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Hoping 2023 is better.
Roommate came home around 2 and is immediately forcing me out of spaces. He went in his room and closed his door to work on cards and his TV was so loud, I turned up my podcast. I literally left a half-eaten apple and carried my phone into the bathroom to pee so I could keep listening to my podcast, and when I came back he was in the kitchen playing something on HIS phone already somehow. I went in my room and put on my headphones, because I could still hear what he’s listening to out there over my podcast with my DOOR CLOSED. He talks about how good of a person he is and how he never thinks of himself, but he’s super inconsiderate to me? Over it. This is why I smoke weed (but the naturalist doctor suggested finding gummies concentrated enough for me because of the damage smoking does to your lungs…I mean, agreed. He also recommended I try “Wellbutrin” once I complete weaning off the Venlafaxine/Effexor).

Listening to my favorite podcast “Wine & Crime” ♥

P.s. When I went to the Naturalist Dr. Warnock for the first time yesterday, he also said previous UVM blood draw results were low (but likely unrelated) and he wanted me to start taking vitamins c, a, d, and zinc, and I had to call Fanny to schedule a blood draw I have to fast for them to test my glucose levels. They also took about 6 vials of blood to do a bunch more tests, one of which is the Lyme panel Mom has been harping about. She’s also convinced marijuana is the problem (no) and she heard the doctor say “no” and I’ve said “no”, but she kept bringing it up until the doctor said I could “try a week without marijuana” and see how I feel (better with symptoms and much worse without?) and prescribed me a week’s worth of Trazodone to sleep. If I get super anxious or worried during that week…I guess I just have to deal? I guess I’ll figure it out…

New season of “Love Island” is on Netflix and of course I’m almost done with it and that’s why it’s now past 1:30am and I am forcing myself to go to bed.

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