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if I’m sent to Hell but only for a little while I hope these negative-windchill Adirondack freeze-out disaster days will at least count as time served toward my sentence

January 21, 2023

liminal tea

i am the leaves that crunch beneath my feet or at least I was or at least I will be i came from the earth below the leafy crunch and i’ll be going back someday i came from the gray sky a...

January 21, 2023

achilles, in his tent

patience is a virtue indecision is a vice to always know the difference wouldn’t it be nice

January 21, 2023

jan 22

Will Garvey is a celebrated private detective but he’s really a front man for his super-intelligent talking cat Biscuits, who really solves all the crimes. They are BISCUITS AND GARVEY. If yo...

self-pity like whiskey for a dry-drunk if I allow myself one shot it won’t just be one shot like potato chips which I shouldn’t have either I can’t eat just one once I ...

November 21, 2022

autograph hounded

I want to get a baseball autographed by Paul Giamatti because his father was once the Commissioner of Major League Baseball then turn around and get the same ball autographed...

November 21, 2022

wrestling with shadows

back in the Negro Leagues in the Twenties and Thirties this was way before aerobics this was way before Jane Fonda they’d warm up by playing ball without any equipment at all with bats that weren...

November 21, 2022

let's play

there is organized semi-pro baseball up near the Arctic Circle in Alaska a summer college league in that briefest of summers they get and there’s a doubleheader there on the one day of endless su...

baseball is only boring if the only way you can ever enjoy it is in anticipation of a championship in the majors, there are like thirty teams and by the time you read this, there’ll be fifty-seve...

November 01, 2022

your lucky day

he bought his lotto tickets there sometimes because he thought the place was lucky he thought that it was lucky sometimes because it was quite near where the one he felt had got away gr...

October 30, 2022

garde l'eau

form a line and line the forms it’s summertime, the sky is warm where’s the harm, don’t mind the storm the weather’s fine as long as you ignore those falling dogs and cats fi...

October 29, 2022

cartoon logic

when the revolution comes for Richie Rich he’ll hide in a vault like a little bitch even that lucky fuck Uncle Scrooge McDuck will put up a fight with his blunderbuss but birth to privilege a...

I hadn’t told her that I’d entered a contest for a show that she would’ve liked I’d forgotten all about it a week later when I checked my burner e-mail that I use for things like coup...

Hydro-Man and Sandman fell in love summoned up a silty flood made their baby out of mud thicker than radioactive blood stronger than any man or spider coin flip as their gend...

September 22, 2022

the real folk blues

now I’m no John Henry but I am a still-driven man and I’m no Paul Bunyan but I’m standing as tall as I can I’m no Johnny Apples still I’m sewing the seeds of my plans I...

September 20, 2022


sometimes you defecate and you just defecate you ate some food and what was left had to go it happens and you move on it’s just part of your day that’s just part of life you barely remember i...

August 30, 2022

an agnostic's prayer

wear me out, Lord give me that at least make this confusing life so exhausting that when it all comes to an end when I finally lay dying I will be so fucking tired I will be...

August 06, 2022

aug 6

I don’t have a “Memory Palace” so much as a “Memory Scrambled Pay-Per-View Channel” where I kind of look at a swirl of vaguely shaped colors and, like, let my imagination sort of freestyle rap-...

July 11, 2022

your morning reminder

this is the life you get hunting for socks and belts when you don’t even want to be awake but you still have to be awake this is the life you get there are no servants or hand-maidens or ...

June 29, 2022

american tune

Jesus Christ the guy so nice His heart so full of love His love so great He could only hate all His shitty fan-clubs

June 21, 2022


you yell his name when you go for three shooting trash into the wastebasket at your job she yells his name waking up from another nightmare from the horrible things he did to her even t...

June 07, 2022


a downpour is fine give it a few minutes it will wear itself out a sprinkling can be kind of refreshing reminding you why it’s so nice to be dry but there’s nothing quite as gloomy as...

May 25, 2022

annuals & perennials

Once, upon a violet No garden-standard rose Deserving subtle poetries No common purple prose Distinct from all the others From yearning face to rooted toes Stretching from...

April 02, 2022


yeah, it’s snowin’ on Raton but we got things to do in Denver now that we’re both dead the time spent in Los Ang-elease like desperadoes ‘neath the eaves are gone and s...

March 21, 2022


there used to be showhouses oh God, there were showhouses glittering temples to popular arts first built for the rich jackasses but quickly redeveloped for the masses less...

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these are first-drafts of my newer poems.
some of them will be great, some will be awful.
most will be okay.