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  • April 27, 2024, 10:34 p.m.
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  1. Always refer to the speed of an airport people mover as “terminal velocity”.

  2. Having to be on a low-carb diet can render you person-non-gratin.

  3. Walking through my hometown, noticing people who don’t talk to me anyone or don’t remember me or whose sanity has slipped away, so I don’t wave, I don’t say hi, I just go on with my day, it hurts in a very strange way. Am I the ghost or are they?

  4. “If you’re not white, you have no rights, deep in the heart of Texas. The hate grows strong, its roots so long, deep in the heart of Texas. The racist rites, so unlike Christ, deep in the heart of Texas. You’re shot on sight, once day turns night, deep in the heart of Texas.”

  5. In the end, we’re all just ghosts-in-training.

  6. I would think that some right wing scammer like Cavezil or Rogan or Alex Jones or Sorbo would make a parody of “Finnegan’s Wake” called “Finnegan’s Woke” but then I remember, all those grifters to a man haven’t read a book since high school.

  7. A dumb but fun Batman story would involve someone figuring out that Bruce Wayne is Matches Malone without figuring out that either of them is Batman and Batman trying to deal with that without giving all three of them away as the dame dude.

  8. A traveling mohel is important to watch out for, he may well cut you off in traffic.

Skeletor April 27, 2024

You and I both know none of those dudes have ever attempted to read enough of Finnegan’s to even parody a moment of it 😆

Squidobarnez April 28, 2024

Mike! you make me laugh.


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