12/5/22 in 2022

  • Dec. 5, 2022, 8:25 p.m.
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Tomorrow at 9:40 I’m scheduled to go in for a glucose test…which has 4 blood draws and I have to stay until 12:50…Fun.
I also started my NO MJ week today-already bored.
Listening to a bonus episode from my favorite podcast Wine&Crime ♥
Spoke to Emily from disability today and apparently all she can do is re-mail the paperwork for me to set up a video appointment to further assess my eligibility.
I also called unemployment again, but it’s their busiest day of the week and I was caller 40, so I’ll try again tomorrow or Wednesday.
Rewatching S1 of Firefly Lane so I can watch S2; I remember it was good, but definitely needed a rewatch for all the details.
It’s now after 8 pm and I’m just waiting for…eh let’s say 9pm to take a traz for sleep; I made it through day 1 without weed! It wasn’t really hard today, but I also wasn’t stressed.

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