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6 days ago

4/7/24 in 2024

12:19 AM: Got high off of grinder and slide shavings…sigh. Told you I could never just stop. What sucks the most is that with any drug, the more your tolerance grows, the more of it you have to t...

April 04, 2024

4/4/24 in 2024

Had so much fun at TMZ, even though I had to sit most of the time. Also found out J-fin had kidney cancer until he had one of his kidneys removed. Hopefully it doesn’t come back! He got me a band...

April 02, 2024

4/2/24 in 2024

The only people I hear my roommate talk to are delivery people and those on his game. Had a good Easter and had a meal with my sibs/bro’s wife and dog. It’s nice to see them, but it’s painfully o...

March 26, 2024

3/26/24 in 2024

ATWWD with Mason was awesome and so funny. Messaged the podcast to provide feedback of the amazing show. I ordered another MeUndies bralette because mine is pretty much all I wear and is my favor...

March 10, 2024

3/10/24 in 2024

11:45 PM I missed Kimber’s birthday because I don’t pay attention to date…I video called Pann last night to wish Kimber a happy birthday, and she showed me some presents :) I went to pick up som...

March 07, 2024

3/7/24 in 2024

I’m sick of not being able to rely on my body, wasting my 30s not being able to explore nature, and having all the right words and speed in my head, but not being able to speak them normally or a...

March 05, 2024

3/5/24 in 2024

Bought another wishlist plant today, purple shamrock, currently blooming. Picked up a couple free things (ceramic butter dish and vase) and did a couple rounds without a cart of the grocery store...

March 04, 2024

3/4/24 in 2024

Had my last OT check-in today-improved again! Improving in OT, steady in PT haha. Found my old mushroom chillum that had a few hits left, so I am currently highish. Took a nap 4ish-6ish. Kimber i...

March 01, 2024

3/1/24 in 2024

Finally seeing Biff tomorrow. I’ve had presents for her since her birthday in May. Hopefully just connected someone from elementary/hs and a college friend who work at the same university. I thin...

February 29, 2024

2/29/24 in 2024

Finally figured out how to work the DVD player in my TV, it just needed the remote. I’ve already watched all 3 Hobbit movies, Hannibal, Coraline, part of The Evil Dead, and I’m currently watching...

February 21, 2024

2/21/24 in 2024

Thankfully I’ve had TWO people take my ID expired on my birthday, but it’s time to renew NOW. Hopefully they don’t give me the non-driver issue. I bought two plants today…maranta and peperomia ca...

February 19, 2024

2/19/24 in 2024

I think a woman just dropped off a TV with a built-in DVD player that doesn’t work…unless I HOPE there’s some trick to it. Tomorrow I’m gonna find my PS1 in my closet and see if THAT has a color ...

February 14, 2024

2/14/24 in 2024

Happy Valentine’s Day…another year without a valentine. Went to brunch and Claussen’s the 11th with best friend and goddaughter and finally gave them their presents from Christmas. The night of m...

February 09, 2024

2/9/24 in 2024

Third entry is a charm? In 2 hours, it will be tomorrow. Returning my headphones because the box was heavily damaged and half was broken before I opened them. The other side has also broken, “lea...

February 09, 2024

2/9/24 in 2022

I haven’t been doing my at-home PT exercises and I’m SURE I’m going to get weaker again. I need to start doing them. My birthday is soon! ID is expiring and a new ID costs $62, so I’m gonna have ...

February 08, 2024

2/9/24 in 2022

12:30 AM I had a dresser delivered Sunday, which I love; I’m hoping this inspires me to put my clothes away faster; it actually has room for all of them! I wiped down every part and drawer and ai...

February 02, 2024

2/2/24 in 2024

Guess what? It’s Friday night and my new card never arrived this week. Thank God Nedim has Zelle so I could pay him rent…I can’t do Ipsy or Hulu, though. Pann has strep and can’t come tomorrow E...

February 01, 2024

2/2/24 in 2024

Guess what? It’s Friday night and my new card never arrived this week. Thank God Nedim has Zelle so I could pay him rent…I can’t do Ipsy or Hulu, though. Pann has strep and can’t come tomorrow E...

January 31, 2024

1/31/24 in 2024

Went to Walmart, Goodwill. and the grocery store with mom. Got my step practicing done. Finally found the right kind of lampshade for my bedside lamp and it’s a nice one! I moved my rings around...

January 28, 2024

1/28/24 in 2024

Ring from Katie (punkerpebbles), crocheted mushroom chapstick-holder keychain from Alyssa and my shed snakeskin necklace should be here tomorrow. I got a couple things from hunnibuketcrystals (Ha...

January 25, 2024

1/25/24 in 2024

Locked my card today, filed a fraud claim, and went into a TD branch to get a new card. Unfortunately, the sent the verification code to the wrong number and now they have to mail it to me…won’t ...

January 24, 2024

1/25/24 in 2024

1:25 AM: Went to Goodwill and both Restores today and didn’t fine an easy lamp shade, so now I guess I have to measure my screw-on thing…I’m sure most lamp shades would work. My card was also loc...

January 22, 2024

1/22/24 in 2024

I had PT today and they decided they’re just gonna check in next month! Now I actually have to do my exercises…Mom and I are gonna do walks when my PT was scheduled for and other days, because it...

January 18, 2024

1/18/24 in 2024

Got my disability pay yesterday :) Paid my ex roomie back for the ATWWD ticket. Tried to repaint my nails today, but it definitely didn’t go as well as the first time. I also finally scheduled a...

January 14, 2024

1/14/24 in 2024

Washed my hair, picked up my lanterns around 1, walked 2 rounds of the mall, went to Trader Joe’s, and mom made yummy shrimp dinner. She got a fireplace, which looks great. I’m using Boo to make ...

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