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January 24, 2023

A year... in Torridaussity Two

Has almost passed since they began waking me up from the coma. It’s hard to believe. I’m currently stressed over a few things and my anxiety is high. I’m behind on all my faves here. I need to ha...

December 31, 2022

Last of 22 in Torridaussity Two

This counts as my last entry of 22. I did it I made it. This year has been the worst of my life. I must be stronger than I think because I survived. I pray for a happier and healthier new year ah...

December 29, 2022

No real memories... in Torridaussity Two

From today on in 2021 until I fully woke up in January of 2022. Yesterday marked the year anniversary of being put on the ventilator. It’s been a very emotional month for many reasons, but from t...

December 25, 2022

Why in Torridaussity Two

Am I sobbing at 2:30 AM on Christmas Eve? Good question. Today the 24 although now is the 25th was the one year mark of my hospitalization. I’m having a mental breakdown I think processing everyt...

December 07, 2022

Surgery in Torridaussity Two

Tomorrow 10 am is my arm surgery. Asking for prayers and good vibes.

December 01, 2022

How I ended up in Torridaussity Two

At the Hard Rock Cafe on a Thursday night listening to the tragic story of 2/3s of LFO and being touched by the remaining members faith is because I can’t say no to people who need a pick me up. ...

November 25, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving in Torridaussity Two

I have more to be thankful for this year compared to any other. Despite not doing well mentally I was able to enjoy the day with my family. I am thankful for my second chance of life, for all the...

November 10, 2022

I've noticed in Torridaussity Two

That some people are really quite judgemental....never judge someone unless you know their whole story, even then try being supportive or helpful not judgemental. In other news the house may be ...

November 05, 2022

Still a mess in Torridaussity Two

I finally talked to my doctor about getting into a counselor or psychiatrist and got the information from the referral program and the first place is a 1-2 month wait and I don’t think I can wait...

Sick…so I had an IBS attack for the first time since last year. Can’t fall back asleep. Still feel like life is spiraling out of my control. Talked to my doctor today and will be starting therapy...

I’m feeling very overwhelmed with life right now. Dealing with 2 infections from the surgery, figuring when I can now return to work, figuring out how to make the contractor do his damn job, figu...

I am set to head down to OR around 6 and surgery is 7. Or is 5 now, wish me luck, send me prayers. Love you all. Made it through with a very sore throat and sleepiness which was the absolute best...

Will be surgery I’m nervous as hell. Prayers/good vibes needed. There is a chance it’ll still be Monday. I’ll keep you posted. Edit I may have pushed it to Monday so I could get my pulmonary cons...

October 05, 2022

Update in Torridaussity Two

So long story short doctors on MI day listened to me and had an ent come in with her camera to go down my nose into my throat. She gets stuck we try again it goes through. She goes omg I see it s...

October 03, 2022

Back at ER in Torridaussity Two

So I was kept overnight until Saturday afternoon had two episodes during that time of bleeding. Nothing until today and it happened again. Doctor said go back your blood work looks off you levels...

September 30, 2022

ER/hospital again in Torridaussity Two

Well another trip to the ER has landed me in the hospital. I randomly began coughing up blood today. They don’t know why. Getting lots of tests. Keep me in your prayers thank you.

September 24, 2022

New low in Torridaussity Two

I can’t even try to buy a car without the dealer reducing me to tears not once, not twice, but three timed because I kept telling him I wasn’t sure about the car, that I had to think on it and he...

September 12, 2022

Cried for the in Torridaussity Two

Millionth time today. Went over to childhood home because contractor said the flooring would be there today, but guess what no flooring and no one working at all. I can’t handle this stress. I di...

September 11, 2022

Never forget in Torridaussity Two

Remembering the innocent people who perished on this day. I will never forget that day or the events that happened and will continue to remember those that lost their lives that day as well as th...

August 31, 2022

I am a mess in Torridaussity Two

I am a mess. You would think 8 months out and I could be normal again, but I am not sure I will ever be normal again. I am haunted by the dreams I had while I was in the coma on the vent. My em...

July 29, 2022

Short update in Torridaussity Two

Still in the hospital. First night was spent in the ER all night while they got my O2 leveled out and waiting on a room as they were admitting me. The last 2 days were spent figuring out why my O...

I’ve moved home since Monday finally. Unfortunately I’ve been noticing my O2 levels dropping here and there into the 70s and I finally called the doc and said get to the ER. So here I am waiting ...

Because I’m alive to see 42. It’s my bday and after the last six months despite everything I’ve been through I’m alive and yes it is the most important thing to focus on. So happy big 42 to me.

That my life is never going to get back to where it was and I sit here alone at my 20 year college reunion crying because of that and my 2 best friends that I came here to see decide going to a b...

April 16, 2022

Sad in Torridaussity Two

So here I am almost one month home and tonight was tough. You see I slept through what would’ve been the worst part of my covid illness and therefore sometimes it is hard to process the aftermath...

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