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November 19, 2022


Watching a crystal live on IG and the guy’s prices are too high. Sigh. I have to wait a couple hours for my regular gal. Back on my goldfish cartons. We have warm white christmas lights that wor...

November 16, 2022


I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already next week and Christmas is so soon. More snow today. I made an appointment at some natural medicine place Mom recommended & she set up her printer in h...

November 16, 2022


His dream version is better. We had our first Vermont snow today! I am officially allowed (and spent all day) to listen to Christmas music! I got a beautiful brown, leather journal that I’m gonna...

November 11, 2022


Yes, this rant references TWO franchises: In “The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself”, Nathan explains to Gabriel (who I’m in love with…and who’s gay…in the show? In real life?) his LOTR theory ...

November 10, 2022


Make a wish! It’s raining pretty regularly now, so my porch isn’t so much of an option. So I let my ex call me “baby” sometimes, someone has to. I can’t wait until I’m fixed and also attracted to...

November 10, 2022


I had F*bombs for everything individually as I tried to close my bedroom door and get back to my bed without falling. I feel like bro/wife shouldn’t be mad I got them Christmas presents; they sho...

November 09, 2022


My brother is now 41. I just bought the whole S2 of Euphoria so I can watch people abuse drugs and all yell at each other…Watched the whole LOTR show and loved it, but now I have to wait for a ne...

November 03, 2022


I’m the type who puts things away in exactly the same place, because I’m not mindful enough to find where I left it, if I put it somewhere new. It looks like organization, but it’s easier. No, I ...

November 01, 2022


Lot of acne for an “adult”. “The Sun Will Come Up, the Seasons Will Change”-Nina Nesbitt I sometimes miss talking to Satan? I’m well-aware He’s far below my level on many fronts; not only does H...

October 29, 2022


Mom is coming at some point tomorrow after church. I suppose it’s time (Monday) to figure out the whole Mass General thing and make an appointment, because I really need to function on a basic le...

October 27, 2022


My results are back from the blood draw, but idk what they mean, but probably nothing. The neurologist’s office called to schedule a follow up…for March. Bro, I can’t just live like this…and I ne...

October 23, 2022


Blood draw went well today! First vein & first try worked like a charm. Mom came over around 2:15 and we almost finished the puzzle we’ve been working on before we left. Mom physically tried ...

October 23, 2022


Bojour. So Mass General “invited” me to join their patient portal, I have my 3rd blood draw tomorrow afternoon and my mom is fishing for invitations. I feel bad not expressly saying I want her to...

October 19, 2022


“I’m cruisin’ for a peep!”-Wine&Crime (aka my favorite murder/comedy podcast) I got my new glasses and finished the contact-ordering process today, so I’m excited about that. I love the way t...

October 19, 2022


Here I am again, because my hand can’t form legible sentences. Had a Zoom with a neurologist this afternoon; he was my age. I half want to be left alone and half need support. I know I need thera...

October 17, 2022


It’s one of those rare days when (where?) I actually know the date. I used to be such a good typist and so eloquent before this. Now, mistakes are unavoidable, and everything is hard and scary, e...

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