never having to wake up never having to make the cho...

February 16, 2021


at a certain point you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that you can’t come to terms with every single fact that’s in your life there will always be some loose threads ...

February 13, 2021

the ritual

this is my body hoc est corpus hocus pocus hokey pokey hokum hoax this is our blood whoever’s the best at comforting lies gets all the money and hurts us the most

February 06, 2021


grief replaces memory slower than the tides still getting the job done nonetheless inch by inch one atom at a time like fossilizing bone to eternal stone those fossils...

February 06, 2021

the big game

when the alien anthropologists find the massive sport stadia so central to our civic infrastructures as megaliths sprouting cities-within-cities beside they will mistake them as ou...

February 06, 2021

life goals

if you’re famous enough when you die they’ll name a street after you somewhere your name will live beyond you somewhere everyone will know your name somewhere if you’re famous enough when y...

February 06, 2021

leap of faith

it’s always a goddamned tragedy when a once-transcendent entertainer retreats into conservative safe spaces when the world thinks they’re washed up believing no one’s left to listen except no...

February 05, 2021

the undiscovered country

I feel it each unsleeping night my head my heart my soul, they are kingdoms of almost empires of not-quite unquiet with the roar of infinite just-missed grazed up asi...

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these are first-drafts of my newer poems.
some of them will be great, some will be awful.
most will be okay.