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I mostly write about random crap. I need an outlet for my life, and this is it :) If you'd like to be added to Friends Only, a) don't be a prude, and b) please let me know :) Insta : pfefz Snappy: luvncraze

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December 03, 2018

Birthday in Stuff

Well, it’s a pretty shit birthday, not gonna lie. Stuck in the house, sniffly, coughing. Trying to be positive - the fever’s gone, so there’s that. I went for a walk to get some fresh air, but ...

November 30, 2018

What to do in Stuff

Well I’m sure everyone is absolutely loving hearing about how sick I am. I don’t even know why I’m writing - probably because there’s nothing else to do. I feel like crap again today, although ...

November 29, 2018

NoJoMo #25-#30 in Surveys

Bit behind, but it’s over! Woohoo! 11/25 - What is the the most surprised you’ve ever been? Probably when certain people came out as gay, namely Billy Gilman and Chely Wright. 25) What is your f...

November 28, 2018

Sicko mode 2 in Stuff

I didn’t go to work today. Last night was not fun at all. Pretty much after writing that last entry, I remember waking up in the middle of the night shaking like a leaf. It was even an effort ...

November 28, 2018

Sicko mode in Stuff

I am so sick. I went for a walk to get fresh air, and I felt even worse when I got home. Today I’m dosed up on throat lozenges, cough syrup and headache tablets, but still feel gluggy as fuck. I...

Tonight was my work Christmas party. I’m home by 12:30am since I have work at 7am, and am being a responsible adult. I also had a lot to drink, and am so fucking tired, but figure writing this ...

November 24, 2018

NoJoMo #21, #22, #23 and #24 in Surveys

You can tell I’m completely over this lol. 11/21 - Three things that are most important in life Oxygen, Water, Food. Bam. 21) What are ten (10) things you are grateful for? Ergh. Yeah, nup. Wha...

November 20, 2018

NoJoMo #20 in Surveys

11/20 - What would you do if you found a magic wand? I think they’re getting desperate for questions :/ What do you THINK I would do if I found a magic wand? Look for the instructions, of course...

November 19, 2018

NoJoMo #19 in Surveys

11/19 - My favorite memory about my mother is… Probably her holding me above the water in the surf when I was a child. It didn’t matter that she was getting battered by waves herself. Call it m...

November 19, 2018

Don't talk to me in Stuff

It was a pretty boring day for me, other than when I went to the city and got some food and sat in the foodcourt and this guy decided to sit right next to me. Immediately I was thinking like, “He...

November 17, 2018

NoJoMo #16, #17, #18 in Surveys

11/16 - You have an extra $100,000 to give away and you cannot spend it on yourself. What do you do with the money? Buy food and clothes for the homeless. 16) What is your favorite quote right no...

November 14, 2018

NoJoMo #15 in Surveys

11/15 - In 5 years, I will be… In 10 years, I will be… How the hell would I know? Hopefully not 6-feet under or in an urn on a shelf, although I doubt anyone would want my ashes in their house l...

November 14, 2018

NoJoMo #14 in Surveys

Only 16 more of these to annoy you with lol 11/14 - You have the freedom to travel to any city or country in the world. Where would you go and why? Ooo. Well this is an exciting question I guess...

November 13, 2018

A caged rabbit in Vulnerability

So as you all know, the mental-health-train has derailed a little these past few days. It’s like three wheels are off the track and one is still on it. So anyway, that’s how fun I am lately lol...

November 13, 2018

NoJoMo #13 in Surveys

11/13 - What is the quality you most like in a man? Physical qualities: Face, body, legs/ass, hair - is generally my order. If all four pass then I’m probably ogling them like that creepy guy o...

November 12, 2018

NoJoMo #12 in Surveys

11/12 - Three pet peeves Slow-walking people and/or groups of people blocking the footpath. MOVE YOUR ARSES BITCHES! Street charity workers. My absolute nemesis. When I see them in the dis...

November 11, 2018

NoJoMo #11 in Surveys

I feel like people see the NoJoMo titles and just skip it. I know I generally do lol. Why am I doing this again? 11/11 - My happiest memory is… Obviously there’s a few that stick out but it’s a...

November 10, 2018

NoJoMo #10 in Surveys

11/10 - If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be? Haha, the first character that came to my mind was Xandir from Drawn Together, although he is a take-off of Link from Zelda, an...

November 09, 2018

NoJoMo #9 in Surveys

I’m actually getting really over NoJoMo - 9 days in lol. 11/09 - Who made you feel good this week? Bad? Well, considering how shit last week was, this week is better naturally, thank God. My sto...

November 08, 2018

NoJoMo #8 in Surveys

11/08 - Write a letter to someone who believed in you even when you didn’t believe in yourself It actually took me a while to think of someone lol. Dear Aaron, Thank-you for being an amazing frie...

November 06, 2018

NoJoMo #7 in Surveys

11/07 - If you could instantly become an expert in any subject or activity, what would it be? Psychics and Mediums have always fascinated me with the way they are able to tune in to the future a...

November 03, 2018

NoJoMo #4 in Surveys

11/04 - Three things you can’t go without Water, oxygen, food, shelter. As for things I can go without but would prefer not to - wallet, phone, house keys (I don’t have a car anymore), internet c...

November 03, 2018

Someone's taking cRaZy pills in Stuff

I have a few minutes before I head off to start my earlier-than-usual Sunday shift (that same girl who called in sick because her “cat is sick” has “decided to give herself the day off”) - geez L...

November 03, 2018

NoJoMo #3 in Surveys

11/03 - Nobody knows that I.. Have kept an online diary fairly consistently since I was 24! Well, except you guyz… Compile a personal Top 100 music singles chart and also a ‘Global’ Top 100 cou...

November 02, 2018

NoJoMo #2 in Surveys

11/02 - Write a letter to your 14 year old self Dear Matt. The confusing feelings you are having are totally normal. You love your family, but do not feel bad in ANY way for the feelings you a...

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