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  • Dec. 9, 2022, 9:49 p.m.
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Finished the old and new season of Firefly Lane (so good). Finally spoke with a rep and did my initial Unemployment claim. I have to speak to an adjudicator because of the severance package and that takes a few weeks. I have to figure out how to send out the 2nd Disability app. If I get disability, I obviously have to end unemployment, but I really just need $ for bills from SOMEWHERE. I’m also trying to get into Workday to figure out that severance payslip, so I’m waiting for the IT # from my old boss.
My brother texted my mom this morning that he and his wife are coming on Christmas; thank goodness, because just today I started to worry about how I was supposed to get them their presents if they didn’t come. Moriah is coming and probably bringing Robert (introduced himself to my brother as “Rob”, so I have to clarify what he prefers).
Roommate is venting about his drama with his dad…his dad is such a child. He has his dad on speakerphone now and I just want to die. He HIT THEM as children; if I’d had that experience I would cut him out. He’s bad enough as it is now that he DOESN’T physically abuse; he never thinks ahead and puts his stress and drama on those around him.

I just took a few hits of MJ because I’ve only gotten the intended effects from abstaining. As I would expect, my head is clearer and it’s easier to move (but nowhere near cured and it hasn’t helped my garbled speech at all). I already knew this didn’t cause or greatly influence these symptoms, but had to do this for Mom and the tiny part of me that also wanted to see how much easier it made things…not much. So I’m gonna continue. I literally smoke so little. Secondly, it’s bedtime. MJ makes my music sound better so I tuck in, close my eyes and listen to my Spotify playlist (all my favorite songs) I’ve been building for years really loud with my awesome headphones and just zone out for a couple hours.

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