My trip in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • June 13, 2022, 3:57 p.m.
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Origins was okay, with the exception of the stupid hotel needed to charge my card for the security deposit instead of my friends who arranged the entire thing, so that took a bulk of my budget (I made it work though and i’m getting it back because it was a deposit, and if something happens whoo boy i’m gonna raise cain) My room didnt have a bathtub, so I had to take a shower. I dont like showers. I dont like the initial blast and I dont think I clean well in a shower.

Anyways. The convention went fine with 2 exceptions. I was hornswoggled into playing a social deduction game. I hate social deduction games, but I thought i’d give it a go. A totally experienced player targeted me second round for elimination and I had to sit there for two hours (Even though “I was still in the game”) I checked out and was very salty to the point I had to apologize to the GM (who was cool and did do a good job running the game) for the salt. The other one was saturday night, all my friends were busy and I sat around for like 2 hours doing nothing.

I had some really awesome Mediterranean food, a brisket sandwich with like all sorts of yummy fixings (Hummus, cucumbers/radishes/cauliflower tabbouleh and a really good sauce) it was 12 bucks, combine that with an excellent fountain drink at 3 bucks it was so good to the point I went back.

Anyways, just wanted to say that. It was a decent time. I also didnt get to playtest my games, blergh. Oh well. It’ll get played

that being said.. There are some days where it feels like my Asexuality is low and there are some days its really really high. After this con on a scale of 1-10 I think I am a 15 on the Ace schedule.

So here is what i got, game wise:
alt text

I also got some cool ace stuff:
alt text

This sticker is cool and I put it on my iPad, problem is the little hole for the “Apple” Logo was a bit smaller than I thought, and all it says is “Aturally Ace” Still worth it.

And this very cute Corndoggylol type pin I love it:
alt text

alt text
Ill keep that ribbon in my badge holder for the rest of time and I want it on my urn (Or with me) when I pass

alt text
This guy missed me.

Anyhop. I need a bath. Like sit in the tub an go ahhhh bath. I am tired. But ill live.


Mega Ace Vibes.


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