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  • Jan. 29, 2023, 9:51 a.m.
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The 26th I had the latest visit with Vanderbilt Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences for updating my Cochlear implant and tests on progress....even though I told the specialist that I really haven’t done anything but wear it since last I saw her She stated that she wished all her patients would do so well. Updated tests sounds have gone from 70% at last visit to 80% and speech recognition from 93% to 97%. I’ve only listened to one audiobook.... she put in a different magnant because she said the site looked a bit red.... but she gave me the stronger one in case I’d like to change back.... which I will do in a couple more days. This one falls off if I swallow.... well not fall off but I can hear the ball in my head more often than just when I put it on and .... that’s too often.

I was extremely tired that day and once we left the hospital, I just wanted to go home. We did go to McKay’s as we do and made a quick go of it. Then, we headed to CiCi’s because that’s where Rocky wanted to eat. I was so tired I opted to sleep in the car while Rocky ate. I wasn’t even hungry I was so tired. He checked on me when he was done eating and then went to the game store next door. Eventually, we went home.

Next morning, Rocky went to work and I slept. Massive amounts of congestion in my face. Spending most of the day sleeping I eventually took a COVID test and..... oh great!.... so I messaged Rocky so that he can get updates on work policy before he left.

When he got home we made a plan… he’s not feeling sick yet so I’ve spent the last 2 nights in the guest bedroom. I”m very hopeful that for once in the 15 years we have been together I’ll get sick and he won’t.... maybe.... I doubt it but maybe....

With that being said I’m doing 1/2 chores.... I can load the dishes and not unload them… same with cloths.... I’ve actually eaten a few times.... and this is only day 3....

The CDC has cut times down since I last had it so.... lets see quarantine for 5 then being less contagious I can mask in public for 5 and all should be well… as long as symptoms have improved and no fever.... I told that to Rocky but I’d like to wait till next weekend before we sleep in the same bed again.

I could barely move last time I had Covid.... this time is going so much better. Though I’m ready for a nap now I’ve managed to do a few things today....

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