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  • Feb. 2, 2024, 4:41 p.m.
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  1. It’s not so much that I take ibuprofen “as needed”, at the level of my chronic back and hip pain, it’s more like part of the recipe of my life. It’s a seasoning of my neural system. I take ibuprofen “to taste”.

  2. The next step after food trucks is gonna be “truck restaurants”, where you get in an RV or a bus and you’re served as the driver takes you on a scenic ride or tour or something. A truck restaurant will truly be a movable feast.

  3. Wearing a pocket watch high in the pocket is a real time-waister.

  4. Anxiety is never knowing if you’re standing on the beach or standing in the breach.

  5. Silence is golden and I’m not rich.

  6. How about something that catches fire really well and we call it “asworstos”.

  7. If you think that I haven’t noticed that “misery” and “muadib” have the same syllables and stresses, you’re mistaken. There’s a Soul Asylum parody in there somewhere, I’ve just been busy.

  8. I’m friendster years old. I’m ICQ years old.

idgaf_whatevs February 02, 2024

I'm Myspace years old... and fuck that is old lol

Squidobarnez February 09, 2024

dude, we're all AOL old!

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