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15 hours ago

NoJoMo2020 #23

23 - Name five (5) celebrities you find attractive. Finally, a fun one :D Brenton Thwaits - My lover but he doesn’t know it. Apparently has a wife and kid but meh. Ryan Phillipe - 90’s through ...

15 hours ago

NoJoMo2020 #22

22 - Describe yourself in five (5) words. Shy, Curious, Optimistic, Philosophical, Spontaneous

2 days ago

NoJoMo2020 #21

21 - Recommend five (5) books to read. Haha unless you’re gay, these won’t be very good recommendations 😅 They’re pretty much all I read! Having said that, I don’t read a lot so I’d rather read ...

3 days ago

NoJoMo2020 #20

20 - What’s your favorite quote? I actually have a ton on my Facebook about-me section that I’ve just written down haha so I’ll share them all - although I haven’t updated it in years… Out of all...

4 days ago

NoJoMo2020 #19

19 - What’s your plan for Thanksgiving day? Well obvi an American wrote these prompts (I mean, let’s face it, the odds were high). Like Halloween, Thanksgiving isn’t really a thing here. I mean ...

5 days ago

NoJoMo2020 #18

18 - What book could you read over and over? It’s 120 years old now, but for me it’s The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

6 days ago

NoJoMo2020 #17

17 - Describe what happiness looks like for you. Living somewhere semi-rural or beachside, having fur-babies (a dog and a cat), a small but close friendship group, good food, good health and good...

6 days ago

NoJoMo2020 #16

16 - Apologizing when you’ve hurt someone - is it easy or hard for you? Well I try not to hurt people in the first place. But if I have, I usually feel so bad about it that apologizing is easy f...

6 days ago

NoJoMo2020 #15

15 - What is your life mission, in one sentence? Don’t really have a “life mission” but I’ve always believed in living a healthy work/life balance.

6 days ago

NoJoMo2020 #14

14 - Top five (5) songs on your playlist right now. Well this is easy since I still do my personal charts, at least for the next few weeks, then I’m packing it in. These are my current Top 5. 1 ...

6 days ago

NoJoMo2020 #13

13 - Bullet point your whole day. Oh God, this is gonna be boring as fuck. Obviously it’s different depending on the day. If it’s today for example, I’m on my day off, so I’m doing sweet fuck-a...

November 12, 2020

NoJoMo2020 #12

12 - Describe your perfect evening. You know what? I don’t even know how to answer this question. I like so many different things on different nights that I don’t really have a definitive answe...

November 12, 2020

NoJoMo2020 #11

11 - The meaning behind your username. Well when I first started on OpenDiary back in 2004, I went by the username life_poetry, which I guess was cute enough at the time. Maybe I should have stu...

November 12, 2020

NoJoMo2020 #10

10 - One recipe you’d like to attempt this month. I’ve actually been trying to perfect a wings recipe, or a couple of variations of it over the past month. I eat way too many wings at Johnny Roc...

November 11, 2020

NoJoMo2020 #9

9 - List ten (10) things you’re grateful for My health, generally anyway Somehow adulting my way through life, despite not feeling that adult-like My few but close friends I have Both parents an...

November 11, 2020

NoJoMo2020 #8

8 - Discuss a moment you were satisfied with your life Oh man, there’s been plenty, that’s why I write here - to remember the good times. But what sticks out is my international travel I’ve done....

November 11, 2020

NoJoMo2020 #7

7 - To photograph or to film? Such strange prompts this year. I was considering just picking and choosing from previous years but I’ve already answered those, so here we go. I prefer photographi...

November 11, 2020

NoJoMo2020 #6

6 - A letter to someone who hurt you. The first thing I think of when I read this is an ex-friend named Tim. He dated a mutual friend of mine at the time, Scott, and I was stunned to find out fr...

November 11, 2020

NoJoMo2020 #5

5 - Three (3) things you’d do if you weren’t afraid I’m afraid of fucking everything 😅 I think I need a 100+ list for this question. Anyway, I’m generic so I’ll probably go with Sky-diving (it w...

November 11, 2020

NoJoMo2020 #4

4 - Black Friday - yay or nay? This is that shopping thing, right? Or at least I think it is here, at the end of the month. Nay. Nothing’s ever a decent deal on those supposed ‘massive savings’...

November 02, 2020

NoJoMo2020 #3 - Pet Peeves

What are your top five (5) pet peeves? 1 - Number #1 is those “charity” workers with their in-your-face tactics that hang around outside shopping centres and high-traffic areas where people are j...

Your thoughts on 2020. 2020 can die in a hole. Look, it was fucking scary when it started. An invisible virus was fucking KILLING people, apparently. We “locked down” for a few months. It was...

I only just remembered this is a thing, so yeah. Let’s see how many I miss this year :P Ten (10) random facts about you. - I have had disjointed thumbs for as long as I can remember - they snap...

April 10, 2020

Co-vid survey #1

Well life certainly is not interesting at the moment (at least not personally), so here’s a survey I stole from Kylie Are you an essential worker? I’m considered one yes, and still have to go to ...

August 19, 2019

August Currents

Current Book: I just finished “Jack Of Hearts (And Other Parts)” by L.C. Rosen (Cute but ended suddenly - I kinda wish it was out when I was a teenager - and have today moved on to “What If It’s ...

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