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Journaling since 1974. I'm an artist, book lady, and quilter living at the beach with a car guy. We wait out the pandemic in our little condo above the beach. Having been homeless in the 70's, the car guy and I truly appreciate where we are today. All entries are copyrighted under the author's legal name under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported. © Copyright 1974-2021.

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April 20, 2022

RANDOMLY in Postcards 4

I am considering the old woman’s visage I see staring back at me from the mirror. Who is this old woman who looks back at me? I do wish I could discuss it all with Dixie, but she is dead, or B...

April 18, 2022

AND WE MOVED IN in Postcards 4

We tried something different this year at the SPRING ROUND UP….staying home at bedtime Thursday. We did buy the parking pass which meant that we had in and out privileges. We ate as much ice c...

April 12, 2022

Hoo Rah! in Postcards 4

We went to pickup my new glasses yesterday. I can see clearly now. every blade of Bermuda grass my mother so despised, every leaf bitten every shoe needing polish every loin needing girding ev...

April 09, 2022

BEAUTY AND THE ..... in Postcards 4

4-8-2022 BEAUTY There seems to be beauty everywhere I look these days. Out the window or even in a book, I seem content these days where ever I find myself. Of course, I always take a book eve...

April 06, 2022

DELIGHTFUL in Postcards 4

International House of England in Balboa Park. The skies are blue. It’s 64 degrees. The trees are covered in new green leaves. And I am going to go take a shower so I too can be new. Last n...

April 04, 2022


Many others are much like George and I, living in a house of other peoples stuff. With me it began when furniture became out of my price range. The biggest problem was when someone in the 1960...

April 01, 2022

Gimpa's Morris Chair in Postcards 4

) We have two Morris Chairs. Actually. Since we have so much furniture and so little room, we lent the Morris rocker to Margot. That leaves us with Gimpa’s chair. When I was growing up, it li...

March 29, 2022

A PHOTO MOMENT in Postcards 4

I borrowed the image of blue and yellow from “Cup On The Bus” enter link description herewho got it from Allison, who doesn’t remember where she found it. It says it for me…Perfectly. Often I ...

• She’s not really sweet, but she is sharp, knowing, and seventeen yesterday. • She’s our youngest granddaughter, Zoe. • I walked upstairs today. • I took a shower, the first since 12-24...

March 23, 2022

SCATTERED in Postcards 4

Photo: Tabor That’s me today, a bit scattered. I have a new med for my three cm cancer, but the insurance hasn’t approved it yet. We have to wait for approval before being told the copay, and ...

March 21, 2022

THE NEWEST QUILT in Postcards 4

This is the current quilt that I am working on. The photograph is from an LL Bean advertisement. The pattern is called North Star. They show us some gentle colors interspersed with lots of wh...

March 20, 2022


Happiness is starting a trip. No, I don’t remember the car at all. They look like they are happy tho. So is he, look at the grin. He wanted to see out. Without spots. She’s glad to be head...

March 16, 2022

A TRAIN RIDE in Postcards 4

Today was a new, to us, Derm Doc. She was very nice and froze lots of benign cancers on my face and took off one cyst. The stuff on the top of my head was benign too. It’s nice not to worry a...

March 13, 2022

PEOPLE WATCHING in Postcards 4

During my latest PT session, G brought down the steps he made to access the bed. The PT lady waved her hands in dismissal of her exercises, and said I only had to work on one thing walking up a...

March 10, 2022

Errands in Postcards 4

We had a most comfortably easy free day off yesterday. Errands….we picked up a new sink drain-thing at Home Dummpo. We toodled around Tar-jay till the battery died in their scooter and still m...

I’ve written a very photo intensive post to honor some of the women in my life. Instead of posting it here, I offer a link:

March 07, 2022

INUMERABLES in Postcards 4

Appointments galore. Carpet cleaning and blood draws. Pt and OT. Ct scans and nurse visits. I’d laugh if the appointment book wasn’t filling up so fast. George ha appointments too. He has ...

March 04, 2022

LITTLE THINGS in Postcards 4

Little things make up our days right now. Small peaceful stuff. Yesterday I went with G to the grocery store. I stayed in the truck while he went in to deposit the money from selling Myrtle. ...

March 02, 2022

DEAR FRIENDS.... in Postcards 4

Sorry that I am so very slow getting back to you. At least I know that you read my blog and know where I am. Home, marvelous stuff home. Yes, covid. I am still wearing a mask when I go somew...

March 01, 2022

A VISIT in Postcards 4

Thru Confusions and chaos, we finally met up with Eileen and her speechwriting husband. They waited for us at the downtown Brigantine while we waited for them at the Shelter Island Brig. Dinner...

February 27, 2022

sans view in Postcards 4

The days move smoothy on. I cheer each improvement. Yesterday my legs were strong enough to get me from the garage door to the truck at a slow walk. I’m still amazed. Today Tabor and her hus...

February 25, 2022

HOME in Postcards 4

‘I’ve fallen back into the routines around here easily, comfortably. Each day I try to answer a note or two here, try and read the Times and the Post, and try not to take a nap. Catching up wi...

February 24, 2022

FOOD in Postcards 4

At the Nursing Home, they put me in a room with two other ladies. All the rooms are long with a door at one end and a good sized window at the other. The window now doesn’t fully open any more....

February 24, 2022

COVID SOUP in Postcards 4

Just as the family gathered this last Christmas Eve, I started coughing. Not at all a boring cough. The family went on alert, they gathered me up, put me in Margot’s little SUV, and hauled me ...

December 24, 2021

HOLIDAY JOY in Postcards 4

And a wonderful Holiday to you and yours. I’ll be back after Christmas with pictures of joy. I hope you all have had a glorious day. Himself: Making a pie and brownies for the firemen. Mysel...

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