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Because I’m alive to see 42. It’s my bday and after the last six months despite everything I’ve been through I’m alive and yes it is the most important thing to focus on. So happy big 42 to me.

That my life is never going to get back to where it was and I sit here alone at my 20 year college reunion crying because of that and my 2 best friends that I came here to see decide going to a b...

April 16, 2022

Sad in Torridaussity Two

So here I am almost one month home and tonight was tough. You see I slept through what would’ve been the worst part of my covid illness and therefore sometimes it is hard to process the aftermath...

So bacterial pneumonia is what they found. I could’ve gone home today, but doc said staying one more day to get one more round of I V antibiotics would be good but it was up to me. I decided to e...

March 14, 2022

ER in Torridaussity Two

Currently in the ER. My BP dropped too low when home health was there and said I should call for an ambulance. So an IV of fluids, a chest xray, CT scan, many vials of blood later. They said my W...

Today I’m leaving the rehab center and going to live with my parents until I am strong enough to go up the 20 stairs at my apartment. I’m going home. I’m so excited. It’s almost unreal to me. I’...

March 06, 2022

Day 73 in Torridaussity Two

Been at in-patient rehab for about a week and a half. Today they finally removed my feeding tube from my stomach. I’m only attached to oxygen at this point. I wasn’t using the feeding tube since ...

February 22, 2022

Day 61 in hospital in Torridaussity Two

Well still here in the 2nd hospital and in the same building as he inpatient rehab facility that I’m moving to as soon as a bed comes available. It’s basically like a hospital but with intense th...

February 17, 2022

Day 56 in hospital in Torridaussity Two

As I read in my notes some of you know I was hospitalized on Christmas Eve. I had covid and while on the bypap machine I collected air around my stomach and heart it needed removed and during tha...

December 20, 2021

Covid day 3 in Torridaussity Two

Worst thing so far…constant joint pain. Apparently viruses can exacerbate arthritis and mine is definitely exacerbated. I want to rip my fingers and toes off. Also the headache that comes and go...

December 19, 2021

Bad news in Torridaussity Two

Well if finally happened…I have covid. My coworker was sick last week was tested Monday was negative, came to work Thursday still sick, but not as bad but her husband and daughter also sick now. ...

December 13, 2021

Same dream two nights in Dreams

So this dream I had before, but tonight’s went longer. I dreamt that a blonde lady was acting erratically and pulled into the parking area where I lived. In the dream my apartment was similar, b...

December 12, 2021

Dreams last night in Dreams

I Had a dream involving basketball players, cheerleaders, the cheer staff of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, Bea Arthur, and myself. There were auditions, rule breaking, traveling, very pink loc...

December 04, 2021

Another life blow in Torridaussity Two

Just as I thought things were settling down a $500 car repair had to happen this week. I am hanging in there, most things are status quo. The holidays are always super busy for me. I read you all...

November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving in Torridaussity Two

Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or not, there is always something to be thankful for. Thankful for so much. Thankful for you all.

I’m currently overwhelmed with life nothing new really. I’d like to say something different, but it’s like I figure out one thing and 3 more creep on in. Going to try and update in categories… Lo...

September 11, 2021

Bit of a mess in Torridaussity Two

Life is not horrible, but I’m a bit of a big mess. Everything makes me cry, I don’t feel happy. I just want to run away from life. I don’t know what’s wrong and yet everything is wrong. I know th...

August 24, 2021

major update in Torridaussity Two

So I have been physically and mentally exhausted since I would say July. I have today off was supposed to have a massage but it got canceled and rescheduled for Thursday so update time it is. He...

Well unofficially it’s “most likely” a cyst, but they are recommending a 6 month follow up which is the part I don’t get. Other women I know that have cysts just go in for their yearly mammogram....

August 20, 2021

Waiting in Torridaussity Two

For my imaging to take place to see if it’s nothing or something in my right boob. Prayers please.

August 11, 2021

More issues in Torridaussity Two

Why not…my car brakes are shot more money I don’t have. I have either a stye or infection on an oil glad in my lower eyelid it hurts a lot. Waiting to see when I can get in for that. Shoot me now...

My parents garage. I am so pissed I can’t even deal…so what am I doing… crying instead. I realize I never updated about what happened that sent me into a hysterical mess. A pipe blew at my chi...

July 28, 2021

Breakdown in Torridaussity Two

I’m literally having a crying melt down in a parking lot. I can’t take this anymore…something else just happened and I just can’t.

July 26, 2021

August 20 in Torridaussity Two

Is when they can get me in for the ultrasound and second mammogram. The doctor said not to lose sleep most often these results are commonly from the way the breast was placed in the machine or ju...

July 23, 2021

New worry... in Torridaussity Two

Had my first mammogram today for routine purposes…got an email a little bit ago that I have new clinical results on my health chart app. I read the results…I have a 6mm nodule they recommend furt...

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