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  • May 3, 2024, 9:47 p.m.
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  1. Everybody’s always talking about the life coaching of Tony Robbins but no one ever credits his mentor Tony Batmans.

  2. Mothman, but he’s there to teach children about the calendar and he’s called Monthman.

  3. Why wouldn’t a goose lay a golden egg? Fortune favors the billed.

  4. Part of the issue with such short lives is that, if you take your time learning how to do it well, in the meantime one-hundred-thousand idiots tried thoughtlessly & two or three pulled it off on sheer dumb luck accident. The vagaries of large number odds overcoming expertise.

  5. Shingles are the signs you hang outside of film production offices. Shingles are a painful illness hiding deep inside your bones, waiting to come back out. English language knows no coincidence.

  6. I hope there’s a British biker gang called The Chaps Chaps.

  7. I wonder if Judy or Elroy ever thought Jane Jetson was being over protective and accused her of being a “hovercar mom”.

  8. Every time pumpkin spice is drank, another person’s shoes turn into Crocs.

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