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Cut, baked, frosted and decorated the Christmas cookies yesterday with Mom. I also made her watch “Elf” for the first time :) I’m not a fan of the MLM model, but I do enjoy doing the Colorstreet nail polish strips & I had Mom choose one for Christmas that I’ll do for her. It matches her Christmas outfit too! I have one on right now that’s black with multi-colored sparkles.
Today was Day 4 no weed. Getting CLOSE. I do agree that it’s easier to walk without the brain fog, but, if anything, I’ll just likely smoke even less than I do now.
My old boss got back to me about the second retention bonus I didn’t get and she’s trying to help me get into a program so I can see what was listed on the actual pay stub I got the severance on. I’m sure seeing the breakdown will help at least a little. I also filled out another like 20 page application Disability mailed me. I have to do a video interview with them so they can better assess the validity of my disability claim.
I went through almost all my crystals today and put smaller (not so fragile) ones with others in roommate’s big, wooden bowl in the kitchen and decorated my plant stand with some bigger ones. I have many more spaces in my room to decorate. I also put my rubber tree on the top kitchen shelf and will likely choose another plant to put out there tomorrow with a crystal tower, and I’ll put the small wooden crystal bowl somewhere in my room.

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