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I am honest, blunt and sometimes selfish. I have dealt with migraines for the last 20 years. Recently developed a whole slew of other things that were being masked by medications I was taking that did not help the migraines. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Trigeminal Neuralgia. I don't tolerate ignorance AT ALL.

The odd thing about this form of communication is that you're more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many ... somethings. So thank you.

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Wine Wednesday - Do you like wine? What’s your favorite kind - or, if you don’t, what do you like to drink (if you drink at all)? I do not drink, no. But I was never into wine really when I did....

November 09, 2021

Taco Time (NoJoMo 9) in NoJoMo 2021

Taco Tuesday - Do you like tacos? Crunchy or Soft? Yes, I absolutely love Tacos, I’m mexican afterall. LOL but yeah I prefer street tacos most of the time, but ground beef, potato and onion cru...

November 08, 2021

Socially (NoJoMo 8) in NoJoMo 2021

(Social) Media Monday - Do you have a favorite social media that you use? I’m one of the people who enjoy Facebook. It’s annoying, it’s frustrating, it’s informative, it’s all of the things I wa...

Everyone’s addicted to something in some shape or form. What are things you can’t go without? The Few things I have to have every day are my Vape, marijuana, and water. I am probably addicted to ...

November 06, 2021

The Habit (NoJoMo 6) in NoJoMo 2021

Talk about your habits - the good and the bad. The Good I turn off a light every time I exit a room. I hit the switch no matter what. Sometimes that leads to turning ON a light that was already...

November 05, 2021

Cinco De Mio (NoJoMo 5) in NoJoMo 2021

List five (5) interesting facts about yourself. Lets see… 1) I share a birthmark on my nose with my oldest Nephew. 2) Even as a disabled person, I delve into a handful of varying projects, and I’...

What has been your biggest life adventure so far? Autoimmune and Neurological Disease, hands down. There’s so many things I know that I could have and would have done, had I not been blessed with...

November 03, 2021

Menos Favorito (NoJoMo 3) in NoJoMo 2021

List your top five (5) least favorite: bands, songs, movies, and TV shows. I’m not going to do a least favorite because I simply can’t think. I’ll list some other things I don’t like, because I ...

November 02, 2021

Favorito (NoJoMo 2) in NoJoMo 2021

List your top five (5) favorite: bands, songs, movies, and TV shows. Bands Ryan Adams AFI The Offspring Cursive Nothing More Songs (our song) I “walked down the aisle” to this song the day we ...

November 01, 2021

NoJoMo Day 1 in NoJoMo 2021

Introduce Yourself Hello! I am Stephanie. I am 36 years old, and currently live in Hurley, New Mexico. I am Married, we will celebrate 2 years married on the 11th of this month, but we have bee...

November 01, 2021

NoJoMo 2021 in NoJoMo 2021

I always tell myself, I can do this! And I always fail, but here we go again lol. I stole this list from the inky kitty. Introduce yourself. List your top five (5) favorite: bands, songs, movie...

October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween in Thirty-Six

Good morning my friends and family (if there are any family, I’m sorry for all of this LMAO), how are we all doing this morning? I’ve been awake now for about two hours. Dice and Poker usually ...

I found this on my facebook memories from 12 years ago, original answers are in caps, current are in italics. What time did you get up this morning? I TOTALLY DIDN’T....IT WAS LATE. BLAH! Fi...

October 21, 2021

October, No, Vember in Thirty-Six

Whats going on over here in ProseBox land? I hope we are all doing well. When did I last write? Oh, yeah, Monday. So groceries were picked up, meds and a hole saw was picked up from L’s husb...

October 18, 2021

Blarghenspargle in Thirty-Six

How are we doing this Monday morning. It’s 7:19 and I’ve been up for like two hours now. I hate these mornings but there’s good coming from it. Yesterday we planned to go to my friend Liz and Rus...

October 12, 2021

Failure in Thirty-Six

Today has been a failure of epic proportion. And it’s mostly my fault. Yesterday the dryer belt snapped. We went to Silver today to see if sears had one. They don’t carry any parts so we have to...

October 11, 2021

Electromagnetic? in Thirty-Six

Ugh I’m done handling shit today. I killed the power to the microwave, air fryer, washer, and light above the sink. Fixed it after much tribulations. I did laundry and put it to dry. The dryer b...

Hey friends, so it’s coming up on a month since I last wrote. Most of you are on my facebook so therefore you know what’s been going on. However, for those of you who aren’t, I will update now....

September 16, 2021

Not Infused (or Amused) in Thirty-Six

Blah. So yesterday was a bust. I woke up all freaking early because I was excited I was going to get my meds. By 9:30 I was ready to go. I got Randy up around 11 and about 30 minutes later I ...

September 14, 2021

A Quiet House in Thirty-Six

This house is very loud. During the summer anyway. The evap cooler (swamp cooler) that works, it sits on the front half of the house. And it’s uneven or something and it rattles the entire ven...

September 11, 2021

Twenty Years Ago in Thirty-Six

On the morning of September 11, 2001, 6:48am, I had just woken up to get ready for another day as a high school sophomore. I remember ambling into the living room a few minutes later and mom was ...

September 07, 2021

Shedding in Thirty-Six

We are still waiting on the Shed. Randy forgot to sign one of the pages of the 6 he sent back, so he did that on Friday. Today was a holiday and tomorrow they will call us to get the shed paid ...

August 31, 2021

More Things in Thirty-Six

-My car gives me anxiety so I haven’t left the house in over a week, and I won’t be getting in it again until we have to load the dogs and rats in it to drive home. -My husband finally said out l...

August 29, 2021

Just Things in Thirty-Six

-Jovie and Trillian Went to a new home in Prescott last week -I fell yesterday -We almost have a shed, just have to somehow get the paperwork printed and sent back -The car is on the fritz again,...

August 22, 2021

A Few Things in Thirty-Six

I’ve had it with people coming at me for being pissed about not being able to get the only medication that has worked for me. I was indirectly called fat by a cousin. I’m fat, yeah, but I HAVE...

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