12/4-5/22 in 2022

  • Dec. 5, 2022, 1:46 a.m.
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I’m super sick of this whole year. Other than visiting my mom for a week in sunny Florida and seeing all the huge and happy plants in the foliage, my symptoms hit pretty hard when I came back in early March.
So fun to watch the sun set from my bed having never officially gotten out of it. Guess it’s gonna be another long night.
1:27 am
Well I got my nails did.
Gonna start the no MJ week tomorrow (today/Monday).
Just finished the newest AHS season; I think it was essentially about AIDS and it was so sad.
I decided to give my sister the quartz perfume/product holder/roller and forget about the popcorn tin altogether. I can finally get to wrappin! Then, I can put my wrapped presents under my gay christmas tree in the common area.
I’m already stressing about my no MJ week; how am I supposed to calm down?

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