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September 19, 2017

Bout to

Get my freak on. Lol does anyone use that term anymore. Meh whatever. Story to come later I’m sure. Pics and vids on request. LMAO. Just kidding you guys. I would never subject you all to...

June 29, 2017

What A Dick

So, here’s something I want opinions on. I get a lot of random ass pictures of male genitalia. So, this guy today sent me his usual pic of the day I guess you could say. And I was just like ...

June 25, 2017


Well call this one CA. This is a recap of a sexual adventure, if you’re not comfortable with it, skip this entry. He came over Thursday afternoon. Randy got called into work early and I was her...

June 15, 2017


So this is going to be the first entry in my new book. As you can see it’s a name. The names may or may not be the correct names of these people. You’ll just have to figure that out on your own...

Book Description

Sexual Adventures.