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December 29, 2022


Let’s end 2022 with Covid

December 27, 2022


So I’m sick…for the first time since COVID started…I hate it. Let’s hope it’s NOT COVID. I spent all night swallowing snot and today my nostrils are dripping and one side is stuffed and burns whe...

December 22, 2022


Midnight (so just barely 12/23) Guess who went to the ER with roommate again and waited 3 hours for him to get a CT scan because he slipped on the ice and bashed his face on the porch? He bought ...

December 16, 2022


Spent the night at Mom’s yesterday. We did a good chunk of the puzzle last night and she showed me how to make her Christmas morning raspberry pastry. Tuesday (sister’s 2 year death anniversary) ...

December 14, 2022


10 days until Christmas! I’d better get wrapping. Roommate didn’t have to work again today, so he won’t be working again until Sunday morning. Rings are getting very loose again, probably because...

December 14, 2022


I have a virtual appointment with a Geneticist today-hopefully THAT helps…it’s almost been a year and no answers yet. I fell twice this morning trying to get to the bathroom to pee. I’m really si...

December 11, 2022


Spent yesterday with Mom (about 11:30 am on) making a few kinds of cookies and watching “Pride & Prejudice”, then I ended up spending the night because she didn’t want to drive on snowy roads...

December 10, 2022


The rest of my orders (mostly crystals) should arrive this week. I need to start wrapping presents. My last Christmas present for one of my best friends is coming in one of the crystal orders, bu...

December 09, 2022


Finished the old and new season of Firefly Lane (so good). Finally spoke with a rep and did my initial Unemployment claim. I have to speak to an adjudicator because of the severance package and t...

December 07, 2022


Cut, baked, frosted and decorated the Christmas cookies yesterday with Mom. I also made her watch “Elf” for the first time :) I’m not a fan of the MLM model, but I do enjoy doing the Colorstreet ...

December 06, 2022


I had my blood drawn this morning and, thankfully, the scheduler was wrong and they only had to do it once and I was done, not once AN HOUR for 3 hours. Mom and I went grocery shopping after. I’l...

December 05, 2022


Tomorrow at 9:40 I’m scheduled to go in for a glucose test…which has 4 blood draws and I have to stay until 12:50…Fun. I also started my NO MJ week today-already bored. Listening to a bonus episo...

December 04, 2022


I’m super sick of this whole year. Other than visiting my mom for a week in sunny Florida and seeing all the huge and happy plants in the foliage, my symptoms hit pretty hard when I came back in ...

December 03, 2022


My 12/6 blood draw is coming right up… I’m starting to question if certain vitamin deficiencies can just be ignored, but some probably contribute to my symptoms and idk which, so… Watching Katie...

December 02, 2022


Amanda is showing some beautiful pink amethyst, but it’s so pricey. People are dropping like over $200 on one piece. Madness. They are gorgeous and intricate, though. I didn’t claim one piece and...

November 30, 2022


Hoping 2023 is better. Roommate came home around 2 and is immediately forcing me out of spaces. He went in his room and closed his door to work on cards and his TV was so loud, I turned up my po...

November 27, 2022


5:30 pm Hey Roommate tried to get us all to pay 1/3 of a shoerack. No, sir, I definitely don’t need one. Finished “Wednesday” (loved) and immediately started “1899” (liking it, well done, and has...

November 27, 2022


It’s almost 7 pm and I am SO bored again. I’m so sick of not being able to do anything; I did so little before that anyway. Guess who’s “not” going grocery shopping this week…basically that means...

November 26, 2022


Yesterday, I drove with my mom to surprise visit some of her family and more local siblings of hers. She wasn’t paying total attention and put in a navigation address in another state after we ma...

November 23, 2022


I’ve been trying to psych myself up to shower all day. Mom is picking me up hours before the meal, so I don’t have to get fully “ready” before she grabs me. I’ll probably just do what I always do...

November 23, 2022


Roommate has already left for his first Thanksgiving. Early, but whatever. I wish the liquor store was closer because I want to buy wine for today and tomorrow. Ah well, just more $ gone I guess....

November 22, 2022


I can’t find my sterling silver chain and I received the wire-wrapped amethyst pendant from the UK. I started looking for it last night and I’ll probably find it today? Hopefully. I guess today i...

November 22, 2022


Mom is hosting Thanksgiving this year and both of my biological siblings are coming! Yay! Roommate is having lunch with his Mom, so I’m hoping when he heads out later, we can stop at the grocery ...

November 20, 2022


Woke up from a dream to knocking at 6 and was immediately panicked. I tried to stumble out of bed, but with my lack of balance, it was a fight to stay on my feet. I fell in 3 directions before fi...

November 19, 2022


Watching a crystal live on IG and the guy’s prices are too high. Sigh. I have to wait a couple hours for my regular gal. Back on my goldfish cartons. We have warm white christmas lights that wor...

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