11/26-27/22 in 2022

  • Nov. 26, 2022, 10:31 p.m.
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Yesterday, I drove with my mom to surprise visit some of her family and more local siblings of hers. She wasn’t paying total attention and put in a navigation address in another state after we made a stop. Originally, we were shooting for 2 pm and arrived at the “destination” a little before 1:30 pm. Guess what. Of course, it was the wrong one, we drove hours out of our way and had to drive 2.5 hours more to get to our destination. We were in the car about 7 hours when we finally got there around 3:30, but they ate at like 6 or later (THANKFULLY) and Mom’s cousin cried with joy. It was nice to see everyone, but no one was my age, it was everyone’s first time seeing/hearing my symptoms and I’m hella introverted as it is. It was super awkward, but like I said, nice to see them all.
Mom had made plans with a friend for this morning, so we LEFT around 8:30 and got to my house a little after 1 AM. Spent the last hour (at least) finding and playing her ’60s requests to keep her awake.

It’s now after 1 am…11/27/22. I successfully smoked, turned off the light and made it back to my bed. I’ve been bingeing “Wednesday” for the last few hours, hence not noticing the lateness. Plus, I woke up for the 2nd time and got out of bed at like…2:30 pm. Not cool. The only way all this (medical stuff) has been good, is that any substances (I usually only drink alcohol occasionally and smoke MJ daily) make my symptoms worse and greatly increase the likelihood of a fall (I really hate them and often break things, injure myself or both). I smoked before for anxiety/boredom/depression and now I smoke much less and it’s just necessity for boredom (because I can’t really do much) and I need it to sleep (I’ve tried sober/melatonin/zquil) because I don’t want to rely on a pill.

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