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  • Sept. 16, 2022, 5:12 p.m.
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Hello everyone, how are we all doing this afternoon? Randy went into town to get a new grill that we saw at Walmart. Ours is about 10 years old. Some broken pieces, buttons and whatnot, so we are going to upgrade a bit.

It’s a gas/pellet grill so we can smoke stuff too. It’s going to be amazing!

Anywho so that is today. Yesterday we went to LC again for PM for Randy. Everything seems to be going well on that end for him so we’ll be back in a month. We drove around town to a few different places, went to Sam’s and stocked up on a bunch of stuff and then got some food and came home.

We had gone down last weekend, but we went to El Paso, because we found a PS5 for sale. Had been looking for one. The Walmart here was stocking them but they were the digital version and we were looking for the disc version. So got that, and then we went to Best Buy to look at other stuff. I am going to be getting a Surface Pro probably in the near future. But I want to save up for it myself, so I’m going to work on my fleece and art projects.

There’s a scene in Iron Man where he blows up the tank and then turns around and walks away. That is Randy’s favorite scene from that movie (and probably his favorite Marvel Movie) and so I bought a giant 18x24 canvas so I can paint that scene for him so he can put up behind his computer monitor. It’ll be my first Big project. Biggest canvas I’ve used before that was 9x14.

I’m super excited about that. I also finally got a big easel for the table so I don’t have to work completely flat. And some new brushes. Randy bought us brush holders, so there’s that and I still have a ton of paint so I didn’t have to buy any new paint.

What else did we get. Oh I finally upgraded my weed whacker too. My dad’s was an old craftsman that weighs about 5088749832 lbs and was corded. so we got a battery powered Ryobi from Depot. It came with a blower too so that’s kinda cool.

We returned the pasta machine to Sam’s also because it broke and they weren’t stocking them anymore. We paid $100 for it last month when we picked it up, and the price had already dropped to $49.99. So they didn’t have anymore. They said they had them online but for $139. Yeah no, I’m good. Onto the next possibility.

I have always wanted one of those machines ever since seeing the Ron Popeil infomercials. I saw one one time at a Goodwill in tucson but I don’t think we had the money at the time to get it. blah oh well haha.

This weekend will be a cleaning extravaganza. I have to treat the rattos for Mites because they have been itchy. I finally ordered the Revolution and it came a few days ago, but I also gotta make all new hammocks and throw everything else away in case the mites got into the beds. So that should be fine.

Cleaning this week so I can organize my room and then make the hammocks. I got a new set of electric shears, finally. And they actually cut through the fleece just fine so that will save me a whole lot of time. I’m going to draw out my pattern on one sheet and then stack like 6 sheets under it and cut them all out at once. The christmas fleece is out at Walmart already and there’s like 5 or 6 designs so I’m going to get those as well and get them cut out so I can have a stock of christmas sets to sell.

That’s going to be part of my holiday selling. I’m also going to be doing cheesecake, breads and biscochitos because we don’t have anything else to do this holiday season. We have A & T’s wedding in October and after that nothing exciting coming up.

Well that’s not entirely true. Our 10th Anniversary is on November 11th. We’re either going to go to the Buckhorn by ourselves, or have a little get together there with others. I just need to see how much it’s going to be or if I can like reserve it for a few people. I still want to kind of surprise Randy with a little get together. We’re going to the Buckhorn anyway. But we’ll see who can come with us.

Uhmmmmm I think that might be it for now, I hope you all have a good weekend!

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