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I write words, I sometimes get to perform them out, sometimes I'm even paid. And I'm trying to get it right, get it right.

with enough repetition, your flaws become your style


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May 05, 2019

may6 in idea barrages

1.) Your vegan metal band will be called DESPAIRAGUS. 2.) Yesterday was the Star Wars holiday, today is the hard liquor holiday… may the fifth be in you! 3.) Asked what the five hour long practi...

For once, she got most of the pop-culture references in the pitch for her wife’s newest play right away. Anyone who survived the American public-schools while mostly-conscious has a glancing unde...

May 04, 2019

may5 in idea barrages

1.) The government can’t impinge upon your right to free speech. That’s it. That’s the first amendment. When you start riffing on how a private business like a social media website or a club or a...

May 03, 2019

may4 in idea barrages

1.) last few years my heart has been/in a state of permanent flinch/half has been what happened/half has been how I reacted to it/seized up in perpetual defenses/screwed on into a wince/but I hav...

May 02, 2019

may3 in idea barrages

1.) Apparently the new big thing for kids is dressing as horrifying owl-demons. Cool, cool. We’re basically going to need to be horrifying owl-demons to weather the future laid out before us, it’...

once-purple prose turned to poetics in the violet haze just as once-flowered hairs gave their way to a distinguished touch of gray in the half-century that occurred side-wise we sighed then too...

May 01, 2019

mid-life in poetry

“will I still be myself when I become a butterfly” the caterpillar asked the mother sky above “or will I be dead and a butterfly just takes my place?” as he entered into his existential chrysa...

May 01, 2019

children of the soil in poetry

gods left us cursed with ceaseless toil you gotta till your soil until you’re soil gods left us cursed with ceaseless toil souls run through muck until they’re soiled gods left us cursed with ce...

May 01, 2019

may2 in idea barrages

1.) The knuckle-ball is a holy thing, a pitch where the point is that even the pitcher doesn’t quite know where it’s going so how the hell are you as a hitter going to know either? If there’s a G...

Matt said he can’t get into superhero movies as he knows most of the time, when someone dies, they’re coming back, so there’s no narrative weight. If anyone can return via time-travel, wizard or ...

April 30, 2019

mayday in idea barrages

1.) I enjoy that the British have a silly fancy word for “eggplant” because eggplant is gross as hell and it’s always been a shame the noble egg is tarred by association with it. Hooray for the p...

April 29, 2019

april capstone in idea barrages

1.) No, youtube, I do not like comment and subscribe. In fact, I rather detest comment and subscribe. 2.) “Being there” is merely an adequate neighbor’s actions, State Farm. If you want to be lik...

April 29, 2019

apr29 in idea barrages

1.) I hope that as new sexually-transmitted diseases start getting recorded, they name them after hook-up apps. “Yeah, I got a bad case of the Tinder.” 2.) “I ain’t saying she’s a gravedigger, I’...

April 27, 2019

apr28 in idea barrages

1.) The memoir of your time working as a maid at Paisley Park will be called “Dusting For Prince”. 2.) It’s like “The Shaggy Dog” except he turns into a sheep instead and it’s called “Your Bleati...

April 27, 2019

apr27 in idea barrages

1.) Never thought I’d walk out of a movie thinking “I really really identified with Thor” but then here we are. 2.) Villains sacrifice others when expedient, heroes sacrifice themselves when nece...

April 26, 2019

apr26 in idea barrages

1.) A first-person-shooter video game about Cain trying to kill Abel with a bow and arrow called FIRST PERSON-SHOOTER. 2.) If you’re looking to tear down an exploitive power structure just to rep...

April 24, 2019

apr25 in idea barrages

1.) An all-diabetic punk band called The Bleeding Pricks. 2.) Of course superheroes don’t stay dead. Why would they? They come back because we can’t. We need something that can come back, even if...

April 24, 2019

apr24 in idea barrages

1.) The top food critic in Houston should get the title “The Houston Gastronome”. 2.) Decency is not a static trait, even to call it a virtue is to oddly diminish it. Decency is a muscle, a muscl...

April 22, 2019

apr23 in idea barrages

1.) Sunday driving at sunset Easter night, red skies at my back, a rainbow in front of me, the haziest vaguest rainbow you ever saw but a rainbow nonetheless and that’s also how I felt. 2.) They ...

I’ve been falling asleep in my dreams a lot, as of late. I don’t mean that I’ve been beginning to dream at the start of sleep, I mean that I’ve been having dreams where I fall asleep inside them ...

April 21, 2019

apr22 in idea barrages

1.) The train at the end of the tunnel sees you as a darkness in the terrifying agoraphobic great wide open. 2.) The biggest lie in telling a story is pretending that you the teller are not there...

April 21, 2019

black tornado in poetry

retrieve your grimoire, Prospero sunken to the seabed as if some clipper-ship by tempest tossed descendant Milanesi money men ascend against you yet again more monstrous than any beast ...

April 20, 2019

apr21 in idea barrages

1.) Humanity’s greatest skill, what arguably “separates” us from other animals, is our ability to apt to what there is to adapt to, to change our tools, our thinking, ourselves to new situations....

April 19, 2019

apr20 in idea barrages

1.) The hungry mermaids waited for more with baited breath. 2.) The story of the emergency replacement Santa “Christmas Steve”. 3.) Somehow I got to 39 before realizing that the comic actor name...

April 18, 2019

apr19 in idea barrages

1.) Every week, someone comments on how they didn’t notice I was somewhere, something I actually take pride in, while I am not stealthy for a normal person, I’m very stealthy for a giant oaf, I d...

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