Thursday Update in Thirty-Seven

  • Aug. 19, 2022, 3:37 a.m.
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Good evening my friends, how are we all doing today? Things are moving along slowly here as usual. Not a lot going on. I’ll be alone this weekend, which will be nice. I can get more done while I’m alone lol.

So yeah. Randy is going to Tucson for his mom’s birthday, so that’ll be fun.

We went to Cruces on Monday for Pain Management, and we finally got his meds sorted. Still took a few days, and we barely got his meds today, but everything is sorted out for now lol. He just has to get his meds refilled at Walgreens because Albertsons Pharmacy is crap here. Their system is janky and they don’t get the medication requests. Ugh. I wonder how many other people it’s effecting.

But he finally got his Meloxicam and the right lyrica dosage. Jeez.

Monday I was absolutely miserable. I woke up and took a hot shower because aunt flo had showed up and I was in SO much pain. all the way down to my knees it felt like. blah.

but I took some ibuprofen and it went away after a couple hours. Randy actually drove to and from LC so that was nice. I had this amazing open faced burger with chile con queso (spicy cheese sauce) on top with fries. OMG it was so good. I need to make me something like that in the very near future. it comes as TWO patties on two pieces of toast, but yeah I can’t do that anymore lol. I barely finished the one. Randy got a sourdough burger which he said was pretty good.

I’m beyond excited because I had been looking at the Emeril Pasta machine at Walmart for months now. It was like $125 or something at Wally. Well it was $100 at Sam’s, so Randy finally just bought it for me. But....I didn’t realize that not only is it a pasta machine, it’s also a meat grinder, a juicer and a frozen dessert maker. Like what? LOL. So that is going to be awesome. We eat a ton of pasta and it will be awesome to make my own. I gotta order some stuff to make the pasta great, but I’m so excited! I already have an ice cream maker, but we’ll see what this one does. and a juicer and meat grinder, yesss. I can buy meat in bulk and make my own patties for burgers.

What else did we get at Sam’s. nothing else exciting I don’t think lol.

I did get a dress for next weekend. I just gotta find some shorts or something to wear underneath. I can find those at Walmart though. Hmmmm. What else.

I suppose that is all for now. Have a good one my friends.

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